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Saturday 14 February 2015

My scroogy Valentine's day

I leapt out of bed and immediately flung open the window.
"Oy, Boy, you down there, what day is today?" I shouted to the miscreant on the sidewalk.
"Why, Miss (heh), this is Valentine's Day, 2015."
I clapped my hands and jumped with glee. Then I threw a 20-dollar-bill down to the feckless youth.
"Boy, hie thee to the nearest hosiery shop and buy me some psychedelic-patterned leggings!" His eyes grew big with astonishment. "And keep the change!" I laughed.
"Begging your pardon, Miss, there's no feckin' way you'll get psychedelic leggings in this town for under 20 bucks," and he took off down the alley with the money.
It was then I remembered I have a pair of psychedelic tights, the next best thing to leggings, and I ran excitedly to put them on.
I was provoked into wearing these psychedelic-patterned tights today, with a great heaping of jewellery and a short tight skirt, after reading a conservative style advice article yesterday in mainstream media. Happily, provocation is a sure-fire way to push me to new heights in style, art, and attitude. 
Note my new haircut by O. Yes, confession, O cuts my hair. Nobody, high salon or low, comes close to his talent with scissors. Almost all of the white hair from bleaching is gone now but I'll happily stick with this silver for a while, although my hair at the back is still dark.

If someone were to ask me, what's your style, after prevaricating for years I would direct them to these photos. Sitting at my cafe table today turned into a book-signing-without-a-book as strangers of all ages leaving the cafe stopped by to share their admiration of my highly inappropriate clothing. 
My pissed off face
I'm wearing my thrifted shag coat, thrifted Miu Miu boots, and a sample sale skirt rolled down at the waist in a scandalously slovenly fashion and hiked salaciously above the knee. The tights were retail, sadly, more than 20 bucks. The awesome "Dressed to piss you off" T-shirt was a gift custom-made for me by Suzanne Carillo and fit the occasion perfectly. All of the jewellery is thrifted, except the magic loupe O made me. I did my eyes too, for a change. I wish you could have seen my rock-star walk with this billowing shag coat; I was feeling sublime. 

I am always astounded how a negative feeling can bloom into something so staggeringly satisfying in the end.

If someone tells you you can't do something style-wise, how do you usually respond? Have you always reacted in that way?


  1. These constantly recurring conservative style advice is obviously an source of inspiration. Headlines in fashion magazines like "this spring's most important trends" also tend to make me think - okay, everything except that. But it's difficult to comply since Coco Chanel was right in her statement that fashion is everywhere, in the air we breathe and so on. Love, or I mean, LOVE that coat!

  2. Love ev-ry-thing! Would wear it all in a heartbeat!
    Am very jealous of your feet's ability to wear heels.
    Love the do as well! You can do no wrong today :-) xo Jazzy Jack

  3. I laughed so hard at the first section of this post, that's brilliant!

    This outfit is completely stunning on you.

    If someone tells me I can't do something style-wise, I tend to ignore them and do it anyway.

  4. We'll all different so its beyond me why anyone should proffer advice on how to dress. Its all utter shite.
    I couldn't give a toss.
    I don't dress for any other reason than to please me.
    You look glorious. O's a fine hairdresser, I love the silvery locks. xxx

  5. Ooh, your pixie cut looks amazing, tell O he missed his calling.
    It's a wonderful outfit you chose to celebrate your intelligent approach to style advice from dull conservative types. An approach which say, " Uh, you talking to me? Thanks, but actually I can dress myself perfectly well without your intervention..." The textures and colours and vibe are pure Mel, no mainstream style journalist would ever come close!
    No, I don't take any notice of that nonsense (not a surprise, I know) and my clothes are the ones that make me happy. If that pisses anyone off, then that's fine with me, but actually I find most people respond positively, as you found in your cafe. Bet the ladies dressed in muted tones of beige don't get strangers stopping at their table to chat... xxxx

  6. You do look like the Queen of the Universe/rock star in this! I'm sure people wanted your autograph.

    I'm so delighted to see you wearing the tee. I my best dreams I couldn't have created such a perfect styling for it. I'm especially digging all of the jewellery and of course the long shaggy coat.

    You need to be in pictures lady!

    Damn that kid for taking off with your cash! LOL

    I have worn sequinned hotpants in the past because someone told me "With age should come a certain elegance." Which apparently I was lacking.


  7. The fucking mature/conservative style they try to subdue us into is crap! Love the shaggy, coat, tights, and BOOTSSSS!!! so much!! O does a great job with your hair!

  8. Your scrooge-y intro had me larf larf larfing!

    And yeah, screw that 'fashion' advice. Bah humbug.

    (Honestly I had started to follow a lot 40+ fashion bloggers, but have cut down following quite a few of them because so many are way too uninspiring.)

  9. Happy V-Day, you fabulous creature. Hope the cheeky boy on the bike bought some psych tights for himself, and rocked 'em. xox

  10. Great hair! Your whole outfit is awesome and fun.
    Now I'm secretly desiring some crazy tights...

  11. Ha ha. You had me doing a late night comic double spit laugh with my green tea when I read your first couple of lines. You are genius. And so is O by the looks of loupes and hair and all. Yes, I have trouble following the rules, too. I will happily prove that I am not a robot. Your furry coat and your Hulabaloo tights are insane. And Suzanne's tee shirt!!!!! More genius.

  12. how darn you go against mainstream fashion advice! Those boring people know what they're talking about, right? Love the t-shirt

  13. Miu Miu Miao! You've dressed perfectly to meet the requirements I recently read on HuffPo - What you should not wear after 50.
    It began with "The weight of the world" and ended with "Resting bitch face" (oops, you're wearing that one). I love your cheery story about the rapscallion on the street, and I'm glad you had some psychedelic tights to make the day - and your outfit - complete. Kudos to O on his coiffurey skills!

  14. very nice leggings. You look beautifully

  15. VAL: Rapscallion? I love that word! And I laughed so hard at the HuffPost piece on what not to wear over 50. Brilliant!

  16. What makes you look fabulous in this outfit is attitude and that never goes out of fashion. Knock 'em dead, gal.

  17. I just want to stride along in your slipstream, breathing in the essence of rock goddess trailing from your coat tails. Now THAT'S a Valentine's outfit.

  18. You know Melanie, my style has gotten very boring through the years. I don't think that it has as much to do with my age as it has to do with my weight and my conservative friends. When I was a young woman in my late twenties and throughout my thirties I was slim and hung out with more of a hippy crowd. There are times when I really miss the fun of "putting on the style" and having people comment on my style . . . that hasn't happen in years:)
    That's one reason that I love visiting your blog . . . I can relive a little bit of the good old days through your style.
    Have a very happy day!
    I think that throwing that twenty down was a magnificent gesture . . . you knew when you tossed it that you would never see anything part of it again, LOL
    Keep smiling,
    Connie :)

  19. Oh, man, I love this outfit, like, full-on LURVE! The t-shirt, the mini, your fab legs, that Major (may-jah!) Coat! I'm not surprised you had admirers all over you - you look like a schtar, baby!

  20. I got one of those you CAN wear .... over 40 kind of links tweeted in my general direction. I'm over 50 anyways (like it has anything to do with anything) so I thought - they can't mean me lol. Honestly, if you just put your arms, legs and head thru the appropriate holes (unless you like to be avante-garde then go for it) then a person CAN wear - anything.

    I'm puzzled.

    You look simply divine.

  21. I loved the Huff Post piece that Val referenced in her comment. I have tried to minimize the amount of time I spend wearing Resting Bitch Face.

    O does have serious scissor-skills - I like the hair! I am enamored with this whole outfit, which does have a dynamite Rock star vibe. Of course people would want to bask in a bit of your glow. I have had people come over to me in restaurants to chat because of what I was wearing.

  22. You are our Valentine, adorable little white cat. Provocation as inspiration ... takes a real woman to be able to run with that with such great success. Very happy outfit for V-day. I'm in remission from the day's exhausting trade ... V-Day on a Saturday is always insane here.
    Sudden snow and ice gave us an extra day off ... he's doing some cleaning for me! What a guy.
    Congrats on having a hubby-hair stylist!

  23. Hi Mel.
    I replied to your comment on my blog, but I'm not sure if anyone reads them/receives them (I am a noreply blogger in my settings so I don't know how it works!) or not, so am copying it here.

    "YES, you've got it, it's just like Show and tell! Ha, it's the child in us that continues to want to show what we can do! I am like that in Staff meetings at school.
    I like the idea of a heart being gladdened by a post- yes and I agree, a simple thank you is a good idea. It's hard to comment all the time, it does take a long time.
    THANK you. Saying you enjoy my blog is a really nice thing to say. Don't ever delete your blog! And I must come and see you! I thought I'd followed you but since I don't notice anything in my blog feed perhaps I don't. Anyway, thank you for your kind comment. xx"

    I think your outfit is brilliant! You are the optimity of anachaic cool and you are essentially wearing a Teddy bear!!! The hair is pretty cool! You have one skilled hairdresser.
    I'm glad that it cheered you up in the end.
    Ha, my husband told me my wide-legged blue stripy trousers are awful today. I had them made in Bali. I told him I didn't care and wore them anyway!x

  24. What an intro! made me laugh! and how I would have stalked your rock star walk with your beautiful billowing coat, it's the walk I covet (instead I end up with a face full of skirt, but one day, one day!!!!) O is a genius, I won't even let Dave prune the roses, nevermind he does make a mean cup of tea. Those 'what to wear' lists make me mad, I'd have nothing to wear if I listened to them, my wardrobe is all soooo unflattering according to them! will wear don't care x x x

  25. as Billy Crystal said, you look mahvelous! But seriously, you must save a fortune on free haircuts from hubby - lucky you!

  26. The intro of this post actually made me do that LOL thing that everyone's talking about.

  27. You become more beautiful with every post. O obviously has scissor skills, with a cut that allows your gorgeous eyes to shine.

    I have a bit of defiance that has served me well, and rules for how we should dress have been the precipitant for many an outfit. The ensemble that you're wearing today is magnificent.

  28. How'd you get your hair to match your eyes? What a glorious silver color! My hair is half grey/half brown and looks the color of gun metal -- I wish it would hurry up and go completely silver like yours. You look powerful in that outfit. Brava!

  29. Oh rats... Have to start over again.
    I said: I usually listen very seriously to any advice... and then forget all about it within an hour. Whether it was good advice, bad or vicious advice. Memory like a sieve.
    Love you rebellion. You must have a lot of anger in you.
    And I love your outfit. Indeed a very good result of this rebellion. Especially love the gifted T-shirt.

  30. You are totally rockin' that tee, dude. Nice gift, Suzanne! :D I can't believe this outfit was almost entirely thrifted. That coat is insane. Insane. Love it! <3

    - Anna

  31. What a dangerous question at the end! I am one of those people who gets angry when someone tells me not to do something - I'm not proud of it, but here it is. I don't always show it though as I 'm generally a good girl.

    You are a brilliant writer - I just love the beginning of this post! Love the mix of necklaces and of course your coat and the leggings. I can imagine people coming to compliment and admire your look!

  32. You crack me up. I try and push the envelope based on what older women "shouldn't wear" but at the same time I push a cart down the street to go buy my big bag of dog food. I'm a walking controversy. Or just nuts.

  33. Your "fur" is very interesting , but not controversy.
    Or - controversy ? Best :)

  34. I am besotted with the coat, wildly exciting tights, my favourite- printed!


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