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Monday 30 January 2017

Mega orange culottes at the beach and burbs

An unspeakably idyllic afternoon, a vision straight from Barbie's Glam Camper. Here we have an immaculate lawn under a twirling eyeball sky, plus hot dogs, beer, and kiddie toys, all of which suggest a high-end, above-ground pool and split level home just beyond the frame. That's some jumbo dog! Pile on the onions and relish!!

What brought on this suburban wonderland, you may ask. It's my holy Hanna, rock 'em sock 'em citrus, swirlorama palazzo-panted playsuit. Yeeah. I don't even like beer, let alone yard maintenance, roof repairs, and sump pumps. But I'm no wuss either - give me a plunger and I'll show you who's boss. Shudder! 

The orange of this garment is much more neon than I could possibly replicate in these photos. If it were summer and I had in fact been chug-a-lugging all day, it's possible I would have worn this without a shirt or modesty flap in the ring. Or not. 
I picked up this little number from My Sister's Closet eco thrift boutique a few months ago. The manager pointed it out to me after I passed it by on the $5 rack. Close call!

The garment had a jigsaw of little rips and stains but nothing that a determined fashionista couldn't put to rights. Traces of a booted footprint along the rear hem stubbornly remain, but who's to know with all the other distractions of this piece?

The below photo is called The Game, as suggested to me by my partner O when he saw it. Yes. We're all having a FUN TIME TONIGHT, boys and girls! YAY!

In other news, a telemarketer for newspaper subscriptions called and I accidentally picked up. She asked if Mr or Ms (my name) was home. I said, "Sorry, you have the wrong number" - I'm tired of telemarketers, okay? Then she said, "Is your mum or dad home, or some other decision-maker?" Heh.

Later that day, I ran into an acquaintance who had seen a story in a Canadian newspaper about style for women over 65. At first she thought I was the featured style consultant. Later I searched online papers for the article. The closest thing I could find was a piece on: Nancy Reagan's style! I must admit, there are a few David Lynchian similarities. Here.

Zero to 60 in a day: Child. Nancy Reagan. Just when I think I have it all figured out... Hahaha!!


I'll link this up to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. I have a more sober photo of this on my Instagram if you're interested. Here.


  1. Your images are amazing!! As are the culottes - you can really rock these bright colors!


  2. wowwww, suburban wonderland!! and orange fabulousness!! You Rock!!!
    I love those orange culottes, that's the kind of piece which cheers up any day!

  3. That hot dog! Now we're talking David Lynch. You look fantabulous as always. Please tell me there is not a N. Reagan trend lurking around the corner. xox


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Amazing culotte pant suit - you look gorgeous and I love the backdrops! Nancy Reagan eh? I have no memory of her being anything like a style icon but rather frumpy - maybe my memory is playing tricks on me - it does that when you're 60+ you know!


  6. I reckon you have your own fairy godmother who just swishes along ahead of you waving her magic wand to conjure up these awesome finds. However you pull it off, this culotte suit is blooming lovely and you look fabulous x

  7. This orange playsuit is fantastic. Although not nearly as treasured as your facial expressions and your writing. As always. xo

  8. Ah, the "Proof that they are culottes" pose! A must, every time you wear them! These are fabulously Cheeto-like, in a glowing Kraft Dinner-like splendour. That is so funny about the call, followed by "you" blogging about Nancy. I never liked her style. You, on the other hand? I could write a book!

  9. You and the orange playsuit just made for each other.Played as only you can.

  10. Love this. Thanks for sharing: "She turned 60 just after moving into the White House. She was an older woman who did not succumb to the idea that she had aged out of the fashion system. She was deeply engaged and enthralled. She was proudly, defiantly vain at a time — even more than now — when all corners of popular culture declared that women her age didn’t or shouldn’t care about how they looked.

    The subtext of this notion of the vanity-free senior citizen is one of surrender: A woman stops thinking about how she is seen because she knows that she is no longer seen at all."

  11. What a scream that tele marketeer. Did you put on your child voice and replied: "No I am so sorry, but daddy is doing mummy upstairs" Or something similar vulgair haha. Showing my true tacky self here, aren't I?
    It is a great
    Iece of clothing, totally you. But too chic to be handling a plunger in, no matter how good you are.
    The sad pool photo makes me sad too. Please keep on smiling.

  12. Telemarkers always think I'm a kid, but that doesn't get me off the hook though. They only call back later. The only way to get rid of them is to explain you're not interesting in whatever they're selling- be firm, but polite. My sister in law has worked as one for years, so I always try to be as polite as possible- they're people too.

    You look fabulous in that jumpsuit... those orange culottes are so gorgeous! Orange is one of my happy colours:).

  13. I'm so glad they thought you were a kid!! Well played - in all senses of the word!
    I love the collages you created, and like you, I don't like beer or yard maintenance, but I do like your orange find - so glad it found you in the store!! :)

  14. Good thing the manager steered you towards that bit of orange crush, as no one but you could wear it with such panache. I really like "The Game" photo - there's a story there waiting to be written. I agree with Sheila about the obligatory "Proof you're wearing pants" photo. I've done a couple of those myself.

  15. Oh my you look good in ORANGE!! I look forward to the update on the worlds most famous skirt.

  16. Melanie, I LOVE this ... so Bowie-esque! And I wanted to say congratulations on your Pop Sugar feature. Woman, that is major! I'm so proud of you and all us over 50 & fabulous broads!

    Dawn Lucy

  17. This is so 1980's bubble gummy punk surrealism. Yaaaasss. It's true. I have crawled out of my cave and any day now, after a megameal of macaroni and cheese and beer, I shall return to the wilds of blogdom. Meanwhile you are keeping me inspired. Orange rules.


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