Sunday, 7 October 2018

Style rules, and mending vintage leather pants the easy way

Bad ass. Elegant. Bad ass. Elegant. Elegass. Badegant?  Whatever. 

Wearing my vintage leathers - leather pants, leather jacket, leather booties - with denim jacket and tuxedo shirt. And of course my magic loupe that my partner O made me. You can buy one HERE. And a ring he made me too, which you can also buy there, unless he's sold out. Plus I'm carrying my swell, elegant, swellegant clutch. 

The word swellegant reminds me of the movie High Society with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Louis Armstrong (remake of Philadelphia Story) and this song, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," although the word itself is in "Well, Did You Evah" by Sinatra and Crosby. I love watching this movie on a cold rainy day, with hot chocolate and popcorn or tea and chocolate digestive biscuits.

Back to the outfit. These leather pants are snug, and you know the rule about that, don't you?

Rule 573.2 (REV 22.1a): 
One must never wear one's snug leather trousers without one's jacket covering one's posterior in case one's trousers explode when one is downtown.
I know, I know I said I don't believe in style rules, but this case is a definite exception. Thankfully, my trousers did not explode. But I had reason to believe they might.

They are snug, as I said, but there are also little rips in the inner and outer seams at the knees on the left leg, suggesting there may be more seam weaknesses elsewhere. I am quite pleased with my leather repair work: I slapped two-inch long pieces of clear packing tape onto the outside of the pant legs.

When I was downtown I went shopping in all the high-end designer stores - Prada, Gucci, Dior - and I can only hope everyone in the shops was familiar with this rule:

Rule 93.115 (REV 39-81):
When one has wardrobe malfunctions, one must patch one's clothing with what one has at hand whilst heading out the door and then proceed to wear one's repair like one is a super-stellar trendsetter and rock star.
And that's what I did. Perhaps next time I go downtown I'll see more people with packing tape on their pants. Or tape on the clothing on the racks. [Don't forget, I'm Canadian and we believe that duct tape and WD-40 (oil) can fix anything.]

Wearing my leathers it seemed fitting that I would unexpectedly encounter KISS playing in the Vancouver Art Gallery plaza for the Hallowe'en Parade and Expo - well, they were in fact called Alive 'n' Kissin', I think. For a couple of songs I whooped in homage to my sustained youth, heh. There was a gaggle of kids at the foot of the stage who scrambled for candies when the band threw them into the crowd.

I admired the band's outfits, makeup, and stamina. The man on the left lifted his arms once in a while to reveal amazing bat wings! I regret not staying to catch a photo, but it was raining and umbrellas were jostling for space.

Love those boots!!

But my destination was Canada Place down by the waterfront for this:

Hahaha! The first time I saw this sign I was with Sherry of Petite Over 40. I said to her, "Sherry, there I am. Oh my god, THERE I AM! I NEED A PICTURE. I NEED A PICTURE!!" She fumbled in her bag for her phone. Of course I didn't have anything at hand. The ads were scrolling and I knew I'd come around again, so I became more level-headed:


Sherry scrambled and fumbled frantically in her bag as I waved my arms and jumped around her. I'm pretty sure my hair stood even higher than usual too. No pressure. Hahaha. A tourist walking by said, "Don't worry, it will come back." Sherry and I laughed.

Eventually we both got a picture, but the bright sign was almost whited out in our photos against the dark night sky, and neither of us wanted to stick around to adjust our devices for the next scroll-around.

So today I went down in daylight, rainy-day daylight. Great conditions.

I'm huuuuge, literally. I confess, this was a big rush. I stood there for a while waiting for me to scroll around, my camera pointed up at the building. Of course when you look up at something with a camera, people around you start taking photos of what you're looking at too, along the lines of, if she thinks it's good, I better get a shot too.

And a photo of me on the stairs, jackets off.

Also, Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me has posted articles based on a couple of YouTube interviews I did with her. Thanks, Margaret!


They might be fun to check out. If you found my blog through Margaret, thank you, too, for joining me!

Your age plus your birth year equals 2018. Every time. This only happens once every 1,000 years.
Think about it. Heh.

Finally, I'm going to link with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb.

Whew. Congratulations! You've made it this far. Keep on bein' the stellar creatures you all are. Live! Live! Live! Be strong! I'm so happy you stopped by. Although I'm sorry I ate all the powder sugar doughnuts before you got here, and the chips too. But I still have some Twizzlers left (twisty red licorice ropes).

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends, well, ALL friends for that matter.


  1. I'm pretty sure one's age plus birth year only equals 2018 ONCE EVER. Even in 1000 yours, it won't ever happen again! ;) xxx @jessiejessyg
    Love your mending methods btw, and I have a yellow sister to your swellegant clutch.

  2. YAAAAAYYYYY!!! You GOT IT!!!! And it you! Which is to say, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, dahling! I'm so glad you went back to Canada Place, sporting your full-on fancy leathers-with-duct tape, to capture the photo we were after on that super fun night. As always, you are the awesomest, both in person and on the Big Screen. If I was there, I'd give you three high fives. Maybe six.

    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!
    - Sherry

  3. Dont you look fantastic on the rolling billboard, glad you got the shot to share with us. You wear those leathers brilliantly and clever mending. Aussies feel the same about duct tape and WD40. Must check out your videos with Margaret.

  4. Oh yeah, Twizzlers. The only candy I'll need in the afterlife. Love the story of you and Sherry catching YOU!! on the billboard, you're so fab. And (almost) KISS too - that's serendipity, baby. Love your look and your shapely leathers, very badassegantcool. xox


  5. OMG!!! How totally awesome is THAT? On Canada Place. You even got some red leaves in the shot. It must feel totally surreal. I'd be running around yelling at people, "That's ME!!!... Suckers!" I'm glad you went back and took such a great shot for your portfolio.

    Duct tape is good for everything. I've seen so many cars repaired with that and it helped me fix a vent on the outside of the house recently. I've never used packing tape though. It doesn't have as much stamina. They have all kinds of really fun duct tape in neon and leopard.

    For a second I thought that was the real Kiss! I was such a fan back in the day.

    You look every bit the super model you are. Keep kicking ass.


  6. So, my age (56) plus my birth year (1961) equals 2017 - explain that, will ya?

    Happy Thanksgiving, my visible friend. So glad you got a photo of you, larger than life. It must have been such a rush to see your face up there.

    Can I just say how much I freakin' adore that leather and denim outfit! If I was your size, I think I would dress like that every day. It just oooooozes confident and fierce bad-assery. Kudos on the packing tape repairs. You are a trend-setter baby, a TREND-SETTER

  7. You look completely fabulous in your luscious leatherness Melanie. Your creative, precautionary, patching added just one more unexpected yet edgey style element to the look.
    I loved the story of you and Sherry in that thrilling moment of seeing your larger than life self up there in the sky! I'm sure it's a bit like that Oscar moment for Sally Field so many years ago but with a twist. " I like me! I really like me!"
    We all need more moments like that. Love, Jude

  8. You look completely fabulous in your luscious leatherness Melanie. Your creative, precautionary, patching added just one more unexpected yet edgey style element to the look.
    I loved the story of you and Sherry in that thrilling moment of seeing your larger than life self up there in the sky! I'm sure it's a bit like that Oscar moment for Sally Field so many years ago but with a twist. " I like me! I really like me!"
    We all need more moments like that. Love, Jude

  9. LOVE the leather outfit with denim, white shirt and squinchy eyes! You look great 20 ft. high. Love the shot with the red maple leaves. So Canadian. Even better than duct tape and WD-40.

  10. I am thinking you could really do some artsy duct tape work on those leather jeans (which look fabularse on you, BTW). You look utterly badass - that is some high-class badass ya got there. I spotted one of the "other" Nordies in a bus stop the other day, so now I am on the lookout for you! If I see it, I'll take a picture!

    Hoping you have a lovely Thanksgiving long weekend - it's rainy here.

  11. Wd40? Haha! What a fabulous pants! That is such a beautiful photo of you on the Nordstrom Ad!

  12. I say, let her rip, bay-bee. Torn jeans are so yesterday. Leather rips are the future. Rip, slash, trash it leather pants, jackets, boots and bags. You are on the cusp of it all. And how about the sky high Mel flying glorious and free like a flag on top of Canada Place with Maple leaves, oh my. Are you getting asked for autographs and followed by paparazzi now? Enjoy!!!!

  13. Oh how that must feel... to see yourself flashing (in a good way) on such a big screen. Are you already being recognized? Why isn't there a close-up of the ring and the loupe? There should be. There will be of my ring next Sunday! Did you read my review on Etsy?
    Anyway, your first photo took my breath away. God you have a good figure. Love this outfit. So bad ass, so rocking. Perfect.

  14. Finally, someone who also uses packing tape to mend clothes! And what about staples to mend a fallen hem? I've yet to think of a way to use WD-40 for mending clothes, though. How utterly fabulous is that picture of that picture of you at Canada Place! And you in your leathers are utterly fabulous too! xxx

  15. Such a cool outfit! It must be incredible (and a bit surreal) to see yourself on a billboard! Huge congratulations!

    Emma xxx

  16. I think I'd be selling tickets for the event if I was up on a billboard like that. You are indeed huge! Rocking those leathers too, and thanks for the styling advice re the tape. I've stashed a mini roll of it in my handbag ready for my next fashion emergency.
    Anna x

  17. You look stunning in this leather combo. The pants and the boots are so perfect together. Great to know you managed to DIY your way out of a wardrobe malfunction.
    Congrats on being on a billboard, and such a pretty photo as well. I loved that campaign and found it really inspiring.

  18. You look so fabulous in your leather and denim pieces!, you're a RockStar!.
    And now I have to watch this film which I barely remember.
    I'm taking notes on your Brilliant Advice. Snug pants can be so damn tricky!
    And maybe I'm half-canadian, as I Believe in Duct Tape! it Works (at least, it works until you get home and repair the thing properly!, such a lifesaver!)

  19. Elegant bad ass indeed. Rocking the leather, even in the various states of disrepair, and patched up wearability.
    Love your clutch, your denim jacket, and your hair that stands up to make sure that people know you are the star that you appear to be !
    A reverent bow to you... So my back does not go into spasm.. it will be a metaphorical one .

    ❤️ Elle

  20. Bad ass! You said it yourself but it's the biggest emotion and the only word I have to describe you or my feelings. My! this outfit is too cool, I want to copy it now, badly!


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