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Sunday 20 March 2016

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and pyjamas with a tie

punky grey hair, pyjama top with a tie, not giving a feck, Bag and a Beret

My silk Donna Karan pyjama top, low-rise trousers, big fat '70s Pierre Cardin tie. On top I wore my burgundy faux fur maxi coat. Here's the feedback I got from strangers: "Kick a hole in the sky!" "Annie Lennox" "Diane Keaton" "Yalie" "Katherine Hepburn". Hahaha! And I was already in a stellar mood - I mean, who doesn't like to wear pyjamas with a tie to coffee? 

punky grey hair, pyjama top with a tie, not giving a feck, Mel Kobayashi

I probably paid less than $40 for the whole outfit, minus the coat, but I felt like a million bucks, no, 10 million with inflation. Even the marble-sized dollop of hair paste was worth its weight in gold. 

And (almost) breaking news, a Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show update:


She clutched her skirt 
and ran
and ran 
across the snow,
ready to fly -
and she did.
On the wings of the
Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show

- No. 28 -
Beate Grigutsch
Go ! Go Now !!

Number 28?! How did that happen? We just saw Sacramento at Mis Papelicos. Beate wanted snow for her shoot and the day she received the Skirt she got it. So if you weren't a believer in the magic before, are you now?! Hahaha. 
Thanks, Beate, for joining the show. So happy to have your energy in the Skirt now. Link to her blog post above. The whole gallery is HERE.

And back to my style journal...

punky grey hair, Calvin Klein dress, Mel Kobayashi

My toe continues to persnick so these runners are a frequent go-to shoe. I wore this lovely linen Calvin Klein dress for a meetup today (Sat) - you'll find out with whom soon enough. I love the long cuffs, the way the collar stands up, and the attached narrow fabric belt that wraps around and around; plus, it feels chic and expensive. This was purchased a couple of years ago at a Value Village free-for-all with Sandra (her IG is here).

punky grey hair, Calvin Klein dress, Melanie Kobayashi

I ran into a friend in the coffee shop when I went casual a few days ago, below, hair down. He thought I looked like a teenage boy. Yay. For bundling, I wore my maxi denim coat with faux fur trim and a beret, which added a feminine snap.

I got those divine brown velvet pants from Anna of Anna's Island Style, along with a few other goodies. These pants are now favourites, so soft and dreamy. Thank you, Anna!

tomboy style, punky grey hair, Mel Kobayashi

And the last photo, just so you know I haven't gone all conservative/monochrome on you. Well, I'm still kind of monochrome here, but you know what I mean, right? Hahaha.

I'm trying to keep up with blogging with mixed results. For now, I'll link up to:
Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style and
Catherine at #iwillwearwhatilike, Not Dressed as Lamb.

punky grey hair, not giving a feck, Bag and a Beret

That's all. Make sure you go see Beate if you haven't already!! Connie of snow in the air is looking like a Hot Harridan in her latest post. And Forest City Fashionista flashes some skin, here. There's so much misbehaving going on! Hurrah.


  1. OK, I am in love with you in a sisterly way, it's offocial. and I just have to get into that skirt! can it come back to NZ? I would wear it on stage and tell the whole audience the story of the skirt. That would be amazing. Can I? xo

  2. Bloody wonderful so you are!! Loving that first outfit so much you look so chic and no wonder you feel like a million dollars. That dress is a beauty too.xx

  3. wouu, if that's monochrome, then it's a monochrome fabulousness!, 'cause I'm loving all those stuff, your pijama & tie ensemble looks funky, and you're rocking that dress & sneakers combo!, looking cool and elegant!
    Obviously, yellow skirt show is a favorite and it's becoming difficult to imagine more fabulousness!

  4. Freaking brilliant - the silk pajama top and tie! And all the others too. I adore a dress with sneakers. And Beata = awesome. The Skirt lives on and flourishes. xox


  5. What you need is your own personal camera (maybe on your head?) to capture one of your walks and all the reactions you get from people. I'd watch that! Heck if I lived there I'd be your producer.

    Of course all your looks are so creative.

    I like your duck lips with the "stopping for a squat" look in the last image.

    The yellow skirt in the snow was very pretty. Beata did a great job, although the poor fox looked like he had seen better days.

    You must get the skirt on stage. That would be so cool.


    1. suzanne - the fox had better days - in the costume department of the opera in berlin - but after 50 years of duty on stage one gets a bit rugged :-)
      so now he has his florida in my drawer....

  6. i´m in love with the first look!!!!!
    thank you for the promotion! :-)))

  7. Dear Melanie, the pyjama- tie Outfit is amazing. I love it.
    When I wear a grazy outfit in our town, nobody say everything to me. ;)
    Beate is an amazing snowangel with yellow skirt.
    I really join the yellow skirt freak show :))
    Have a good day, Tina

  8. All brilliant outfits! Very Katherine Hepburn - the white PJ top, tie and trousers.

    Extremely elegant denim dress which fits you perfectly and shows of your svelte figure.

    I loved the pattern mixing on the last outfit too - checks and giant houndstooth and the splash of orange on the big scarf. The velvet trousers are lovely on you; velvet is just so strokeable, isn't it? I always want to stroke it when I see it - no matter who's wearing it!



  9. Wooioooo, I love all these different looks. You are v versatile milady!! The pajamas shirt is fab!! I have several pairs of massive trousers tgat frequently get accused of being pjs so you make me happy!! Teenage boy is a great compliment. After all the androgynous look of young boy was the look of the '20's!!! Xx

  10. Dressing like a boy, dressing like a girl, dressing up, dressing casual - no matter what, you always have your own spin. Sensational as ever Melanie; sexy, prim, cute, you're a true maverick. My favourite this time is these check trews with the houndstooth sweater, sublime styling with that scarf x
    Anna's Island Style

  11. Look at you - vertical hair, then 1950s school boy, all monochrome chic, then pow, checks and houndstooth, oh my! Looking mighty fine, Mel!
    PS. Beate in the TYS in the snow? Sublime! xxx

  12. Those velvet TROUSERS!!!! How cool are they? That could be my favourite photo of you ever, relaxed, natural and goddamned gorgeous.
    Monochrome looks but never conservative on you, luv.
    Beate looked sublime. She almost made me want to go and frolic in the snow. xxx

  13. Oh, yes, send the skirt to MrsC so she can do a performance! But she has to record it and put it on YouTube. And yes, you should wear a headcam and record reactions on the street and put them on YouTube! This is all so exciting, I'm almost tempted to get out of bed and do something constructive now.

  14. PS - You look fabulous, as always, dahling!

  15. I think you look like.....MELANIE!!!! The one and only! Which toe is giving you a hard time? Probably that feisty little Bieber, eh? I am getting urban elf from the middle look. Hey, thanks for the shoutout. We harridans stick together. Yaaaaas!!!

  16. Wow, you look amazing - you are just a gorgeous piece of work, you are. The boy-hair is wonderful (that's what mine does too, when I'm not shellacking it with a can of hairspray and a gob of paste).

  17. In reply to Suzanne, how about we strap a little GoPro onto this amazing woman for a day? It would go viral within minutes, right? So are you game, Melanie? If so let's plan a get together, haha. As for that first outfit, yes it's a million dollar winnner������. But I'm also a sucker when it comes to a LBD with sneakers and let's not leave out the extremely fun pattern mixing with that fabulous scarf, oh did I say Fabulous!!!

  18. Pierre Cardin! Polka dot! Tie! No wonder you feel like multimillion bucks! :) Love all the monochrome outfits, and the last one is a feast of print mixing and color! Beate's magical abilities are as fascinating as her style is, I just loved the snowy-furry-bare-shouldery photo shoot.

  19. Just LOVING the punk hair - as well as the clothes!

  20. I just love the photo of Beate lying in the snow, arms outspread, wearing the skirt! She did a wonderful job of styling it.

    Look at you - equally awesome as boy or girl, hair up or down, Diane Keaton-esque or Calvin Klein, uber casual or plaid-tastic. Looooove you XO

  21. You are more David Bowie than usual. And of course I love it.

  22. You are the master of transformation , each one so different from the other, all simply wonderful.
    Beate and the skirt in the snow , just magic.

  23. Rats.. I lost my whole comment. And since I have a new iPad, it doesn't remember my account with which I comment. Have to phone Apple before I destroy this iPad in a furieus rage. I have a bit of a temper (understatement of the year when it comes to devices). So now in short as I have to wash my hair: trousers with PJ top, fabulous. Calvin Klein dres: fabulous. I woild wear it in summer, but you don't have such hang-ups. You are free.
    Persnick... couldn't find a translation. Found persnickity. I guess your toe is playing up. Not feeling nice. Question is why?
    Pid Beates's blog a visit and complimented her on the styling of the yellow skirt.

    1. Gee.. I could have checked my typing before I published this comment...:

  24. I know of which you speak! Trying to keep up with blogging with mixed results! But so happy that I arrived at your space in the universe, because it's always a delight. I adore all of your compositions, from monochromatic to pattern mix! You've inspired me to get that men's suit that I used to wear out of the garage. Now off to Beate's site! xoxo

  25. Slouchy tee over long sleeve tee with tight pants - I seriously used to dress just like that when I was in high school (graduated 2003). Kurt Cobain was my fashion idol. The pajama top works! It just works!! Love it!

  26. Gawd, your simply amphibious! You look enviable in everything!
    Don't you just love that yellow skirt freak show?? Well, of course you do dahling.

  27. Oh that Katherine Hepburn/Gatsby thang - delicious and luxe ... and kitten, is that Blue Steel in the last photo? If so - MAGNIFICENT! The brown velvet trousers are forever.
    Your Avid Fan,
    Elaine Monkeypaints

  28. I love all these different looks, but the pyjama with tie is brilliant.

    I can't wait to see the travelling skirt in its new, temporary home :)


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