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Wednesday 1 July 2015

Let your clothes choose your profession, and Hat Attack

I start out well. Tra-la-la. Tra-la-la. Lovely clean home. Lovely clean mind. Decluttering! Hurrah!
Meditative Trashing by Melanie Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret
Then I degenerate into this. I'll spare you the inner dialogue; it would all be punctuation marks anyway.
Meditative trashing takes a detour, by Melanie Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret
I could have used a massive dose of the Dalai Lama at Glastonbury. Or maybe just Glastonbury. Or maybe just a few Glastonbury beverages - not the milk.

As it was, I made do with this: the "Coffee and a Muffin" special. The coffee was nutty. No refunds were requested. No baristas were harmed. It was a face muffin, a muffin as big as my face, almost as good as face doughnuts.
Mel Kobayashi eats a face muffin on Bag and a Beret
All this cleaning (which also includes more space-bagging), all this caffeine, all this muffiny goodness, it opens my mind to the universe.

So I wore this vintage barkcloth maxi the other day. You may have seen it before - but not with my lovely lava pendant paired with that other one, looking very, dare I say, fly? And bracelets. I don't wear them often because my wrists are small and the bangles clamp my hands when they dangle down. 
Am I vulcanologist? Am I Clouseau? asks Mel Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret
So here we have a Hawaiian-made dress with lava jewels and hiking boots (with fringe and platforms, an improvement on the standard fare). Do I sense a pattern here? Why, of course - I should be a vulcanologist! It's so clear now. Open your mind. Let your clothes guide you!! 

Pffft. Although I wouldn't mind investigating a black-sand beach with a lovely Mai Tai.
Vulcanology bling, Melanie Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret
The sun has been wickedly strong these days and I scurry about in the shadows, and hide, very Clouseau-like, in the shade of light standards at intersections. The loud clop, clop, clop of my wooden soles and the billowing neon-yellow robe I sometimes wear instead of sunscreen, which I detest, of course enhance my sleuth appeal. Wait, now just wait a second - it's coming into focus. I should be a bumbling detective! 

Okay, I'd be good at bumbling but not detecting. And keeping up a fake accent would be tiring.
Neon yellow robe enhances sleuthy appeal, Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret
And below is what I wore today, a scarf instead of a hat for Judith's Hat Attack 24 at her blog Style Crone, where she's wearing a beauty designed by Carol Markel. My scarf has cute little drawings of dogs all over it. With the proper attention my hair stands up like little stalks growing from a head planter. In terms of cosmic profession messages, I was getting mixed signals. Rock star or...
Saint. (The halo around my head might be mistaken for a decorative plate on the wall.) 
I would suck at sainthood. Nunh. That's a pure silk maxi dress with the same jewels as my first outfit and then some. I boosted the saturation to make it more saintly. 

Explanation for this post: 
It's been so hot it's hard to type, it's hard to move, it's hard to keep a thought in my head unless it's to do with eating, drinking, taking little naps, and colouring. 

What career are your clothes telling you you should be these days? 

To my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada Day. We are 148 years old, although our flag recently just turned 50, younger than me. I'M OLDER THAN OUR National FLAG?!!! Friggin' FRIG!!


  1. Oh a vulcanologist, yes!! That's always been my secret career desire. But I think you'd make a kickass saint too....healing the sick with up-cycled thrift finds!

  2. You look lovely as usual, but darling, you REALLY need to stop drinking coffee!!

  3. Whoa! Less caffeine tomorrow! That dress was made for you-it's perfect! So is your halo, which matches your eyes so well. Too hot for me! So much I can't do in the heat-like exist. When I grow up I am going to be fabulous like you but sadly not a vulcanologist. My clothing predicts sweaty rag. xoxo

  4. I know what you mean about the heat. All my sentences (internal and external) are punctuated with exclamation points!

    Love the maxi - dontcha love all the vintage Hawaiian stuff we get here on the coast? And I know those are no hiking boots, but secret Fluevogs! (I know this because *I* - Nancy-Drew-like - suss out that the soles are the same as a pair I have, which also clomp about like Clydesdales and intimidate the hell out of small children).

    I love your hair worn up like catgrass. So cool!

  5. A saintly volcanologist who must seek, in a bumbling fashion if required, the source of Volcan activity. The sirens just went off near my house to call the local volunteer fire fighters in and in looking at the emergency app on my iPad to see if that meant I needed to get off the couch for some sort of an emergency I noticed that in emergencies elsewhere in the country there was an earthquake in the coral sea in Queensland, Australia. Might I suggest it needs investigating. Queensland is in winter but it is still a very pleasant 20-24 degrees everyday so Hawaiian maxis are still suitable, as are sun protecting coats. Just a suggestion saintly one! You look awesome!

  6. That vintage barkcloth is making me swoon! I keep scrolling back up to the close-up. It has such a beautiful touch, yes? brain has nothing witty to add...I'll blame it on the heat.

  7. Your bark cloth frock is stunning, and what a stylish vulcanologist you would make!! Actually you would make a super duper stylish saint, sainthood would be totally pimped out then, and far more fun!!! Enjoy your lovely warm weather, ours is miserable, but every day I wake up is a day closer to summer!!

  8. Oh how I envy your heat, we are expecting -2c tonight. Stunning in your printed bark cloth dress , with that necklace. Saint, rockstar , vulcanologist you could do it all and then some.

  9. happy canada day!!!
    my clothes this days tell "surf coach" - i wear a sports bra and some bathing shorts with wet hair (for cooling!) because our corner is hot like yours interestingly! of cause i´m only dressed like this around our garden in the middle of the woods!!!
    love both ensembles - and you´r soooo gorgeous - your looks and the writing and the cartoons!!!! when i´m grown up i want to be like you!

  10. O Canada! At 148, only slightly older than moi. I think detecting would be ever so boss, secret rendez-vous and invisible ink and all. Whichever you choose, you look like a star. Love the Hawaiian dress. xox

  11. I love the idea of allowing clothing to determine occupation as opposed to the other way around. Brilliant concept! Almost as brilliant as your maxi dresses and your hair. I'm growing out my red to white, and you provide a wonderful role model.

    Thank you so much for sharing your headscarf with Hat Attack. Rock star you are! With a touch of saint.

  12. First off, let me just say that I envy anyone who can get high on coffee and a muffin. And I have never considered letting my clothes determine my career, though it is simply the inverse of the Thoreau quote I have on my blog, "Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes." And if, by saintly, you mean looking like a painting on a Mexican devotional candle then, yes, you nailed it! LLAP.

  13. Better keep that maxi locked up when I'm there. I have no idea what the heck bark cloth is but this dress makes me want to howl at the moon. What a dress!!!

    Can I just say lately you're looking extra spry? Must be all that extra coffee you're drinking is making your hair stand up and look hip. Hot water does not do the same thing as my flat boring hair will attest to.


  14. Happy birthday Canada!!!
    You look preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttty!!! I love the demure, pretty dress with a touch of Ms Bagz zaniness!!!

  15. My clothes are telling me I should be at a Hawaiian luau or somewhere tropical.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Vancouver

  16. Despite the heat, you are looking more and more fabulous every single post!! This dress is amazing, your jewelry makes me want to wear them, the whole big colorful bunch, and the hairband is just fantastic on you! And I love the halo - just perfect for you! And I always, always, adore your diary in images... so alive and heartwarming! xxxx

  17. Oh my bestest friend!! See, this is the post I wanted to write. Witty, funny, thought provoking, generous, and GREAT STYLE. I love the yellow robe over the dress, I love the shoes with everything. I love your scarf, hair, glasses, I love (wait...I have to go back and read the post again so I can continue...) EVERYTHING!!!!!

    I vividly remember the first time I saw your blog. I nearly fainted from the energy that leapt off the screen. Well, I just had that same feeling. So, I'm going to skip the "let me count the ways" and go directly to a blanket "I adore you". Yup. The flag's got nothin' on you, either.

  18. Loved the drawings. Your flower dress takes me back to 1971 and my highschool graduation ball parents made it for me after a lot of hard work (a pattern and not enough material). No seriously, you look regal in it... Now there is an occupation for you: queen of Canada. The robe to go over the dress you already have too. Might need a few cat hairs to make it more furry.
    The cose-up with the fantastic sunglasses is very good. You should keep that. The halow dress... hmmm .. very flattering. I think: occupation guru.
    As always I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with your post.

  19. You rival the volcano! xo Jazzy Jack

  20. Three time's a charm; tried to comment twice before. Grrrr....

    Here goes again:
    love all your #OOTD's in this post.

    My clothes only scream flowers, colors, soft and sweet. No professions, I'm afraid;-).

  21. I think Canada should have a Melanie day because you are a national treasure! I just love your hair having its way, and it looks fantastic with the scarf and cool glasses. Your aloha-luau-tiki-muu dress is beautiful - perfect for this hot summer, especially if you're on a beach (in the shade of a palm tree, of course) holding a colorful cocktail.

    My clothes usually tell me to be a slacker. It's more of a lifestyle than a profession, and one I hope to master some day.:P

  22. I have a weakness with pink+red :)
    Love the dress on you!!

  23. You are beyond sainthood, my dear Melanie, ahhhhhhhhh
    I love the pink dress with neon. So up my alley.
    You are pure inspiration, my friend

  24. Hello hello Melanie - Happy (belated) Canada day to you. I had to do some research on Canada because I was asking myself "what was Canada before Canada and what IS Canada Day?" so I learned a little (I hate being an ugly American) but didn't get to the flag info but check this out - our (USA) current flag with the 50 stars - well I'm older than that one, too! We shall cry and dry our eyes together.

  25. You look vibrant and chic!! I love how you styled that colorfully printed dress and your jewelry is out this world…I really love this look.


  26. How about a rock star who is also a known saint....and whose hobby is it to explore vulcanoes on the weekends? You might to a reality show of some kind...Keeping up with the fire inside- now that sounds like a proper title for it.

    Let your clothes guide you...dressed this well, there are bound to be fabulous things along the way!

    I absolutely love how Hawai maxi rocked this look, fantastic necklaces and fringed sandals!!!!

  27. I think I'm going to have to give space-bagging-of-stuff a try - it seems to create space for extreme fabulousity to expand…and expand.

  28. yes, you look fly - very fly :)
    I love your drawings and thought process

  29. whoooah, on July 1 I too posted a dress with hibiscuses! Spooooky... But I'm glad you like the muumuu and jelly babies. :-)

  30. I was sooo sure I had commented on this post, but apparently not! I love the barkcloth dress for the colours and the fit - you are a tall drink of fizzy fruit juice in it! I'm with Val - a "Melanie" day would be so much fun and would likely involve loads of colour, and sticky-up hair.

    I don't know what occupation is indicated by my clothing right now - I'm not a big fan of my summer wardrobe, too much black, grey and blah. Perhaps an undertaker?

  31. My clothing choices probably have people pegging me as a student or someone in fashion design. I'm fine with either supposition. Could be worse. A lot worse, actually. Haha. Anyway, the fringe shoes with that dress! Perf. Also, I get so much joy out of your eye wear. You know how to accessorize. <3

    - Anna

  32. In fact I have recently had the honor to talk in Swedish radio on my (little slutty) style and the fact that I live in a small place and I work in the City and probably should be more conservative. You look amazing in your ... festival(?) ... look AND in your Maxi AND with the bracelets on your enviable sweet little wrists.

  33. Oh my gawd, that pink dress is too too fabulous! and so perfect with the neon green wrap. Sensei, I have much to learn from you.
    the degeneration of meditative trashing, gave me a good laugh! So truuuue!

  34. Such fun clothes! So beautiful! So young!!!


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