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Sunday 24 September 2017

High-low hair, clothes to greet autumn, and big thanks

Excellent - time for another blog post, the best procrastination around! Especially when I fiddle faddle with my photos. Like this:

Autumn is officially here in this hemisphere. And I know that elsewhere, you're breathing a huge sigh of relief now that you've hit summer weather. 

I'm particularly happy to see this autumn, having not been blown up by men with big toys. Aren't you? (Oops, did I just write that?)

If you've been wanting to wear something outrageous and been too afraid, now is the time to put it on and fill yourself and the world with positive energy.

Below, a close-up. Except for this fabulous hand-made scarf by Sevya, which Sherry of Petite Over 40 gave me, these are all things you've seen before, worn in a different combination.

The coat laces up the back corset-style and dips low. Plum, purple, eggplant, aubergine. What's not to love? And that's an old striped dress/tunic and my Rip Curl pants from My Sister's Closet, where I find so many of my treasures. Finally, my magic loupe by O.

Really, the whole thing is so over-the-top that your eye starts to see it as neutral, don't you think? I definitely walk with mega-'tude when I wear this. And I swung around my toolbox hand bag from O, not shown here, like I was somewhere far more glamourous than on my way to the supermarket in search of frozen corn.

For example, in this outfit I imagine hunching over a huge glass desk in the loft of my converted monastery, writing psychedelic poetry or a pop opera called, say, Menopausoff, with a quill pen, with a purring black cat on my lap, my manuscript illuminated by a battery- or solar-powered candle. Modern concessions. Lots of treats are on hand as well, for me and kitty.


The photo below was taken by the very talented Vancouver Barbara when we went to the Rennie Collection in Chinatown for a tour of Bob Rennie's works by Ian Wallace, a renowned local photo/conceptual artist, a genre Vancouver is famous for. It's exactly the kind of intellectual art that constipated me for several decades after I studied it.

There was a faded candid Polaroid of the artist sleeping called Artist at Work. "Genius," everyone enthuses. "$$$!" the artist enthuses. Hahaha. Of course, it's the historical context of its invention that makes his work endure, as is the case with much art. [Edit: And the artist's continuing development of and passion for the work.]

And, yeah, good on him for making a self-admitted throwaway a collectors' item. How can I do that? Anyone interested in my old sweatsocks? If I call it art, will it be so? 

Uh-oh, I need my journal for some Kitty/Turnip Head sketching to cleanse myself of such thoughts. But I enjoyed revisiting my past and debriefing at The Sylvia with Barbara after the tour.

[Edit: I attended a talk by Ian Wallace at the gallery on Oct 4 and I'm so glad I did. It was wonderful seeing the passion he has for his work. Beauty in all its forms was a phrase that kept coming to mind.]

Note the short hair? Haircut by O. He's so good at it! 

Barbara's direction to me at the gallery was, go sit on the those stairs and look sad. I did, and a couple more looked really, really sad, yes, tragic even. And we of course burst out laughing between shots, oh so unladylike!

And what's that on my legs? Beige?!! I was readying my black tux pants when suddenly I thought, gaaa, too much black, and grabbed these: Missoni, perfect fit, knit, with cuffs, also from My Sister's Closet. They were perfect with this brown Pierre Cardin tie, Windsor-knotted, and my velvet blazer.
My first run-in with these pants was HERE, a post called "Clothes the Colour of Porridge."
My hair looks really short up there, right? But below is that same short cut styled into peaks. Who would have guessed? O cut it so I could wear it both pixie and foppish. I love being able to play with these divergent looks.

In other news - 

Sherry interviewed O by email and wrote an amazing post on his art and magic loupe, HERE. Her writing is truly professional and expresses his views so well. Her generous support of his art is amazing. And she's got fantastic style. I LOVE that red lipstick!

And another huge hug is in order for Sylvia of 40+ Style, who put up an Instagram post on the stainless steel/synthetic ruby ring she bought from O.  Thank you so much for including it in a movie clip on your Instagram, below.

If you want a loupe or ring like these, head over to O's Etsy shop, OSK Micro-art Studio.

I'll link up with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style (with her cast off!), and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. I'll bring the drinks. Patti will sing.

And that's it for another week. Stay clean. Stay fed and watered. Stay happily clothed whenever possible. And most of all, stay positive. I'm doing my best here.


  1. Amazing how so many patterns can be conceived as neutral, but it totally works! I am stunned by the convertible pixie/puffcoif hair - O is now a celebrity hairdresser in addition to jewelry-smith extraordinaire. I am stubbornly resisting fall, but will give in soon. Fab, darling!

    1. I know that you're good at the patterns as neutral too. O is talented with scissors, definitely. As for fall, pulling out your next season clothing should help with the transition. I need a security blanket coat!

  2. The picture by Vancouver Barbara is so dramatic! It almost doesn't look like you, what with the sedate clothes and smoothed-down hair. The purple jacket is beautiful.
    Those big, immature boys are still at it. I will take your advice and wear something outrageous.

    1. GREAT! I hope you've been outrageous!
      That photo by Barbara, I really like it. It's calm, unlike myself. And the beige, no idea how those got on my legs! xo

  3. Oh so brilliant. I love the collage behind your outfit in the first pic, too. You aren't kidding about O being a talented hairstylist. And I love the way you changed up the look while wearing your glorious colorful gown. Thanks for linking up, you are fabulous, xoxd


    1. I was so happy that O could maintain the tower effect with such a short down look too. I have come to rely on your linkup parties, Patti. Always so good. xo

  4. Those beige pants must feel very awkward in your closet amongst all those patterns and textures.

    Look at you taking direction from Barbara!

    The hair looks great. Lucky you for having your own personal hair stylist at home.

    I agree that the more patterns you pile on the more they read as neutrals. It reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting.


    1. Those beige pants have a generally calming effect on the other clothes in my closet. Now they're all getting upset because they're about to be carted off to pod-land. Oooh, I like the Pollack reference. xo

  5. You're a master pattern mixer if there ever was one! I love how the stripes are repeated as well as that lovely purple colour. Truly a perfect fall outfit. How brilliant to have a private hairdresser who cleverly cuts your hair short, but still so long that you can have different styles. And both look great on you. As for the big boys - aren't they just very small people inside? Spoiled little brats!

    1. The stripes gripped my imagination and I like how the coat brings it all together. It was a very rushed decision. Thanks, Tine. xo

  6. You know, if we go down in a fiery flame brought on by two deranged old men, at least we'll look good doing it. Or something. (sigh) Cheerfully, your post is quite the cheerer in spite of feeling impending stupid doom. How can I think of nuclear bombs when your outfits all blow me away because THEY are THE BOMB! (Ya see what I did there? har har)

    Thank you for sharing my shout-out. I truly do hope the orders start pouring in for O's wearable artwork. My hubby took a look at his micro chess set and gasped in respect and wonder.

    Hugs for safety and happiness and cheer brought on by glorious colors inspired by your outfits. Even beige.

    - Sherry

    1. Yup, hahaha, at least we'll look good. Ya, I saw what you did there and laughed out loud.
      And again, you may get sick of hearing it, thank you for supporting O's work.

      Hugs back for all the good things! xox

  7. Oh my Melanie. Sometimes I'm just struck dumb by your creative thought process. Your words bring gales of laughter but also the raw edge of them is a scary truth when the laughing stops. I hope that makes some sense. You're one hell of a good escape for those of us who feel weary of a world more absurd than the one we had made some peace with.
    Your hair is gemius. Your camel pants look evokes school days, charming with a dark twist(the lack of even a smirk). The souped up rainbow skirt is thrilling. You are sunshine on the loose! Love, Jude

    1. Ha - rampaging sunshine?! As for the smirk, there were several takes required before I could wipe it all off. The gallery was so austere and intimidating that it didn't take long to look really, really sober.
      Escape artists are desperately needed now.
      Thanks for all, Jude. xox

  8. You're right, it DOES morph into a neutral. My favorite thing here though is that fuzzy blue jacket. It's awesome!

    1. Right? Eye fatigue/overload? But the coat really helps wrap it all up. The blue jacket is relatively new, from a downtown thrift shop. It IS awesome. xo

  9. Ah.. the first outfit is a little too much for me. You know that. Just a matter of personal taste. But I admit that on you it looks great. Love the purple jacket. The outfit looking sad is absolutely my taste. Well done with the porridge pants. Knitted trousers.. now that is something my figure would never allow. At least not when I want to look good. Your hair cut is amazing. Love it. That O is a man of many talents.
    The flower dress with the fluffy blue jacket is one hell of a statement dress. You don't say anything about it. Very nice os Shelley and Sylvia to give O's beautiful accessories a heads-up (is that the correct expression?
    Love you dear.

    1. Yes, I can completely understand your response to the first outfit. You could wear the porridge if you had a great top with it, but then, why force it? I am still not sure why I put on those pants. !!! Yes, O has hs own self-taught technique, so good.
      The dress I bought at My Sister's Closet for $5. Long-sleeved.
      O is so grateful for all the support he has received from this blogger community. Yes, heads-up is correct.
      Love you dear back. xox

  10. O is a real treasure. Not only does he make you Magic Loupe's but gives you toolbox bags AND cuts your hair! Astonishing - he's a keeper for sure!

    Loved the purple outfit - purple in all its shades is very positive. The beige trousers are cool and I love, love, love your multi coloured dress and up swept pixie hair. You look fabulous dahhling!

    I'm sending positivity your way...

    1. You said it, definitely a keeper! With a wicked sense of dry humour.
      And thanks for all your other kind words, dahling.
      I appreciate the positivity! xo

  11. You have all the emotions...looking sad, mad, and overthetop!
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. That's great - sounds a bit like Dr. Seuss. Perfect!

  12. Ok, you are tall,
    But still how do you contain all of that fabulousity in one darned body! Love the fiddle fiddled photo, I need to learn such artistic tricks, and the outfit- the creative mix is brilliant!
    Love the short hair that can go short to on end perfection!
    GLad O and his loupe are getting good vibes and press !

  13. so many fabulous photos to enjoy, even those with the sad face, particularly if we know that you were laughing after taking them! so much better!.
    Love all those 'Plum, purple, eggplant, aubergine' and all those prints and stripes and velvet and brocade. Love you walking with lots of attitude to the supermarket. Yeah, you rock!
    Love those contrasted hairstyles, the first one very masculine with those earthy- neutral colors (so unexpected to see you in beige, but it's cool!), and the second one so fabulously colorful and delightful!
    Glad that you share all those good vibes! staying positive and dressing up everyday could be hard sometimes, but at least, it changes your mood!

  14. I'd love to see the back of that magnificent coat - the corset lacing up - it's fabulous (and it has very wonderful sleeves too!). Flared pants, the mini underneath, the whole thing is very you. Just brilliant! I loved the baby blue and that gorgeous dress on instagram, love it even more now. And your "sad" look is perfect (love the hair). Again, a post full of colour, beauty, outrageousness and Melanie! xx

  15. Apparently I missed this one, although I can't imagine how, what with that magical mashup of prints. The first photo is my fave - I need to up my photoshop skills. Perhaps we could collaborate on "Menopausoff"?


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