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Friday 1 May 2015

One jacket two ways, style science, and swirly hair

I love this sideways business-ish look. The houndstooth coat was $5 from My Sister's Closet, wool/cashmere with silky white lining, made in Canada by Propaganda, great for the cool day. You can tell it was big bucks in a previous life. Thank you, donor. 
Bag and a Beret, Melanie Kobayashi
Other pieces: vintage tuxedo pants, lined, with cummerbund-style waistband, by Simon Chang, a well-known Canadian designer, $5 at MSC. They are too large but baggy was "in" for this '80s design so I'll leave them slip-slidey. Granny shoes, thrifted. Tool-box handbag from O who knows me so well. Magic loupe from O. Thrifted tux blouse, gifted vintage tie. 

I wore this jacket for the Gaze Line Experiments conducted at the Miz Bagg Labs of the Universe. The stunning results are detailed below.

The Gaze Line Equation
Gaze Line Equation by Melanie Kobayashi
This figure and accompanying mathematical equation represent the culmination of exhaustive and rigorous scientific research funded by Miz Bagg on how the eye travels when one views garb on another person. In the final analysis, the greatest beneficiary of the gaze line is the bird. Miffed at the results, Miz Bagg made a ginormous feather hat.
    Science rules all. Yes. If you would like to nominate me for the Nobel Prize, please do.
    Bag and a Beret, Melanie Kobayashi
    It turns out I was useless as a gaze-line experiment subject. The banks of hot beeping computer equipment and the metal helmet with lightning rod thingies and cables kept blowing up. I don't understand it. In this case, the gaze line got lodged in my jacket and the viewer passed out. Wasted lab time.

    JACKET WORN SECOND WAY: with platform sandals and sweat socks. (Horror! Put that helmet back on her head!)
    Bag and a Beret, Melanie Kobayashi, houndstooth jacket
    Look, same jacket worn another way the next day. It's with my thrifted silky pink and orange tunic/dress (pyjamas?) worn tucked into my thrifted Cartonnier flocked turquoise pants, thrifted platform Steve Madden sandals with retail Reebok ankle sweat socks, and vintage gold stretch belt. Magic loupe of course.
    Bag and a Beret, Melanie Kobayashi, platform sandals
    Yeah, I'm a punk. I needed to be - I had to traverse the banking district to get to a yummy food shop and you may know how that conservative vibe in the air pisses me right off. The two photos of this outfit are lifted from a video, quicker than photo-taking, although the results are grainy. Outdoors is still best. 
    Bag and a Beret, Melanie Kobayashi
    Okay, so what's up with the swirly hair? More to the point (heh), what's up with Canadian women over 40 and this peakish hairstyle? Ariane of Style Sud-Est, Sheila of Ephemera, and Shelley of Forest City Fashionista all have varying degrees of peaks. Sheila and Shelley's are brilliantly coloured hair statements, like the plumage of exotic birds.

    Is it something in the air? In the water? As Canadians do we feel it our patriotic duty to point Due North? Whatever the reason, I like the chaotic/edgy/Vivienne Westwood/surly pixie vibe I get when I wear my hair styled in a peak. Plus, it's easy to blow-dry, and morning bed-head becomes an official "look," at least in my case.

    I don't know the real name for this style except it seems to be the opposite of a mullet, perhaps a matlet, a Middle-Aged-Tween reverse mullet.

    Are there any contagious hairstyles where you live? Are you immune? What's your effect on the gaze line?
    One last gratuitous shot to show you the platforms on these suckers. Heh. 
    Of course I shall be linking this up with Patti's next Visible Monday when it opens on her blog Not Dead Yet Style. That's a crowd that can wear anything like a schtar, no two ways about it (ba-da-bum). I know I'll see you there...!!?


    1. You are giving the bizzzzness right here! Are you in Toronto? I just found out from my bestie Toronto is less than 12 hours from Asheville!!! Planning a damn road trip next year!

    2. Does a side-peak count? Granted mine was styled by the avant-garde stylist known locally as Winde {pronounced wind, the e is silent}...but mine is really big. {I might regret typing that}

      You look way better than cool. You also look appropriately dressed...the weather has been rather cool.

      I love both looks equally, and I love The Gaze Line Equation...I'm sure the results are stunning, but I admit the math aspect leaves me slightly stunned.

    3. Pink Cheetah Vintage: I am in Vancouver, Canada's west coast, and am disappointed that I won't be in the area when you visit your friend!

    4. Great look as always , bizzness girls should tke notes !

    5. I always think you look best in bold graphic b/w designs, so obv I think that jacket is GREAT, and so is your quiffy (not squiffy) hair.

      The gaze-line drawing cracked me up because we were doing perspective and sightlines in my drawing class this week, and you pretty much nailed how I end up looking at things (an occupational hazard when you find *everything* is interesting in some way!)

      ps. the new captcha design involved selecting pictures of cake, which is kind of awesome too

    6. Oooh, the jacket is TDF. And thanks for the science - I live in a faith-based area, and need all the fact-y stuff. Great hair too, it may be a Canadian trademark. xox

    7. For some reason I'm imagining you as a wing walker in that second outtfit...but not on that broken old thing but on a gorgeous steampunk plane...what do you say?

      The hundstooth jacket (or short coat) is absolutely fabulous so it is very fortunate for us that we got to see it twice.

      The punk outfit appeals to me on more than one level, but I also really like the first one. Those granny shoes are hard to beat...and I like the oversize pants!

      you've done a great job with the styling of both of these outfits.

      I also like pixies, but I don't think I'll get one anytime soon. Right now, I'm happy with the lenght that I have.

      When it comes to popular hairdos here I would say that natural long hair (a bit on the elf or hippie side) is pretty wild spread which I don't mind and actually I think it's a good thing...thank God those hiddious extenstions haven't caught on yet!

    8. I rather like the peaky hairstyle. That jacket is a superstar, what a great find! The second outfit is perfect for a little "épater la bourgeoisie" action.

    9. Finally, an infographic that I can understand!

      I can't do the peaked hair thing but admire those who do.

      I'm in a yellow mood. I want to Vis Monday a YELLOW outfit but am having problems finding yellow thrifted with cachet so the search continues.

    10. it seems all the young woman on tv have the same hairstyle. What looks like extensions that hang down in front of their shoulders and are curled toward the back. Clones the lot of them. Those platforms are dangerous looking

    11. For a creative sort, you're on to a Nobel Prize winning formula, although one might need 3-D glasses to unravel the dimensions of YOUR visual space!

    12. I always leave your blog with the best kind of exhaustion-the only kind I like-which comes from a stimulated brain and a tired body from laughing. I have not scientifically tracked my gaze but I am pretty sure it seeks out cafes and lingers on flowers. Stylishly dressed people on which to feast my eyes are so rare that it results in more of an open mouthed stare than a gaze. Hastily followed by an attempt to watch and see what it is stylish people actually do, how they move and talk and interact with the rest of the athleisure-clad community. The popular fashion labels here are generally Mountain Equipment Coop or LouLou Lemon. No peaky hair is involved.

    13. Holy sh*tbags, Miz Baggs, you look uh-mazing with that peaked/piqued hair! Love it, lurve it, want to call it George, what-have-you.

      Killer jacket - that's the centrepiece of fun, right there! You are more of a punque than a punk, a punque being still slightly klassy (and yes, deliberately spelled with a k). That's how we klassy punques roll.

      My gaze formula is more of a carom. Must not look, ka-zwing! Bounces off me. Look again, ka-zwing, my eyes!

    14. I glazed over looking at that equation! I was in Top Set maths at school but quadratic equations, algebraic stuff just made me miserable. Still, I now think you're a genius!!!

      Oooh, niIiiccce Houndstooth and sensational wedges! They are really funky! I cannot anything that high!
      The androgynous look really suits you!Xx

    15. Lookin' good Melanie, as always. Ya never cease to amaze me with your versatility. Two looks from one coat?! It's a winner.

      Lotza love from this side the Atlantic (otherwise known as England)
      Rose from

    16. Wow, the both stylizations are amazing-I love your dogstooth jacket. :)

    17. I'm garb gaze ga-ga about you! That jacket is too cool and you completely rock it.

    18. But why gaze when one can STARE?

      I love your 7/8ths trouser action
      (it's true! It's a thing! ankle-grazers! flankankle!)

      The hair thing - is it the consequence of a stylist-led wind machine?

      Love the platforms - love the houndstooth. Divine xx

    19. Sorry that should be flankle.
      Still a thing.

    20. You look like a spy on a mission in the first photo. Like you're going to discover why they add fruit flavour to coffee and then all will be right in the world.

      Clearly as a Canadian I missed the peaked hair memo. I think you need big eyes and a nicely shaped head...both of which I'm lacking. Obviously I took from my Mother's side since she has German roots. Lordy knows they all have big oddly shaped heads. Oops. Not PC. Joking!

      I love that gaze line info graphic!


    21. Oh I adore that jacket on you both ways! You can pull off any look, such a chameleon. Xx

    22. In my hometown, I have seen some over 40 hair trends, most noticeably bright hues. Just a very few. Other than that, no fashion forward ness here. I Have not seen swirls. I do approve of it, though.
      I love love love the color combos in your second outfit. Also love the houndstooth.
      I laughed out loud reading the sight line bit.

    23. My gaze line is going directly to Look #2, stopping first to admire your shoes in Look #1. In fact, both your shoe looks deserve accolades. The swirly hair is adorable. I see it a lot on boys in Chicago. Of course it is the New Millenium Mullet, but that's okay.

    24. You have a beautiful mind (hehee, see how I did that!?) and your hair is awesome.

      And I'll never dye my hair red again - even though I had auburn hair as a kid - because too many middle aged women dye their hair that shade. I'm an idiot, I know.

    25. you rock your jacket, and you rock your hairstyle!! hurrah for fabulousness!!
      love your tie, love your granny shoes, and also love your massive platforms!!

    26. I kind of had a hair cut like that and then it grew out into a strange reverse emo mullet. I think I'd call yours the faux faux-hawk.

    27. A most excellent jacket, and I really really want the granny shoes in the first picture. I wish I could get my hair to do that.

    28. Fabulous jacket , works equally well in either guise. Great things happening with your hair, maybe its in the water.

    29. Very impressive! You wear this look instead of it wearing you. Hats off!

    30. I'm not a science geek but I'd say the kitty factor in that equation is the vital variable - if replaced by a z (for zebra) who knows what the gaze line might be. I do know however that if I were the viewer and you were the viewee my gaze line would be completely straight and rivetted on you (heh). x

    31. I'd kill for those platforms and I adore your hair fin. Mine is currently lilac and peaky and I've marched past the man taking tickets at the 50 carpark. Houndstooth - only ever scores maximum cool points in my hut x

    32. You are the best scientist, and I nominate you for Nobel Prize in Mad Science, and for a bunch of other prizes too - like Genius Prize for example! I just loved this post. The outfits are awesome! Both styles look gorgeous when you wear them. And hurrah to O for knowing you so well! I think I'll need a magic loop too, very soon. I I was influenced by Judi Dench as my hairstyle goes, and there is no looking back. Some day, I will go all gray. Much love to you xxxxx

    33. Melanie, I want to invite you to this crazy link-up - please consider participating, as you are just a wonderful wonderful writer!

    34. Gaze line equations are too complicated for my brain, but I do know that I am staring straight at you, with your pixie peaks and cool cashmere and turquoise trousers and huge shoes. Where else could I possibly look?! xx

    35. I can't be doing with mathematical formulae at 7.15am but I'll fight you for those shoes right now. xxx

    36. The jacket is great! I love it and I love your look, you are so... unique!
      The whole outfit is not my style but I like very much differences as they make this world a wonderful place where to live...
      Very, very nice post!
      Have a fantastic week...

    37. Dr. Mel is it? I don't know why we don't have a fashion or style Nobel Prize, but you would be my first choice if I had a saying in it :-)

      Both your outfits are fantastic, the granny shoes are fabulous! The bag too (I wonder what happened to the double bagging trend, is it already passé?)

      The second outfit is absolutely my favourite though. I love the colours and those scary wedges. I wouldn't dare to walk down the stairs in those - but they look amazing!

      As a multimedia designer I've taken classes on Eye Travel (there is such a device as an Eye Tracker!), and I seem to remember (I'm over 50, so I may be wrong) that peaky hair always catches people's attention before anything else, like colour, cats or babies :-)

    38. Your lab must be impressive. I hope nothing got damaged by the blow-up? The things you do in the name of science. Very admirable.
      Your outfits look wonderful. So you. Good quality too. And I always like your hair, no matter what you do with it. Must be because you have a beautiful face. As in a classic beauty.

    39. Swirly hair peaks are where it's at, didn't you know? So glad to see you've jumped on the bandwagon ;).

      I got dizzy following your "Gaze Line Equation" so I just took your word for it. I'm sure your calculations are correct. Did you make any allowances for if the gaze is a "side-eye" as opposed to a full front stare?

      Awesome jacket by the way; it looks damn fine with the blue pants and killer platforms.

    40. You are such a rock star. Rock to the Star.

    41. I seem to have lost the capacity to form words and vocalize them. Thank goodness for keyboards, am I right? Hehe. That first outfit, though. Hoooooly shit. In love! <3

      - Anna

    42. I think y'all suffer from a severe case of the Canadian Hair Peak Disease. Good thing bout that: no cure needed since it looks damn cute and cool!

      Love your whole look.


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