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Monday 15 July 2019

We're not posing - we're LIVING!

Or how about, if a style blogger doesn't take a camera on a meetup with friends, does she still exist? Of course the answer to both would be a resounding YES! Our outfits are just the coating for the goodness within; in fact, sometimes a camera just gets in the frickin' way if it's remembered at all. 

But for those other times, when one has an impish beauty itch, a whack-ton of makeup and a tripod, a remote control, and a conspirator, well, see exhibits AAA below. These are from Shelley's visit to Vancouver in June, which I posted about here. Shelley posted here and here.

This wall in a nearby alley was perfect: mossy, concrete, grey, and black. There also wasn't too much garbage or smell, which is a critical make-or-break location factor, especially with guests. The micro-distillery gin joint on the corner, closed at the time, still provided great mental ambiance. 

Marching with fortitude into position.

There was nobody around, unless you count the ring of residential highrises. The few people who strolled by probably didn't notice us, and there were a couple of cars, but, pffft, when you're professionals, you don't even bat an eye unless it's on cue if ya knows what's good for ya.


ME: CUUUUT!!! (I stamp my platform-shod foot) DO IT AGAIN, SHELLEY! How many times do I have to tell you!? The look I'm going for is you're dangling your feet in the pool and there is a giant guppy attached to your toe. Now ACTION!

SHELLEY: Is he nibbling or biting?

ME: He's a mutant cross between a guppy and a piranha. Doh!

SHELLEY: Oh, okay. Is it a salt-water pool or fresh water?

ME: Ummm, salt water. Now ACTION!!

We managed to get a few serious shots (below, not above), mainly at the beginning, before the cling of adulthood had blown off. Shelley wore her floaty silk dress with a watercolour motif and I wore my vintage satin pearl pink palazzo pants with a floaty orange/coral top. 

Strenuous posing is hard fun, so of course we demanded ice cream (gelato) afterwards. Coming right up at an independent coffee shop on the other corner. Hey, if the distillery and the cafe joined forces, they could serve gin floats! Or not.

The sun was shining and we sat outdoors while we planned an air-conditioned afternoon watching zombies (Jarmusch - The Dead Don't Die).

The breeze couldn't have been better even if we had rented it. Did you notice that I put light blue in my hair? And the metal earrings weighed a ton; every time I hopped or skipped, like above, OW! But it was for ahhhrt.

I am startled sometimes when going through my photos, especially the more hilarious ones, that most women in their mid-50s, or any age I suppose, do not engage in this sort of thing. Of course, for me it's just who I am. And Shelley too and my other friends when they're in town. Shelley wrote about this in her post

I suppose I never unlearned how to play, although its expression has gone underground at various times in my life. I'm grateful now that I can still tap into this powerful resource as a liberating force and share it at every opportunity. It definitely puts a rose tint on what might otherwise be a bleak outlook.

I also managed during that week to slip in a night at the theatre, Bard on the Beach, to see The Taming of the Shrew, as a guest of Mara Gottler, pictured below. She is a co-founder of the company, now in its 30th season, and a celebrated designer who designed all the costumes for this show.

How I laughed! - a rollicking (perfect word here) good time. The production had a western theme and featured a very strong-minded Kate (the shrew) with a few well-placed tweaks. And if Instagram were a thing in the Wild West, Bianca, Kate's twittery sister, would definitely have been a selfie star!

The show runs until mid-September. Check HERE. (not sponsored)

I wore my prairie dress for the western theme, and Mara was a chic gunslinger.

The next photo is called Traces - what stays behind. I walk by that alley now and smile remembering our photo session.

And finally, an outfit featuring a blazer spied for me at Turnabout Luxury Resale Granville store by Sheila when she joined me and Shelley for a day (see previous post here and Sheila's post here). Navy, velvety, and with split sleeves. Oh my! Worn with my Marni for H&M drop-crotch purple/gold lurex pants, which I farked with side stripes. Sunglasses from an outing with Suzanne.

And that's all. I loved the process of doing this photo session with Shelley, and in the end, I'm glad to have these cool photos as visual reminders of our time spent together, the reflections cast in digital form. As with most of my creative pursuits, the process is paramount.

I hope you have all found avenues of liberation in your lives, even for micro-moments. Who doesn't need little escapes? Which reminds me, I must get to the woods - with my camera. Hahaha!! I'm a style blogger and I need to record the process!

Thanks for dropping by. xo

I'm linking up with Patti at Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style and later with Catherine at #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. See you there maybe?


  1. You are so photogenic, it's sickening. :) I love seeing the outfits, having seen the make-up earlier - I love how Shelley's fun eyeshadow look echoes the pattern in that gorgeous silk caftan.

    Oh, I'm so glad you got that velvet cape/jacket! It looks wonderful on you. Heh, if we don't take pictures, it didn't happen!

    1. You only see the good photos, Sheila, that's why. The trash stash is enormous. Shelley's makeup was awesome. And THANK YOU so much for spying that jacket for me. I adore, adore, adore it. Hahaha, yup, no photos, no reality.

  2. "I'm grateful now that I can still tap into this powerful resource as a liberating force." Yeah, baby - never lose that glorious playfulness. You and Shelley are both shining, liberating stars! Love that velvet jacket/cape/topper, it's a beauty. xox

    1. Sheila knows me so well, and Shelley found me some cool pieces too. Play is a powerful rejuvenating force for me. I just need to exercise it as much as possible. I had a great time with Shelley, and with Sheila. xox

  3. Super fun, Mel! You're such a "playah," but in the best way possible. I've been meaning to ask since first seeing the photos from your time with Shelley--where did you get all those beautiful colors for your makeup? Are they eye pencils? Or did you have some creams and tonics that you smeared and painted with? I ask because both of you make me want to do up my face Twiggy-60s-style and go get an ice cream. It wouldn't be the same, though, without you and the crew.

    Your photos made me smile as they always do because they are pure bliss.


    1. Playah. Heh. I'll send you an email with the products I used, Sherry. I hope you do your face Twiggy 60s style and go out for ice cream. Hahaha! I love going wild with product once in a while; otherwise, why have them? It all washes off anyway. I'm glad if my photos make you smile. xox

  4. It is always such fun to be around people that don't have to be "mature adults" all of the time! Hooray for that.

    Looks like you had a blast.


    1. I love letting loose with my friends, as you know, Suzanne. We have had some times together!! It was a blast. xox

  5. Gosh you can be anyone you want with your posing skills! And the make-up of the two of you! Fabulous!

    1. The makeup was a challenge - how to do something fun without looking totally garish. But then, garish is okay too. Thanks, Nancy!! xox

  6. "Before the cling of adulthood had blown off", damn...
    Why would we ever want to be trapped in any life phase??
    I'm convinced that I taught middle school because I think that's the phase where we can all float most comfortably.
    Life requires an adaptable personas. Fitting in only one niche can be oppressively clingy.
    We should all be free to paint a new view that easily stretches creativity,purpose and function. Fark on Mel!
    Love, Jude

    1. You put it so well, trapped in a life phase. Yes. There must be breakthroughs as a pressure release valve, at least for us. A single niche would be too limiting. I agree 100 percent with you: we should all be free to paint a new view. Thanks for this comment, Jude! xox

  7. You are surrounded by sounds perfect. Those side stripes you added take those pants even higher!
    In "Traces- what stays behind" I am imagining the delicate cape being caught on the rough concrete as you sashay by, and yanking you back. Ha! Not quite as romantic as your thought.
    Keep on playing my dear, you do it so well, despite your poor earlobes.
    Oh I love the phrase "ahhhrt", because it is a one word phrase that says it all! :-D
    xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Oh yes, they are the very best of enablers - in life, laughter, and of course in shopping. Haha, the concrete is many places is too furry with moss to yank me back. Hahaha! Thanks, Jazzy Jack! So glad you could make it and leave this great comment. xo

  8. Well that looks like loads of fun! It reminds me of that George Bernard Shaw quote: "we don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing". Being a grown up is overrated!

    Emma xxx

    1. Hi Emma - what a magnificent quote. I've never heard it before and now shall not forget it. Thank you. xox

  9. It just can't get any better than this. Oh yes, it can. We're talking Mel-O-Visions. All Across the Universe......

    1. Mel-O-Vision is only available in select theatres. Heh. Or it sounds a bit like marshmallows, nothing wrong with that either. Waves of joy drifting through my opened mind... is that how it goes? Thanks, Pao!!! xox

  10. You have been the best inspiration for me to set aside my serious grown-up self and just play; I love the time we spend together being non-adults! Can't wait til our next adventure.


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