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Saturday 28 March 2015

To IG or not to IG

on tap at my cafe:
"Burundi: a tropical aroma with flavours of cherry, 
red apple, caramel and a syrup finish."
I declined. I am a pure bean woman, as you may recall.
But that didn't stop me from doing this...
And I ate lard today. Not a huge helping, just enough to make me wish I hadn't eaten it. It was baked into a big biscuit which I wasn't hungry for but I ordered and ate anyway. Stupidly.
I have two very different looks for you in this post - one ultra-casual in jeans worn today (my building guy didn't even recognize me this morning) and one jewellery-laden ensemble worn yesterday. Both made me feel swell. The open mouth photo is me - preparing to eat lard, like a fledgling in a nest waiting for its mama to fly back with, um, a mouthful of lard? Moving right along...
I am in training for jewellery-wearing. I'm not sure how many lessons I'll do. This stuff is heavy. It leaves dents in the back of my neck - seriously.  But if I loosen my scarf that might not happen. I wore this 100% silk thrifted maxi tunic/dress yesterday. It says XL but I altered the shoulders to fit. The man robe draped over my arm kept me warm enough. You may remember it from "my man robe" video, here.
I didn't "do" my eyebrows to be asymmetrical; they were that way for real today. And I wore my hair sort of side-parted. ("Today" is Friday and "yesterday" is Thursday in this post.)
Shoes for Sheila's Shoe Shine at Ephemera. Thrifted. Debuted in previous post.

I haven't been blog-crawling much. And I just did a quick review of a few blogs I have commented on and some of my comments are missing despite doing a double-entry. I have the sense that blogging is becoming antiquated, that I should really be Instagramming. Its platform based on quick-shotted pithiness is appealing, as is the idea of being able to Like and run. But I don't want a phone. And contrarily, the reasons that attract me to Instagram are what keep me blogging - IG excels at Show, but I also enjoy the Tell of blogging that lets me express myself more fully (like the lard bird story) and get to know everyone else much better. In the end, I'm going to do what makes me happy. But the pressure, the pressure! No Facebook, no Twitter, no Pinterest, no Tumblr, no Link On Me... I'm a step away from a museum.

Do you remember the movie The Big Chill? The Michael character played by Jeff Goldblum was a journalist for People magazine and he said: "You can't write anything longer than the average person can read during the average crap." We've become so abbreviated in social media that maybe the line should be revised: than the average person can ???...  Any ideas?

Do you do all of the social media things? How do you manage your time? Are you obsessed? (I also fear IG for that reason.) Do you in fact or fiction make money from it? Think it's possible? Use it to promote an outside business? Hope to become an icon, not that you aren't already, darling. I sometimes feel left in the dust - not that my house isn't immaculate, simply immaculate!! Thoughts? (not on my cleaning habits, but the other questions, okay, my cleaning habits too)

I hope you are all well and enjoying your changing season whatever it may be. 


  1. "We've become so abbreviated in social media that maybe the line should be revised: than the average person can ???... Any ideas?"


    Seriously. It is moving that fast.

    Do I spend more time online because of IG? Yeah...a bit. Like you wrote it moves even faster than FB. Twitter I still can't figure out 100%. Not even 50% and it bugs me. I'm frustrated in Twitter. Like a baby bird that never gets fed.

    IG is more user friendly I find that Twitter. It is probably even more vapid than the other kinds of social media...but it is all perspective.

    I don't think people make money from IG, but who knows? You can't post links. You can't post ads. It's a pain to even post photos that you haven't taken with your phone. You can do it by the's just a pain. You have to send the photo to your phone and then save it and then post it.

    I do notice that people will follow you on certain forums and not others. It is very easy to follow loads of people on IG and not get to know them at all.

    I do think you would do well on IG because you are a great visual artist.

    It is so strange seeing you wearing jeans. Must say you look very cool though. Like a teenager! Yeah...I'm jealous.

    It is still winter here. BLAH!!! Just shoot me.

    And what is with eating lard??? In France they call them "lardons"...ha! Making them sound cute doesn't help. Lard is rendered pig fat. I don't care how you say it. Bacon...bacon sounds healthy when you put it next to lard, which is silly because they aren't that far apart from each other.

    Okay, now that I've written a novel it's time to go : )


  2. Hey Melanie!

    Mmmmmmm, lard. Husband won't eat refried beans if there is lard in them - of course I will. I'll eat anything.

    I was just ranting about Instagram yesterday - you have to have a smart phone to be able to get on there - so I am starting an anti-Instagram movement - and every broke-ass person like myself can join me and raise our fists in protest!

    So your question about social media. I am on FB and have a page for my knitting/blog there. I am also on Twitter, but I rarely use it unless there is a huge political event and I can read what everyone in the world is saying. I also tweet update notifications re: my blog there and on Google+.

    I spend most of my time reading blogs, and trolling around on Goodreads.

    Damn, I love those shoes.

  3. Oh please please please Baby please. Don't tell me that blogs are becoming passé. I Lurve my blog friends. We have nice chatty visits. Instagram is nice but it's more like a quick wave hello from across the street. I will still follow you Miz Bagg even if we are the only last two bloggers on the planet. I am not a robot, just so you know.

  4. PS: Rant aside - I also think you could do well on Instagram - I would just hope you wouldn't leave this blog.

  5. blogging is enough for me. I still can't believe I have followers.

  6. Interesting thoughts. I am on Instagram and I love the quick interaction. Sometimes I struggle to get the energy to post and to comment. I find each of my platforms has its uses. Blogging for long permanent ideas and personal relationships with likeminded people, IG for more casual, fun photos and advertising blog, google+ for sharing blog post and gathering an audience (I have many photography followers from here), FB for catching up with real life friends and family and advertising posts, Pinterest for new ideas and advertising posts. Never done twitter and don't want to. IG posts to FB so two birds one stone. I don't trawl FB or G+...too long and can be depressing. I do trawl Pinterest and IG and can get sucked in. Constantly reevaluating if each brings something. Would leave G+ But don't want to abandon followers. Would leave FB but like keeping in touch with friends. Do what you want! Don't cave. Be considered. All too easy to be sucked in. Love the denim and gown. Exploring gowns more myself at the moment! Xo Jazzy Jack

  7. You crack me up. You know what else that electric toothbrush is good for? Reach it around back after you've brushed your canines and clean out that dent in the back of your neck!
    You look incredibly cute in that casual outfit and exceptionally glamorous dripping in jewels and lush fabrics.

  8. I love that Jeff Goldblum line from the movie. And that was waaaaay before Insta-book-gram-twit-face all happened. I still read trashy magazines in the john, is that TMI? I adore both of your looks and wish I had a spoonful of lard just now. xox

  9. My mother-in-law bakes with lard; I may have gagged a little the first time I ate one of her cookies and she told me that. The cookies did taste damned good, but I don't eat them anymore (the phrase "rendered pig fat" floats in my brain).

    Non-IG here, as you know. I prefer the leisurely chats and comments. Fuck the smart phone! I won't have one until I absolutely have to!

    Blink, as Suzanne said, sadly. "What is this life, so full of care, we have no time to stop and stare." I'll keep staring at your fabulousity in your jeans (such a rock star) and your be-laden and be-frocked self.

  10. I like IG!!! I'll continue to blog, just less often. You can't get to know people quite as well... Blogging really gives some insight into people over time and make connections. But, get on IG!!! I use it for personal and business and I like it :D

  11. Melanie, my adorable baby lardbird. Your breadth and depth of plumage-arrangement is unparalleled. The jeans appear more aerodynamic "today" but surely with just a little more lard-feeding your silk-velvet-brocade-propelled wings will transcend the weight of all the jewelry in the land and you will soar.

    I am also among the phoneless; I use only Blogger and facebook (for mostly separate purposes) and they suit me fine. I don't want to imagine spending more time online than I already do! I have no desire or motivation to learn (and then tend) other platforms, not when I have dear nestlings a-plenty. I suspect monetization changes everything. xoxoxo

  12. Do you know how adorable you are? I love your denim outfit though I think if you walked past me I would think hey that woman looks like Melanie before I realised it actually was Melanie. I have naturally asymmetrical eyebrows and always look like one is cocked quizzically. I have always wanted to be able to raise one eyebrow and I can't but one is sort of permanently raised so that will have to do.

    I have a Facebook account which I made to keep in touch with a few certain people but I don't enjoy Facebook and so I neglect the account. I am addicted to Pinterest. I love images for inspiration and entertainment and I used to have a boxes full of magazine tear sheets so this is just the digital version and keeps my closets tidier. It also occupies me when I am so tired my brain doesn't work well. I cannot give up words so can't give up blogging but I haven't got any interest in twittering or instagram. I have people in my life with whom I regularly communicate with via e-mail and online chat and that is enough to keep up with. I don't own a smart phone.
    I hope you stay with blogging for the very selfish reasons that I love reading your blog and enjoy your presence here. xoxo

  13. Lard? I DON'T believe it... LOL.
    I still love blogging for all the reasons you pointed out, and even though there is never enough time anymore. I tried IG but it annoyed me because it cropped my pics and it's just too fast and looky-look. Pinterest is lovely but again never enough time and i feel sick because i go down that rabbit hole and drink every potion on offer and then i wonder where my life has gone. I have made many friends via facebook and although it crowds my brain on occasion, i have learned to manage it quite well. Great post, Mel, and fab gear! xx

  14. You just continue doing what you are doing. There is a place for all of us. And I love your stories. You are very funny and entertaining. It took me a (short) while to understand your crazyness, but then I loved it. IG, to me, is all about pictures, art and creativity. So although I have an account, I never post anything. I am not an artist. Where you are. So I agree with Suzanne, it would be a platform for you. Ann of Blue Hue Wonderland posts her art very regularly on IG as well. But she stopped blogging.
    I don't blog for the money. Fortunately my dayjob provides me with lots of money, so I can keep my blog as a hobby. Don't want to do things against my nature just for the money. Oh wait.. my dayjob... that isn't 100% my nature... Well, we all have to make sacrifices to stay alive.
    I love your black robe with the yellow print. Could we see a more elaborated post about it one day? And you in jeans all over... So clean. And also nice. You have hips.. the things I am craving for.

  15. You look very cool in jeans, quite a different look for you, sort of mainstream, though I mean that in a good way of course I think you probably look good in everything and anything. :)
    I say IG, but that;s just because I love it. Fast and easy, and purely visual, so it's a different outlet to a blog. If you do then let me know, and I shall follow you :)

  16. You look GREAT in jeans!
    I do some social media sometimes, but being friendly online all the time can be exhausting and takes away from my "being lazy" time. Once in a while I IG a picture of my latest knitting or I'll tweet a link to my fundraising page, but that's about it. My daughter is posting selfies All The Time. I just can't be cute that often.

  17. First of all I love it when you smile! You look so stunningly beautiful. That picture of you in the denim outfit ... just gorgeous.

    Social media was meant to be more for soializing. It's like a party. You don't bother people about business etc, you just socialize and meet people and then you maybe tell them that you have a blog too and invite them there which is more like the 'business' hub. That is always how I have been using it.

    However, things are changing here. Many of the top bloggers DO make money on iinstagram, Pinterest and twitter as they get paid to share photos. With Like to Know it you can earn comissions from products you share, but you would need a huge following.

    Also, I find that brands look especially at social media to see how popular you are and also because they love working with social media influencers. So if you want to work with brands I feel it's a must.

    I think Instagram will get increasingly more important and as others have said, it's a great medium for artists. Ann (from Blue Hue Wonderland) is doing really well there showcasing her artworks, building quite a following and I'm sure it has lead to more interest for her artworks. I want to have one of her pieces now that I have seen them!

    I think you may enjoy it and I would certainly love seeing you there!

    I have a lot more to share on this topic but we can talk that over in Vancouver!

  18. lets sit together in that museum :-)
    i like blogging for the same reasons as you - i want a (possibly honest) text to read, not only pics and a phrase. and i´m on the edge of being obsessed with catching up with other blogs....
    like that tiny jean jacket with the 3/4 sleeves!!!!!

  19. Do it do it do it!!!!! You know I'm a big fan of IG but it is definitely more like a "wave from across the street" than blogging. I enjoy posting photos and not having to write anything pithy, and I've found some fascinating people on IG, and more people with rats!!

    Can I just say how frickin' adorable you look in your denim and t-shirt!!!!! Of course I love you in your jewel-adorned tunic too (should jewelry-wearing be an Olympic sport because I think Iris Apfel would win). I have been looking for the perfect denim jacket and found a nice one this weekend.

  20. Do it do it do it!!!!! You know I'm a big fan of IG but it is definitely more like a "wave from across the street" than blogging. I enjoy posting photos and not having to write anything pithy, and I've found some fascinating people on IG, and more people with rats!!

    Can I just say how frickin' adorable you look in your denim and t-shirt!!!!! Of course I love you in your jewel-adorned tunic too (should jewelry-wearing be an Olympic sport because I think Iris Apfel would win). I have been looking for the perfect denim jacket and found a nice one this weekend.

  21. I don't do social media of any sort, because my past is FAR too shady to open myself to being "found". Also, my thoughts benefit much from the editing process, which is why I'm a writer. Don't stop "telling".

  22. What's wrong with museums? Please don't be an ex-blogess and chase after the latest wave. I don't even have a cell phone. I'm stubborn I guess and I don't want to get into any of those other things. Blogs are more than enough for me. Yours is the best too.

  23. Thanks, everyone for your comments, feedback. I like knowing how you all deal with this stuff.

    Patti, hehe, Insta-book-gram-twit-face?! That's my new nickname, that and lardbird, hee, from Amber.

    I just found Ann's Instagram and art site, Woodlucker. Beautiful work. Thanks for all the tips. See some of you in Vancouver!

  24. Two words - INFORMATION OVERLOAD! There's too much isn't there? Share share share. I'm old fashioned and love blogs for being my first platform for online connectedness. Twitter appeals because I like words however I always feel like I'm eavesdropping at a party I have gate crashed! And it's too fast. A friend is hassling (ahem I mean encouraging) me to get onto insta but I'm not sure I like taking photos. All I can say is - whatever you do, keep blogging okay???

  25. Ah, well you know with the faire an the new for-profit blog I've GOTTA book my face on the reg, ya know? Plus Facebook cuts down on the on family phone calls. "Oh, you're getting married? That's cool." CLICK LIKE. I like it like that because I'm a space alien I have no human emotions. Sweet shirt by the way.

  26. Even though I am one of the bloggers who has faded in and out over the last year, I still believe in blogs and blogging. Look at all the thoughtful comments you get from your readers! You must carry on!
    I have slowly fallen in love with Instagram, but I have my little niche there with the other sewing peeps. We peek into each others sewing rooms and touch base. It's nice. I wouldn't have a smart phone if it hadn't been for getting assigned to 3 months of Grand Jury duty. I was so bored I had to get a smart phone and sneak read the internetz.

  27. I don't have a fancy phone. I joined instagram and pinched Jon's but couldn't see what all the fuss is about. It seems very lazy and artificial. I need words and interaction. I'd rather sit in a pub and watch people. At least it's real.
    Loving you in jeans and jacket. What a bod.
    I think 90% of most Brits diet is lard. Thank feck I'm a vegetarian. xxx

  28. I love instagram! But I also love picking up a magazine and scrolling through blogs, it's nice to get the whole story.

    Your photos are so fun!!

    lacee swan

  29. …than the average person can…inhale.

    I adore that you can look equally, yet differently brilliant in each of these outfits (and that's before the thought, 'wow! mel was surely mistaken for a teenager in the double denim' - and I mean that in a wholly christ-you-look-amazing way).

    mmmm, instagram. I joined very late, with uncertainty and if I'm honest, some initial cynicism. I DO enjoy it now, but in a very different way to blogging.

    Like you, I relish the conversation, the 'tell' of putting together a blog post. Instagram is a plate of tiny, tasty morsels. My favourite blogs are three course meals.

  30. Love you equally in denim and in flowing silk. You cover the continuum beautifully.

    I started IG about eight months ago, and am enjoying it. I'm always in search of milliners and I've found a large number of very talented and creative artists. However, I continue to blog, as the connections that I've found are so important to me. Which of course includes you, Melanie. I can't imagine life without your photos and exquisite writing.

    Finding balance with my life in 3-D and online is sometimes difficult. Everything in life is compelling right now. Not a bad place to be for a crone!

  31. Hi Melanie! Ann of Blue Hue Wonderland IG is great We have been on as artist since July and I think you would enjoy it. I find IG super creative and fast moving plus all about the visuals. I've met so many artist world wide. I didn't have and iPhone until this summer and I love taking pictures with it. My art name is Woodlucker on IG. You look great and do feel you would super enjoy IG!

  32. Ann again. Just thought of something else....the video on the IPhone is so easy to make. On IG you get a 22 sec window for a video made on the phone. I do miss the fashion blogging especially the people but IG is so fast and growing in a way that I didn't experience with my blog. You could combine more of your art with your fashion in a way that paints your creativity in a bigger picture. I'm not focusing on how I look on IG, just a few pictures. I do feel IG is a better fit for you as a wildly creative gal that I know you are! Maybe still do your blog but IG could be your primary social media. Take care, Ann

  33. Hi Ann! So great to hear from you! Yes, I was checking out your IG. I can see how your professional approach integrating different platforms helps in promoting the cool art that you and Dean make. If I got my act together, this would be an ideal way to maybe move some of my artwork... I do love the immediacy of IG. I swore off IG today and now I'm back wavering. Off on off on... Again, good to hear from you! I do miss your style blog though.

  34. Dear Melanie, I do hope you will find time to keep blogging! Maybe less often? But not stopping, please! I can see that IG offers lots of opportunities that blogging is lacking, and it can be great for business - but I'm selfish! You would be so missed!

    Both outfits suit you very well, but the jewelled one is my favourite, particularly the colourful sock/tights!

  35. What ARE they doing with coffee. It isn't wine; it isn't dessert; it doesn't need stuff in it. STOP IT.

    Lard is scraped off rendered cow fat. Eww. BUTTER.

    Social Meeja. I Twitter; I don't like Facebook one little bit. Instagram - well you need to have a modern phone with a lovely camera. I already have a lovely camera - and I hate the mobile phone. LUDDITE.

    Please keep blogging. Because - WORDS.

    You look tremendous.

    p.s. let us not talk about housekeeping or dust

  36. Oh I love that second ensemble. Jewellery wearing does take a little getting used too, especially necklaces, they're constantly getting caught in my hair- not a good look. IG is mildly addictive, I've been gramming for a long time now and, although I'm loathe to admit it, I'm not sure I could imagine my life sans it. There is something wonderful about the immediacy about it, not only in posting but also in following and commenting on other's snaps. I've met some wonderful people through it from many far flung places. Most of all though I love being able to look through all my posts and see a journal of what I was up to in particularly months. I hope it never replaces blogging but I do think it's a good supplement in between posts. Lally X X

  37. Ooh, look at you, all denimed-up and fabulous.
    Instagram? Don't get it. I like blogging (I didn't realise it's antiquated) becasue it allows for words. Conversation. My favourite stuff. Instagram's all visual with no heart, no chat.
    Chips cooked in lard are the BEST. Heart attack on a plate, but sooooo good. xxx

  38. Whew, it is hard to keep up! I tried Instagram, but without a smartphone it's not practical. I am really enjoying my Muse Fondue Facebook page, where I've started following lots of artists and crafters. It's visual, but it's also easy to leave comments. Or just Like something without having to blather on in saccharine sentences of sweet smarminess.

    I loved The Big Chill! I think the end to the Jeff Goldblum line should be "...than the time it takes to type LOL."

  39. Than the time it takes to yawn and look at your watch #shortattentionspan!!! By the way my gran used to make me lard on bread with tons of salt on top when I was 8. I loved it. Explains a lot!!!


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