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Monday 1 October 2018

If it's raining I must be a rock star

Goodness, it's a lot of work being a rock star. It doesn't help that my electric guitar is out of commission. I sent it to a monastery in the Arctic for repair when it lost its spark, but I forgot to put the AIR MAIL sticker on the box. Sigh. Five years ago. Fortunately, I am a virtuoso air-clutch-bag player (air-guitar is so over). It's really fun being so multi-talented! Witness my skill below.

Mel Kobayashi - Bag and a Beret - rock star in vintage neon pink robe, rubber boots, blue sweatpants, photo Frankie Cord
 big thanks to Frankie Cord of for this photo

My outfit for this tour was made by the World's Greatest Fashion Designer "iqi" (pronounced "icky"), whom you may recall from my platinum 8-track cassette on how to pose like a pro. Or refresh your memories HERE, darlings, then assume Pose 4.

Mel Kobayashi - Bag and a Beret - rock star in vintage neon pink robe, rubber boots, blue sweatpants, bckgrnd photo Lane Smith
big thanks to Lane Smith of for this photo

It may look, to the unenlightened, like I'm wearing a vintage fuzzy neon-pink robe. Bwa-ha! Harrumph. So sad. And thrifted rubber rain boots, bell-bottom hip-slung sweat pants, and an old men's t-shirt. If so, then clearly you have not put on your space goggles today.

I had considered wearing a new puffy COMME des GARCONS outfit, but it wouldn't fit through the hatch of my private submarine (yellow) (tour buses are so passé), although I inadvertently discovered that the puffy CDG bits are excellent flotation devices.

Mel Kobayashi - Bag and a Beret - vintage neon pink robe, rubber boots, blue sweatpants, photo Adi Goldstein
big thanks to Adi Goldstein of for this photo

Sadly, getting from the stadium in Calgary, Canada, to Abilene, Texas, was a challenge. Several of my impudent crew quit during our overland portages. I don't understand it - I fed them the tastiest grubs.

Above, wrapping one concert, on my way to the next. Below, more superior air-bag-playing, and my adoring fans.

Mel Kobayashi - Bag and a Beret - vintage neon pink robe, rubber boots, blue sweatpants, photo Frankie Cord
another big thanks to Frankie Cord of for this photo

Oh, the places one can go!

big thanks to Dick (my remote control) and my tripod for this photo

That's all for this week.

Except for this video I made. It includes a new super-cool manicure technique by my partner O. More of his artwork is HERE, Etsy HERE.

I'll link up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. And Catherine at Not Dressed at Lamb for #iwillwearwhatilike.

Big hugs all around. Make sure you buy your tickets now for my rilly, rilly big show coming to a stadium near YOU! Hahaha!!! And special thanks to and photographers Frankie Cord, Lane Smith, and Adi Goldstein for helping this experience come to life.

Have you been a rock star lately? Do tell!!


  1. Fan-frickin-tabulous, Mel!! Your photo editing skills rock even more than your air guitar! And the video (complete with O's HAND-y work, hee hee) is awesome! Love the timing of your twists and twirls with the music.

    As one of your biggest fans, I yell from the stadium floor: MORE MORE MORE! Just like Billy Idol but I'm a touch more petite and need to work on my rebel lip curl.

    - Sherry

  2. I felt your vibe in Van yesterday! Or perhaps it was that I was looking for your Nordy pic in every bus stop (that's when you know you have really hit the big time!). Rock on with your badass self, Mizz Baggs.

  3. woww, those pictures and the fab video!, love a RockStar attitude!! rocking a robe and sweat pants to make them look like Glamour!!! You're Fabulousness in motion!
    Love all the pictures!
    I'm used to be a rock star everyday for a while, with all the air-clutch-playing and some dancing included!. Only for vip public (and random passersby) at usual garage alley!

  4. Weell, if you count performing to 20 people in a gay bar on Sunday night a rock concert, then YES!!!! ;-)

  5. Oh yeah, we'll be mosh-pitting and setting drums on fire after your last set. We'll wave our lighters in the air and yell "They will not control us. We will be victorious. (So come on)" After all that, a nice cup of coffee and a pecan roll. xox

  6. Ha ha! What Patti saId.

    IQI. I've seen that around.

    Can I be one of your backup singers? I can't sing and I have stiff fingers. I figure I'm perfect.


  7. Of course you're a Rock or no fans...every day. Love the duds especially the boots. Big want. And especially the antennaes on your fingernail. That O! I know there's fabulous music inside that clutch. All you have to do is lift the flap a little it and it all comes pouring out. So clever.

  8. This makes every other blog appear so...pedestrian? But then again, you are a true rockschtar.

  9. I'm afraid that, unlike you, my rock star days are over! You can truly wear anything and look like a rock star. Fabulous pictures. Loving the nail-art and your amazing boots! xxx

  10. You have always been a rockstar to me! Glad to see the adoring fans agree....

  11. You so need that plaid shirt dude in your background, but otherwise your audience is amazing. As an audience for a Rock Star!! should be. Can't get good entourages these days - it's social media that has spoiled them and made them want to be stars in their own right. But not everyone can pull off fuzzy gowns, rubber boots and air-clutching so they're probably just jealous. Legend!!!

  12. Terrific, your imagination, your fantasy knows no boundaries. And I see no reason why this cannot be true. You could be a rock star. How is your singing? Wait a minute, you don’t need singing, air bag playing is enough.
    O’s art is, as usual, breathtaking.
    PS love the boots.

  13. Air bag. That is priceless. This outfit is everything. And so are you!

  14. Thanks for taking me on a trip to planet Mel. Life without you would be so very ordinary. Still can't get over that zany manicure O created - awesome.
    Anna x

  15. Never underestimate the power of a dazzling manicure and a versatile handbag!
    You rock Mel. Always have,always will. We need pink groupie robes for your next gig!
    Love, Jude

  16. "AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!" I've know that robe has superpowers since we did our photo shoot together. I love the shots of you with your fans cheering you on. We should form a band of over-50 women who can't sing, but play a mean air-bag and can strike killer poses.


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