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Tuesday 7 July 2015

July blogger meetup in Vancouver!

Aaaack! The International +40 blogger brawl meetup in Vancouver is SOON!
Melanie's interpretation of plus-40 blogger meetup in Vancouver, July 2015
So far, about 25 bloggers from around the world will be descending on my fair city. And I challenge those of you who have a passion for dressing up to make this the most stylish convergence of +40 women Canada has ever seen. (Believe me, it won't be hard, especially in Vancouver - even with practical walking shoes.) Maybe you'll inspire me to restart my street style blog!

Many of you are staying at the Blue Horizon Hotel downtown. Imagine the pyjama parties, the junk food, the imbibing, and the blackmail photo ops! Partaking in such childish behaviour of course will be at your discretion, or lack thereof, although it's possible we'll be too wiped out to keep our eyes open past midnight. We'll blame it on jet lag, shall we, despite the fact I live here.
Mover and a shaker sketch by Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret
Meeting you will be like meeting celebrities. Miz Bagg is, of course, non-plussed by the whole thing seeing as how her entire life is about ego and celebrity. She recently invited me on set for the Vancouver photo shoot of her friend, who hitched a ride back to town on the private Bagg Jet after wrapping up a sold-out concert tour of Europe. Imagine the sound of my jaw hitting the floor when I heard the friend's name: Sue of A Colourful Canvas.
This is Sue of A Colourful Canvas.
Sue of A Colourful Canvas on Bag and a Beret, Miz Bagg's guest
Well, that is the Sue I knew at any rate. All light and sunshine and creativity... It turns out she has a secret life, a darker life, a lewd life as a nasty international rock guru and top spokesmodel for hit products. Rumour on set was that Nike has just signed Sue for their new campaign: Don't do it!!
Sue is full of attitude on Bag and a Beret
Sue's signature snarl. I know - can you believe it?
Really, at every turn it was "*&%$ this" and "#$!#* that." She's the only person I know, except Diavola, who can hold her own, expletive-wise, with Miz Bagg. Attitude, I've never witnessed anything this extreme.
Sue is full of attitude on Bag and a Beret
In the middle of the shoot, without warning, Sue disappeared into her trailer with Miz Bagg and several roadies and photographers for a couple of hours, for "a nap." When she finally tumbled out, she gave me the finger (below)! And Miz Bagg mooned me (sorry, no photo).
Sue gives me the finger!
I managed a few days ago, through Miz Bagg's assistant Enid, to get my hands on a mock-up of a print ad featuring one of the afternoon's shots, which will headline an orange juice campaign in the UK later this year. Apparently, Sue was paid over 5 million euro by Orange Growers of the Arctic for this endorsement. That's Sue flashing the crew! Sue leads the negative advertising trend - in fact, she pioneered it with Miz Bagg.
Sue does advertising for OJ on Bag and a Beret
Bwa-ha-ha!! I had so much fun on this shoot. I happened to have a couple of wigs in my bag when I met Sue for coffee (who doesn't?), and I was wearing the robe. On the shoot I kept yelling at Sue (the fan was loud), "Look angry! Look pissed off! You're a b*tch! You're a b*tch!", which only made us laugh more. I'm sure people in the highrises around us were entertained: me, stumbling in my high geta sandals then crouched on the ground very pro-like, trying not to get piss hand, and Sue, flapping in front of the high-power air vent asking, "Do I look angry?" 

We also got lots of excellent glam shots - Sue posted a couple here - but in this post I chose to share the other Sue. (FYI, Sue said it's okay so we're still friends. Right, Sue?!)

For me, the point of the meetup is something like what these photos are. An escape. A holiday. A time to play and get to know each other better. To explore.
Bag and a Beret, Mel Kobayashi manicam illustration
If you're thinking of joining the meetup, it's time to get on it! Suzanne needs your information as soon as possible, at least before July 15, so she can organize everything. And don't worry; if Miz Bagg scares you, there are all kinds of women coming with a variety of interests and talents. I'll be there, me, Melanie. I'm not sure if Miz Bagg's schedule permits. And Sue will be there, the good Sue. And of course, Suzanne, not sure which one. Heh.

Suzanne Carillo's blog.
See you later? 


  1. The blogger get together sounds awfully good fun!! Sorry I cannot make it but you already have a Sue and a Suzanne going so all will be good in the world. I will be represented as I am a Suzanne but shortened to Sue!! I will look forward to all the blackmail photos and stories.

  2. Pajama parties! (must pack pajamas) and blackmail photos. I can.not.wait to rub elbows with the celebs (must pack sunglasses). xox

  3. HA ha ha ha! This really made me laugh. I cannot even envision Sue swearing a blue streak and then scowling or giving the finger. Her pinky finger! LOL So. Much. Fun. Wish I'd been there. I actually can swear like an ex con when required. My husband sometimes gets me to practise with him. Wink.

    Can I get you to change the date to lasts sign ups are for the 15th? I'm already on a plane on the 17th.

    I wonder if we need to get everyone to sign NDAs before we go? Ha ha!


  4. I knew no one could be as pretty and perky as Sue all the time - now we know the truth!

    I wish I could have been there for THAT blogger meetup, but my budget isn't allowing me to go farther than the local fish hatchery for a fun day out. You are all going to have such fun!! Can't wait to read about it in the Vancouver Sun.

  5. hehehe. Do me, do me next! I wanna be some kinda schtar too. oooo, just imagine what you could make outta me... eeek. I scared myself. So cool. I absolutely didn't recognize Sunshine Sue in her dark side self. Well done. Can we take a field trip to the alley? 3 weeks! I'm so excited. Whatever shall I take??? We're arriving at 3pm Vancouver time on Friday. You're the first person I wanna see, Ms. Melanie. wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, by the way, we've been practicing with Vancouver weather here in Chicago. For the past 2 weeks it's been in the 60s!?? Unheard of. and raining nearly every day too.

  6. I'll be arriving and checked in by 10:30 at the Blue Horizon (you'll know I'm arrived by the cloud of expletives streaming behind me). Wanna meet up early? Nothing's happening Friday until dinner and I'll have the whole day to kill/drink away. :)

    Love your expose of Sue! I did not recognize her!

  7. words...

    Truthfully, I can't type...I'm laughing too hard.


  8. I'll be spending Thurs night in Portland. I'm driving. I'll get there when I get there! Road Trip!!!!!
    See you soon!

  9. Sue is such a good sport! I think you should set up a mini photo studio in the alley for the blogger meetup so that all the dames can show off their inner B*tch!! Just think of the ad campaigns ;)

    I wish I could be there to hang out with you, but will have to send my best wishes for a frackin' fabulous time! The photos will make me insanely jealous, but I'm looking forward to them anyway!

  10. you girls made my day!!! wonderful nonsense!!!
    i wish a could come to the meetup - but vancouver is to far away from eastern germany. and not only in kilometers....
    cant wait for pics from the event! xxxxxx

  11. Sue as she had never been seen before, great shots, so much fun. Will check out all the no doubt uproarious fun from afar. Look forward to your photo gallery.

  12. Very funny post. I laughed a lot. Which I do with your posts nearly always. There will be a lot of photographs-taking at the blogger meet-up. I know, I was with Suzanne, Sylvia and Anja last August. Cameras working all day. Bloggers eh?
    Sue has been a very good sport. I bet she liked showing a totally different side of her. Even if that is not a real side.
    Looking forward to it. Have not decided what to pack yet. I am waiting to be closer to the date so the weather is a little more predictable.
    For work, it is the worst time to leave. I am in the middle of so many executing jobs and all my colleagues are on holiday. My boss regrets having said yes to my Vancouver days off. But I have the ticket and I am coming.
    PS like Suzanne I can swear like a dock worker (that is our expression). Also in English. No problem. But ai don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so I will refrain from that.

  13. You guys are gonna have such fun! I'll make a point of watching the news (which I normally never do). I'm sure we'll be hearing all about it, even here in Alberta! ;)

  14. That photo sessiom must have been a blast...I can feel energy all the way here, lying on my sofa and waiting for the rissotto to be finished.

    It was fun seeing the other side of Sue...and I too can swear if the need arises!

    That bloggers meet up sounds awesome, do share how it went.

  15. maybe when I live closer. Not this summer.

  16. Fantastic post!!! How wonderful to know that the beautiful and talented Sue has several sides to her personality. What a way to get to know one another.

    The blogger meet-up sounds like pure fun! I will have to live vicariously through all of you and can't wait to see the posts. Who knew that blogging would bring so many life affirming connections!

  17. I can only be with you in spirit, sadly. But I look forward to your expert coverage of the event. If at all possible, please create a commemorative signature cocktail.

  18. Ha, I knew Sue had a dark side. She's got English blood, from the same part of the world as me, and we swear like navvies! Love these pics, what a good laugh. Your Vancouver meet-up is huuuuge! So many bloggers, you will make SO much noise, take SO many photos, and have SO much fun! xxx

  19. hahaha ! I love your post , the model is great and your imagination ... amazing ! I am an absolute fan!

  20. Godzilla-In-A-Tutu!!! Love it, Melanie.

    I'll be there! Can't wait to meet everyone and trying not to feel intimidated by all you lovely ladies. Since I live here in Vancouver and can't afford to stay in the hotel I'll sadly be missing out on those shenanigans. But we'll see what mischief we can get up to on Granville Island!

  21. Is Sue to blame for all that smoke in the sky then? I thought so! Mizz Baggs is a riot and Sue such a rock star. My skills here, are limited to the swearing bit. Dressing wildly-nope. Posing for photo shoots-nope. Rock star lifestyle-nope again. Drinking red wine, pontificating and cussing-that I can do. Hopefully with nachos. I'm looking forward to the trip and wondering which rags from my closet I should pack. xo

  22. Sue shows how to be adorable and rockstar cool simultaneously!
    Blogger meetup #%>~|\\|>€*<#%%%£€!!!!! Bleep! Bleep!
    If I see another bleeping post about it I swear I will swear! Insanely jealous! Bloggers...meetup...Vancouver :-(
    Remember all your absent friends in lands and budgets far away...Wah! xo Jazzy Jack

  23. ohhh, I would travel to Canada just to join this event!, pyjama parties included!! and meeting fabulous bloggers and Miz Bagg!!!, rock stars are not as shiny as she's!!!
    besos & fabulousness

  24. last time I forgot to comment on how much I love your illustrations...I really do<3

  25. Oh my gawd, that looks like so much fun! How I wish I had a blogger buddy to muck around with like that. I hope you had cocktails after, none of that healthy OJ crap.
    I hope y'all have an OTT, colourful meet up with crazy dresses, lots of duck faced selfies and hella outrageous shoes. And post tonnes of pictures; PLEASE!

  26. This gave me a hearty chuckle. I bestow many blessings upon you, Miz Bagg and Sue for doing so. I'm so darn jealous about all you fabulous lassies meeting up as I just know it's going to be riotous fun. Oh well, I shall have to enjoy it vicariously through all the blog posts that no doubt will be written.


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