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Monday 18 June 2018

I'm still HERE!

They came. We saw. We conquered.

Who? Suzanne, Sue, Sherry, Patti, and me.
Where? Vancouver, BC.
When? June 1 to 3.

And conquered what exactly? Limitations, I suppose.

It was a rare weekend of connection, a time to join with like-minded women, all of us eager to lift ourselves above the quotidian, to dream big, dig deep, reach high.

Of course there was good food, great shopping, laughter - lots and lots of laughter - but I think it was the talking, really getting to the heart of things that matter to each of us, that will stay with me most. I can definitely say that the feeling of empowerment I got from the weekend has come in handy in the days since then.

This is a rather sober summing-up so far, so I have included the following arty video I put together with clips from our time together.

We have photos, photos, and photos! And instead of duplicating them here, pop over to Suzanne's blog where she has done two stellar wrap-up posts: Strike a Pose Blogger Style - Blogger Meet Up 2018 and Breakfast at Tiffany's Prom Do Over. [Edit: Sherry of Petite Over 40 also made a stellar post, HERE, "Blogger Meet-Up Proves Vancouver's Got Talent." You have to check out the video she made too!]

It wasn't until after our meetup that I realized we had played like champion 12-year-olds. Vamp in alleys? Sure. Mock wedding in Talize thrift store in Delta? Why not? Recreate prom and Breakfast at Tiffany in the streets and fancy hotel lobbies? Yep. March together in purple sequin band uniforms at House of Vintage thrift store? Oh, definitely. Sigh.

I like to think that if I had had a daughter, she would have said, "Whoa, Mum, can you organize my next pyjama party?" Hahaha.

So all this happened in early June.

Below are some outfits I have worn since then.

The above vest-y jacket is from Suzanne.

What else?

On April 27, I was in the Irish Examiner newspaper, which I forgot to mention before. The article, "Over 50s slaying it on Instagram," is HERE. I love the photo they used. Heh.

I had a post all planned out long before this one but then that GDPR thing hit the web. The penalties for non-compliance are formidable: 1) Up to €10 million or 2% annual global turnover – whichever is higher. Okay, I can only dream that 2% of my annual global turnover is more than €10 million. The whole exercise made me feel irrelevant. And oh so tired. So I ended up taking an unplanned blogger holiday. Plus I needed a break anyway.

I'm more rested now. But about GDPR, I have a privacy policy almost ready. But please know that if you want to unsubscribe to my email posts, just click the link at the bottom of the email from Bag and a Beret.

One last thing. I was interviewed by Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me a couple of days ago. We did four little episodes. The first two are open.

Fashion After 50 *SHOCKER*! Should We Borrow From Men's Style?

It was fun. It was a lot of work too because I like show-and-tell style, but, as usual, I wasn't organized enough to show you 70 percent of what I had ready. Hahaha.

That's it for now. Big hugs to all of you. If you have come back to read this, thank you! And thanks for your patience.

I'll link up to Patti at Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for #iwillwearwhatilike.


  1. It's beyond wonderful to "see" you again, Mel. Great write-up in the Irish Examiner and lovely vids with Margaret. Yes, we conquered limitations, and what's better than that? Well that, and an almond cream filled croissant. xox


  2. LOVED your videos! Your energy and spirit really shine through. Awesome job!

    That articles was wonderful too. really was such a grand time.

    Love your rainbow outfit and of course seeing you wearing the coat I chose for you. I knew it was meant for you the moment I spotted it.


  3. The video you put together of the meet-up just rly cheered me up for a minute----so adorable. Love it <3

  4. Ha! I love the little video of you all carousing about. I recognize the Bloo hotel! Looks like you had a blast! I enjoyed the Examiner article (although, jeez, spelling, people), and will check out the longer videos later (but I see you are wearing the black sheer windowpane dress from My Sister's Closet!).

    You're just too much fabulousness, Mel!

  5. I loved your interviews!! You are so natural in front of the camera - it is such a special gift! You are both real and unreal at the same time - so unique!!! Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements, and continue having fun with everything that you do!!! Lots of love!

  6. Oh wait! I missed one of your 60 and Me videos! I must check it out.

    But first! Indeed, we played like champion 12-year-olds. I personally needed that to revitalize some lagging creative energy. Thank you for making such a kick-booty video. It takes me right back to that space. Plus, it makes me miss all of you all over again. ::good sigh::

    As always, your outfits knock my toenail polish off. I still can't get over how well that jacket Suzanne brought fits both style and body. But then, it's Suzanne so I'm silly to even wonder. She's a genius thrifter and has incredible fashion karma. :)

    Now I'm off to catch up on the other video you did with Margaret. You already know I how much I loved the first one, but just in case you forgot: You rocked it, lady! It made me want to get a hat, some sunglasses, and a gondola.


  7. I can only Imagine the fun you all had! I think you all felt like teenage girls right! Spontanius!

  8. Great to see the video of you Canadian and USA bloggers. Read Suzanne’s first blogpost about your get-together. I am heading over to read the next one. Loved the brides video. Hilarious.
    As for all your exposure... you are truly unique and appealing to people. How does that feel?

  9. Major kudos to you for the Irish Examiner article - I loved that they called you the "Madonna of striking a pose". Bravo my friend! After watching the mini video of the blogger get-together, I feel like I experienced a bit of the fun you had. I haven't watched your latest Sixty and Me videos but I'm looking forward to them. Maybe I'm daft, but what GDPR thing are you referring to??

  10. Hello Darling
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  11. You are, as always, a happy festival of colors and patterns. Yes this visit seemed like so much fun. There is nothing more satisfying than the combination of friendship, laughter, and shopping. I adored the re-creation of breakfast at Tiffany’s and also would love for you to arrange my next pajama party. Loved your interview, well done!

  12. It's so fabulous that you guys act like 12 year olds when you get together. Life would be too boring to act our age, right??
    And your enthusiasm in those videos is so uplifting....and that smile!! It's just gorgeous!!

  13. There is something wonderful about being able to successfully recapture our 12 year old selves! The joy radiating from your faces in the videos and photos posted on each of your recent posts tells the story of blogger bliss!! I'm guessing that the quality of those late night conversations had the same kind of meaningful, bonding intensity. You'll all have meet-up memories to savor for a long time.
    I love your colorful celestial(?) kimono and I'm saving thhe interviews to enjoy later. Love, Jude

  14. I've been seeing you on Instagram so hadn't realised that you were AWOL. Good for you! We all need to reclaim our real lives from time to time. Oh how I long to join in one of your bloggers meet ups - one day ...
    Off to watch those videos now. Am already all warm and fuzzy inside just at the thought of them!
    Anna x

  15. I just watched your recent videos with Margaret and was riveted to you and your words. Your authenticity and enthusiasm are delightful Melanie. I appreciate being able to hear you speak and enjoy spending time with you. Hats off (or on) to dearest Margaret for her wisdom in doing multiple interviews with you. I hope for more interviews soon! Love, Jude


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