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Thursday 6 September 2018

Time-travel wear, party wear, nail art, and film debut

Flash Gordonia. Aaa-ah. Caped crusader!

Oh my goodness - I'm in the time-warp tunnel, fleet-footed in my awesome velvety-soft, blue, studded-heel platform sandals made for this exact purpose: "For fleet-footed running in time-warp tunnels," it's right there on the box. 

These are the same shoes I wore to the Nordstrom launch party for their True Nord ad campaign, which I blogged about in my previous post, here. That was more an out-of-body travel experience to Cloud 9 than a time warp. Make sure you also check out Shelley's writeup of the event on Forest City Fashionista, here.

As you can see, these sandals are the perfect all-round transportation device for any determined foot passenger. I highly recommend them as a neutral wardrobe staple that can be worn with all outfits with confidence and joie de vivre (French for "exuberant enjoyment of life").

Below is a flat lay of the full outfit I wore to the launch, except I forgot to include my Ribkoff clutch bag. Drats! 
Note the groovy sunglasses, eh? Nordstrom's personal stylist Farah picked them out for me. We had a blast putting together this outfit. Plus, red is very suitable for a Canada-themed ad campaign because our flag is red and white, although this dress is slightly orangy red. Actually, paisley, florals, beige, and plaids are also very patriotic because we get to wear whatever we damned well like. Heh.

What I particularly love about this dress are the long bell sleeves, the maxi length, and the rufflies along the cuffs and hemline. Again, see previous post, here. I had neon orange nail polish professionally applied to finish the look, but I didn't get a photo.

The clutch is partially visible in the next shot. It's got a pearly iridescent shine and zipper trim detailing.

Photo by Shelley, Forest City Fashionista. It's the only one with shades.

All of these pieces are available in Nordstrom's online shop: Simon Miller dressearrings (on sale), sunglassesclutch. This post is not sponsored and I don't get paid a penny if you click or buy anything (insert Lucille Ball-type Waaaa!!! here). I'm just sayin'. But I did receive the outfit as a gift for the party.

I customized the shoes by painting the studs on the heels with nail polish. The shoe design is a riff on a vintage sandal style, but through my rose-tinted sunglasses, they are badass Elton John.

The rib-knit fabric of the dress lends itself to high and low styling. Below is a more casual combo. I could also wear an oversized pullover and/or pants with it, although not the matching pants as shown in the online shop, too matchy for me.

Vivid reds always blow out on my camera. Vexing. Anyone know how to deal with that?

And below. I was sitting at my desk one night when O presented me two almost-invisible filaments with tiny, tiny red balls on the end that glistened like fish eggs. 

Hahaha. I insisted that we take photos for here and my Instagram. These antennae bend like willows in a breeze. And while they were really stuck on there, one would need to rely on one's maid to carry one's shoes about and do all the housework. I'm going to wear these everyday now! Although I'll have to rehire myself in preparation for the extra workload.

In the next shot I feel like a Vespa-riding secret agent in Moscow or London during the 1960s. Don't we all feel like that from time to time? The antennae activate my high-tech GPS tracking device (it's only the '60s, remember). I must accomplish my mission - if I could remember what it is. My memory seems not to have returned from Cloud 9.

You can see more of O's art on his website, and he sells magic loupes and rings in his Etsy store, OSK Micro-art Studio. He constantly amazes me with his imagination.

And one more thing:

KEEP IT IN THE STREETS documentary update

You might recall that I was in a feature-length documentary called Keep It in the Streets by Everett Bumstead and Sam Koopman, which I blogged about HERE. It's a skater/arthouse/street photography/Humans of New York (Vancouver) film and plans were to premiere it on the film fest circuit.

Well, in the following video, Sam and Ev share a startlingly heartfelt evaluation of where the film is at and their direction in filmmaking. "Make yourself feel awkward every day," Ev says, and, "I feel like an idiot all the time." These are men after my own heart.

They may be feeling down but they're definitely not out! You can subscribe to them on their YouTube channel and IG. There will be a premiere of Keep It on the Streets on the big screen, perhaps soon, and when that day comes, I hope all of you will join me, Sam, Ev and the other cast and crew to celebrate. Moving, timeless works about the human condition never go out of style.

There may even be collaborations with Ev and Sam in the near future as well. Stay tuned!

That's all for now. I'll link up with Patti at her Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, and Catherine at her #iwillwearwhatilike, Not Dressed as Lamb.

THANK YOU for all your cheering on my big adventure. Hahaha!! You guys are THE BEST!!! We can move mountains together - although bulldozers are fun too. And those super-mega-earth moving machines too. And tunnel-boring machines.

Tell me your secret mission.


  1. Isn't the same as every single artist or creative person out there? They are all just striving to survive so they can keep creating and doing what they do best. It's not easy. I feel for them.

    You did light up the screen that one second they showed of you : ) GO! Mel!!!

    That little manicure that O gave you makes me laugh. The first thing I thought was, "Don't pick your nose!" Haahaha! Yes, my brain goes stupid places like that.

    It also reminds me of something that someone like David Lynch would have in a gallery. He did lots of freaky body transformation art, especially footwear. Your finger is an alien. Kind of wild. O did what every artist hopes to do, he made me think and open my mind to possibilities.

    You chose the perfect dress for your party. Truly. And that photo with those cools shades that Shelley took of you is AMAZING!


  2. I adore your party outfit - and look at you all dolled up and purty-lookin'. That is an awesome picture of you with the cool shades. I love that you did your "Mel" spin on the shoes. I squeed at the antennae on your nail (it reminds me of a lady bug), and just went down the rabbit hole of O's amazing art. What an incredible mind! My eye is drawn to his art.

    Oh, I hope that movie works out! I want to see you onscreen at my local film festival!

    Hey, that "True Nord" commercial has been running non-stop! Every time L and I see you, we yell, "HI, MEL!" at the TV. You are FAMOUS.

  3. Doctor Who came into mmy head! What a stunning glasses and those earrings look fantastic! Also the red looks very good on you. On the other hand, I don t think there is something that doesn't t look good on you!

  4. I love your party outfit, you look Fabulous!, and the red dress will look perfect in any layering outfit that you could create!, Red dresses Rock! You Rock!!
    And I was shocked when I saw your 'ladybug manicure' in IG, so cool! even if it will be difficult to scratch your nose!. But who's going to worry on mundane things when you wear spy antennae!
    Love to read your posts!

  5. The first shot reminds me of that movie Being John Malkovich. I absolutely adore those new sunglasses. I've never seen a shape like that before and they suit you so well. The stylist has a great eye and you have great style always. Love what you did with the heels of those amazing shoes. The red dress is a stunner and you in it of course. And finally the antennae. Well, who wouldn't want a set of those – a new way to get arcane information.

  6. I see you havn't come down from the BIG EVENT. And why should you? You looked spectacular - and I hadn't even seen the glasses yet. Those are toooooo cooooool. And so nice that O gave you the nail antenna as an after glow. Now you can just flit a finger here and there as the spirit takes you. And...there's a movie. Well, of course there is.

  7. I read your comment without knowing who wrote it, but I totally guessed you, Pao!!!! I second your final thought. :-)

  8. So Mel, help me out. If I tell won't be a secret anymore. A conundrum. Kind of like, hmmm... how can I borrow those boots without taking them? Life is so HARD sometimes!!

    I love love love the way you glammed up for the event but remained true to your Style Self. O's antennae would have been the final touch but maybe the hand shakes and champagne glass would've been hard to manage?
    Probably better this way.

    Adore you. xoxoxo

  9. You look beautiful in this red dress and the artful shoe modifications are genius! Those nail appendages are awkward and so futuristic! You and O must be the most imaginative couple on the planet!
    Your comment about bulldozers being fun reminded me that I drove a combine once!
    Love, Jude

  10. Well done, you superstar! I love that you've put your own unique slant to your outfit with the pimped-up platforms and O's magnificent mini artwork. Those glasses are amazing. xxx

  11. That was a fright... I suddenly couldn't comment! Nothing that a refresh couldn't solve luckily.
    I went ahead and ordered one of O's rings. I have always loved them, ever since he made one for you. I thought I'd better order it now as I saw there was only one left of my favourite one.
    Darling, the glasses you wore at the big night were perfect. This stylist knows her trade. The dress, the shoes, the clutch... so perfect as well. And Mel wouldn't be Mel if she didn't find something to fark: nail varnish? Hahaha.. they look good those heels.
    The antennes are cute. You could make a movie of them on your nails. Let them have some adventures.


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