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Wednesday 27 June 2018

Safety wear for the stylish woman

We were walking in tandem, me on one side of the fence, the construction guy on the other. He looked over and said, "That could be a safety vest."

I replied, "Yes, it is!"

Well, technically it's a life jacket so I get double the protection of a mere vest.

This paillette jacket protects me from psychic debris. Whew. There is so much of it around!

With my construction gear I'm wearing my rockstar pants, which are thrifted low-riders that I upcycled with Sharpie markers and acrylic paint, featured several times on Bag'n'B. They were noticed by Paul Stanley of the band KISS the first time I wore them. I was in a shoe store and oblivious to his presence, but my friend Sandra of standard.deviations clued me in later. I'm bummed that I didn't get the chance to ask him for pointers on how to wear platform boots with aplomb and his favourite makeup remover. I love that guy!

And I'm wearing my upcycled T-shirt, "I am my own brand," which I would change to "I am NOT a brand" if I were to do it again. Those are my super-duper discounted Topshop platform sandals.

Below I'm raising my arms to the universe. I was in the concrete studio but I digitally edited myself into a photo I took of the beach the other day.

Schlep schlep schelp schelp seems to be the little cartoon sound of my feet as they release from the hard reality suction of the concrete sidewalk. Each step schlep. How tiresome. This is also why safety gear is a top priority. One must never get sucked in by hardness!

Other protective construction pieces I wore recently.

That outfit features a vintage dress with a tulip hem. It's a fairly substantial brocade fabric, fully lined, too big and heavy for a dress, so I snipped it up the front and turned it into a coat. The sparkly owl pendant is from Patti of Not Dead Yet Style.

And I almost always go out with one of my parasols from Lily-Lark.

Below are my "safety" glasses, which I got from Vint & York in New York. They make me feel like a psychiatrist with panache and a love of the arts. Don't ask me why. Sandra, standard.deviations, thrifted that Maison Martin Margiela for H&M wool darted jacket. Sweeeet. Ever grateful to her.

And of course, I also wore this:

And then when I get home I unwind with Kitty.

Those are the highlights of my week, my friends. Remember: Always suit up. Always protect yourself from those harmful rays of negativity.

I'm linking up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for #iwillwearwhatilike.

What do you use for safety gear?!


  1. love your safety jacket, life would be safer with more big pailletes! lots of visibility! and your rockstar pants Rock!! actually You Rock in them!
    Lovely mixed prints and fabulous revamped coat (great idea!), and also love your glasses and your attitude wearing that cool jacket!!
    And you look so fabulous in your neon trench! and unwinding with Kittie looks like a fav activity!, on that sofá!

  2. That jacket is a reflective miracle. You are an alternative source of energy when you wear it.

    I love how these outfits show your dichotomy of styles.


  3. Safety is always paramount. As one who has experienced the paillets firsthand, they are definitely making a statement: GET OUT OF MY WAY. Love the pants, love the shoes, love that you cut up a dress to make a fabularse coat, love your androgynous look! You are the mixmaster (mixmistress?) of all things fashionable and creative!

  4. Reading through your post, Mel, my first thought was, "I want those jeans!" They are so sunny and happy and abstract and COOL. No wonder Paul Stanley noticed them.

    And speaking of Paul Stanley, there were two moments in this post when I was sipping coffee all ladylike only to nearly have it come spewing out of my nose. The Paul Stanley makeup remover comment was one. The other was how your glasses make you feel like a psychiatrist with panache and a love of the arts. You do look like that!

    Ah, Mel. I hope you know by now how I adore all the outfits you put together. All the patterns, the pieces, the owl necklace from Patti. You're the coolest chic.


  5. You've inspired me to attempt the farking of a pair of jeans and maybe more!!
    You seem exceptionally unencumbered by any style rules. Your artistry shows humor, vulnerability, and a rebellious empowerment that is all at once loveable. There's always more of course, and only you can define your being and potential.

    You're an inspirational person Mel just because you are undaunted in being true to you yet continuing to explore for some aspect of your evolving self or something of yourself that you may have missed. That inspires more courage and more resilience in this follower and who'd have thunk that fashion blogging could be all that?

    Something about that ydllow outfit pulled my heart strings!! SO good!!!
    Thank you for all of it Melanie. Love, Jude

  6. I absolutely love the customised trousers! And how cool that you bumped into Paul Stanley! Genius idea of turning the dress into a coat!

    Emma xxx

  7. I thought I had commented on this post, but as I don't see one from me, I guess I only did it in my head. I love all of this stuff - the colours, the shiny things, the masculine things and the twirly things. If you could bottle a bit of your extreme style-tude and send it to me, I would be sooo grateful ;)

  8. Like Suzanne I am swept away by the plethora of styles you embody. Fancy having a discussion with a construction worker that doesn't involve wolf whistles! Stereotypical I know.
    Those painted pants are the bees knees. You should put some bees on your knees.
    Ok I'll be over here in my flight of fancy!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Blues, yellow, fabulous platform and paillettes...rock star styling, and a brilliant design to avoid psychic debris !
    Stupendous! I think I had better stock up on pailletes, whole lot of detritus here ...

  10. Oh those trousers are a delight! What aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing painting and er- Sharpieing you did with them!!!! They go so nicely with big sequins. Rather liking all the darker looks also!!x

  11. Love the blue outfit with the yellow coat dress and the owl. And the yellow coat outfit at the bottom. You know why those have my preference. Keep sane darling.

  12. I’ve just found this blog and it’s blowing my mind—in a good way. Mel, I love your comments about visibility and invisibility. I just turned 58 and I feel more visible than ever. I also notice older women more and I seek them out wherever I go. They are stylish for many reasons besides their clothes, but I love how this blog encourages style as a way to communicate to others your liveness.

  13. Thanks for the blast of colour and the safety advice. Your blog ought to be prescribed as an antidepressant. Love you.

    Anna x

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