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Tuesday 22 May 2018

Pinky tea with a parasol

Oh dear, I think it's time for pinky tea at the country estate again. It's on my mind on account of the Royal Wedding. Did you watch it? One of the major thoughts I had when flicking through footage the next day was, that woman, the now-Duchess of Sussex, will never have to vacuum again, which is a good thing because her new digs are ENORMOUS, a perfect venue for pinky teas.

I'm featuring my new parasol this week wearing three different outfits on different days. There is something elegant, almost regal, about a parasol. It works hard in tough conditions but always maintains its composure, whether it's with man-pyjamas, above in Outfit 1, or a Moschino suit, later. 

I call this black shirt-dress man-pyjamas because I found this piece at Talize thrift store in the men's nightwear section. (Never overlook other sections in the thrift store.) And of course I'm wearing my magic loupe that O made for me. You can buy one too at his Etsy store, OSK Micro-Art Studio

Outfit 2 below features everything upcycled: my Marni for H&M pants with added side stripes, from Vancouver high-end consignment store Mine and Yours, chest-cooler T-shirt, graphic vintage handbag, and scribbled-on sneakers. And my magic loupe.

I seldom wear hats on account of my tower hair, and my pores choke when I put on lotion, so this parasol is perfect: it maintains the do, protects my skin, and keeps me cool. A special coating on the fabric blocks 98% of UV rays.

I almost bought a paper parasol last summer thinking a parasol would meet my needs. Glad I didn't because Lily-Lark asked if I'd like one of their designs. Wow, yeaaah!

Finely crafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from bamboo and wood, with ultra-soft, durable fabric in divine arty patterns. It's lightweight and comes with its own carry case. See how it's made HERE.

It's like a mega-brimmed hat but better because I control the roll, pitch, and yaw with a flick of my wrist.

Below I'm standing next to Elizabeth Zvonar, an artist friend, with the parasol closed.

I'm also wearing very cool tights that Zohara "Art on Tights" sent me. They are super soft and opaque at 120 denier, just the way I like them. Vancouver can be cool in the spring and summer, so I'll get to wear these tights year-round. I have more pairs I'll show you later.

Lily-Lark parasols come in large and small. This is a small - I thought it would be perfect for navigating busy city sidewalks. It is.

The pattern and drama of the parasol inspired me to make a short video on a whim. That day, I was wearing Outfit 3, my Moschino plaid suit, which features men's ties on the jacket and skirt. I bought it last year at the West Vancouver United Church Flea Market on a tip from friend Yvonne.

With the suit I'm wearing my cat/dog sticking-out-its-tongue T-shirt tucked in. But you can see the eyes when I don't wear the jacket. I got it on a tip from friend Sandra.

All that parasoling, I'm tuckered out. It's an Olympic sport now, did you know?
Then it's nap time on the concrete steps. Aaaah.

Give a lady a little privacy, would ya!?!
So many uses.

And that's the carry bag you can wear over your shoulder, which I do. It's almost like a samurai sword. Almost. Always at the ready for solar emergencies.

You wouldn't believe all the conversations I have with interesting people when I carry this parasol. Several men have commented on the quality - I'm not making this up. I'd love to see men carrying parasols - that would make my day!

Note to Lily-Lark: how about some canopies with monster trucks and stems that look like steel rods? Our skin is important and some guys can't stand lotions either, let alone large-brimmed hats. Good luck with that, hahaha! But why not?

I didn't remove the tags right away because I was always getting asked the brand. Now I won't forget. This design is called Taco.

Before, on sunny days I'd have to skulk awkwardly from light standard to light standard, like Inspector Clouseau of the Pink Panther, very undercover. But now, porting my own shade, I can walk wherever I like - what a concept! It's very liberating to choose my own path.

I met another woman today who also has a parasol - her skin is sensitive to lotions too. Are sun parasols a new trend? Rather, the revival of an old trend? Would you carry one?

That's all for this week, friends. I'll link up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for her Visible Monday and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #iwillwearwhatilike.

Groove on!


  1. Fun looks! I missed out on the matching Marni top to those pants (which is why you haven't received it in the mail), by the way. I love that suit.

    I have a paper parasol, purchased in Chinatown years ago. I love it, but I hate that it is inconvenient to carry. A fabric one in a funky fabric would be awesome.

    I have a couple of pairs of Zohara tights and found they were pretty good. Not cheap!!

    Happy spring - enjoy all this glorious sunshine with your cool shade!

  2. Bring back the parasol! So handy for us who don't face the sun, and yours has a nifty carry-case. Brilliant. I have Zohara tights on right now - the black ones with cat faces on the front. You're making Vancouver a more beautiful city every time you step out, xox


  3. I love the idea of a parasol since I also hate lotions but in the end a hat wins out every time for me since I like to have my hands free for emergencies like squeezing fruit and whatnot. ; P

    Loved your little video again.


  4. Oh, yes please! I want one of these. I envision carrying it around on my back in the holder and then whip-zipping it out when the sun bores through Seattle clouds to create a hot zone on my neck. As you know living in Vancouver, that happens more often than we care to admit.

    It fascinates me to no end that most of the comments you get are coming from men. It makes so much sense for them to use a parasol--I don't know a straight man who actually uses sunscreen and those same men love gadgets. Isn't this kind of a gadget?

    I hope to see it in person soon, though the video was a delightful intro, as were all the outfit combos you created.


  5. I’ve just stumbled across your utterly gorgeous and delicious blog, and I can’t begin to tell you how much it has lifted my heart. I’ve always relished the joy of the thrift shop, and lost this part of myself in a recent intercontinental move. Thankyou for the reminder, from the bottom of my heart Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Love my parasol. Finally the sun is out in and so are my parasols- I have several to match my outfits. Check them out you’ll love them too. It’s a parasol revolution.

  7. woww, I would carry one of these beatiful parasols, (and have friends which would love them too!), I'm ready to embrace parasols as a new (old) trend!, I love particularly that they really protect you (98% of UV rays!) and how cool they look, even when folded in their samurái bag!
    You totally rock and your video is so fabulous! love it!

  8. I love your style. You look fabulous in great colorful pulled together in a vibrant way. Bravo for you. BTW, you are a treasure and inspiration for us older gals. Just found your blog and YouTube. Rock on gal!

  9. Indeed this parasol has a very beautiful and modern/arty design. Love it. You did a wonderful job showing us this new and old wonder. I bet it is indeed a conversation starter. Wo when you feel lonely, grab your Lily-Lark parasol and go into town. You won’t be lonely for long.
    Would I use it? No I wouldn’t as I love a tan. So much that I will probably die of skin cancer. We all take risks and choose our own.

  10. What a chic and unusual way to keep the sun from burning your beautiful skin. That parasol is awesome, i adore the print. It is a fabulous post assessory too. It looks amazing with your suit and also with those fabulous Marni pants. You are rocking this look. Looking regal, in fact !
    I would love to use this as an alternative to sunscreen. But in Manhattan I would worry about poking the eyes out of strangers. That would not go over well. Umbrellas are scary enough.

  11. That's just perfect. I do not think there is any accessory that could be cooler than a for real parasol for the summer. Plus it looks like you're carrying a bow and arrow on your back! wow! Looking for adventure...(what's the rest of that song?)

  12. I looove. I already use small umbrellas as shade, and occasionally a chinese parasol. These are gorgeous and the carrying bag is such a great idea.

  13. I am totally ready to embrace a parasol,(I hate wearing sunblock on my face) and if it comes with a carry bag, all the better. What a lovely thing to promote - practical, and so pretty (and an excellent prop if needed).

  14. I love the parasols but can't imagine juggling a bag, or two, and a parasol. And I wish I was more of a lady who lunches and wears breezy, floral dresses and flirts from under get the picture. But they are a great alternative to hats and yucky sunscreen on the face!

  15. I love a parasol, they're so much prettier than a greasy face and you can poke someone in the eye with it if they annoy you, always a winner! xxx

  16. Ahh that's one cute look! That parasol is awesome, I love your style.
    Have a lovely day :)
    twitter @tuestilo_moda

  17. This has to be a new trend my dear, with you leading the way of course. I bet Suzanne will be sporting one too soon, due to her sensitive skin. Those fancy pants from H&M are awesome, as are you in them!

    Anna x


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