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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

I'm not Atomic Blonde; I'm Atomic Grey

I wore this lightweight snuggly-soft Yuzhe Studios coat on my inspiration walk today, inside-out because I was in the mood for the lighter grey colour of the inside. The pockets stick out like little hip wings, and we know how flattering a look that is. And I wore my man shoes and other stuff. 

On my way home, a young woman breathlessly ran up behind me, seeking my attention. I thought:
Why, look! A fan eager to prostrate herself at my feet after my recent media triumph. And so it begins - celebrity is mine! Bwahaha! Soon I'll need to buy a hideaway in a dormant volcano and hire a team of minions.
I slowed, put on my humble face, and smiled at her with benevolence.
Then she said in a breathless confidential voice:
Excuse me, but I think you have put your coat on inside-out.
Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, inside-out grey coat, man shoes

[sound of vinyl record scratching
"Wrong line!" was scribbled in my thought bubble.

I said, "Oh, thank you for telling me. Actually, I know it's inside-out, but I prefer it like this today." Then I thought we'd exchange laughs. But no. She said, "Oh, okay. Sorry, I'm sorry," and power-walked away, red face blazing. I felt bad. How could she have known?

Perhaps the next time I wear this inside-out I need to affix a little label on the back that says, "This inside-out is right-side-out today," to spare awkward feelings all around.

And yesterday I wore this: Jacqueline Conoir suit jacket, altered with additional repositioned buttons, Anne Klein crepe wool, lined palazzo pants courtesy of Dross Into Gold, black glitter booties, and -

The Device 
scratch-built by my partner O 
(his art is here, Etsy here).

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, Jacqueline Conoir jacket, Anne Klein trousers, The Device by Osamu Kobayashi, glasses by Nordstrom

As for the glasses, Charlise Theron wore aviator sunglassses in her role as a British spy in the period action movie Atomic Blonde, so when Nordstrom wardrobe handed me these glasses on set, BAM, I was -

No longer mere Mel - 
I was Atomic Grey! 

I decided to recreate that badass state of mind with this outfit.

Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, Jacqueline Conoir jacket, Anne Klein trousers, The Device by Osamu Kobayashi, glasses by Nordstrom

There's the Yuzhe Studios coat again, right-side-out. They sent it to me a couple of years ago.

Speaking of atomic, time now to switch gears for a little spacy tripping with this psychedelic vintage '70s outfit that Suzanne,, gave me when I was in Toronto. I almost fainted with surprise and delight. 

The outfit is seductively soft, velveteen I believe. The unstructured midi-length jacket has lapels, slits up both sides, and a single hook/eye closure at the waist. The front is meant to overlap for a fitted silhouette, but I preferred it a bit looser to enhance that tux feeling, so I pinned it closed. The slacks (love that word) zip up the back.

Mel Kobayashi, vintage '70s psychedelic pantsuit from Suzanne Carillo with platform sandals from Nordstrom

To top it off, I wore my blue velvety platform sandals with studded heels from Nordstorm and a satin sleeveless ruffle-front orange blouse with a super-high collar from many years ago.

Mel Kobayashi, vintage '70s psychedelic pantsuit from Suzanne Carillo with platform sandals from Nordstrom

I took these photos with my tripod on Granville Island.

Mel Kobayashi, vintage '70s psychedelic pantsuit from Suzanne Carillo with platform sandals from Nordstrom
Mel Kobayashi, vintage '70s psychedelic pantsuit from Suzanne Carillo with platform sandals from Nordstrom

The grand exit, tux tails flapping.

That's all for this week. I'll link something up with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. See you there.


  1. Your new "device" is WOWEE. Might there be one in O's shop any time soon? You're looking ultra-chic and famous, and your velvet pantsuit needs a novel written about it. Thanks for linking up, movie schtar, xox

    P.S. You and I share a lot of common interests, but I've always hated the word "slacks." I think it must have meant something other than "trousers" where I grew up in New Jersey. xo

  2. Hahahahaha! That first story is straight out of a comedy sketch when someone is being punked. How hilarious! *Awkward*

    You handled yourself very well considering your star status. Your body guards must have been on break when that happened...letting a mere peasant get so close to you.

    That second outfit with those badass glasses is KILLER! Honestly you should be wearing them all the time. I want to know what kind of cool things O's device does...

    I agree, the velvet jacket is much better closed with your wings flapping in the wind behind you. I love that you styled it with that ruffled tux blouse.

    Bravo for taking these photos on Granville Island! I'm amazed you found a spot without tourists.


  3. Maybe paint some words to the back of the inside (now outside) of that coat: I KNOW ALREADY.

  4. Oooo, love that exit shot at the end, coat-tails flapping! I saw a guy on the bus with his polo shirt on inside out, and I pondered over whether to mention it to him. He didn't look like the kind of guy who was wearing it that way on purpose. I didn't say anything, and certainly wouldn't run after someone on the street to tell them their coat was on inside out.

    The shape on the button-altered jacket is super flattering, and the wire-framed glasses are very "Mel". That is a scrumptious outfit from Suzanne.

  5. You need to embroider on that coat, "I choose which side I show the world!" Ha! You were pwned by a Good Samaritan.

    O's device is obviously a time machine. Bah, did you think you would fool me?

    Fabularse outfits as always, you of the Velveteen! (Klassy)

  6. I'm still laughing about the first part of your post, I might even read it aloud to my husband, doing different voices! That velveteen suit is utterly fantastic, especially with the flapping tux tails! xxx

  7. This was a lovely post. At first glance I thought “ what? Mel in grey? How can that be... although she looks bloody good in it”. The velvety colourful tux suit made up for it.
    Your aviator glasses suit you very well.
    I had to laugh over the embarrassed lady who tried to warn you. The whole story was such livelike. I could so very well imagine it went like that, hahaha.
    As I said, you look ever so good in all outfits. The device of O made me have a look at his art again. Gosh he is indeed very talented. I am in joyful anticipation of his ruby ring.

  8. Nice movement in the last two pics!!!!!

  9. I love you in grey too, looking elegant in your inside out coat (poor girl, probably she's shy!) and looking even more elegant and gorgeous in your Atomic Grey outfit, fabulously accessorized with a silvery device!
    And what a lovely velvet suit!, you rock in it! and I love particularly that last two pics, 'tux tails flapping' is something so fabulous! mwhaha love it!

  10. Whether space tripping, atomic grey, or inside out you — are always explosively fabulous! What a silly woman you encountered... oh the unenlightened !

  11. I would definitely look as if I'd lost the plot if I wore my clothes, even just a coat, inside out. You however, just look cool, as you always do. I love the Aviator glasses too.

    Pop across when you get a minute to see my TV debut - blink and you'll miss me though!

    Anna x

  12. OK, so you're day to day life still wants to remind you of your humanity, vulnerability and flexible reality. Your meet up with that "helpful" young woman makes for a great non-momentous memory.
    You look great in tonal grey Mel. Those aviators kept a clean grey pallet along with the mysterious device.
    Suzanne clearly gets you and watches for your essence as she shops vintage. I love the shot of you exiting through the doorway(?) from whence you came. Trailing tails are so impressive as compared to say, inner pocket flaps... Love, Jude


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