Monday, 26 March 2018

Paillettes, the new alternative energy

"Fill 'er up!" glug glug glug (sound of drinking)

"Aaaah, much better."

That's an actual photo below. Just this sliver of light hitting the alley just right. You should see my elevator when I climb aboard in this jacket. It's like a mega mini disco partay. Woo hoo! Going to get frozen corn! But those moves are nothing compared to when I go buy broccoli.

It was stellar day for photos. Rain? Sun? Rain? Sun? The sky couldn't make up its mind, so I happily chased shadows and light in this alley with my tripod.

I adore these vintage palazzo pants, fully lined, with an aligned pattern at the front as well - I love those details. I bought them a couple of years ago for a song because they needed some TLC. So glad to do it! And I finally took them in. The paillette jacket, a favourite, is from My Sister's Closet.

The elevator may be Bee Gees but these photos remind me of that song: "Blinded by the light, racked up like a douche, like a roller in the night." Heh. It was written by Bruce Springsteen, but below is the Manfred Mann version, 1975, which I prefer.

Of course I had to wear my big blue sunglasses as well. Guaranteed if you wear paillettes you're going to have a great day. Well, kind of a guarantee. I'm going to look for paillette pants now, although they'd crunch when I sit down, or a paillette trench coat. How cool would that be?! Silver. Paillette go-go boots! No paillette underwear though. Just no.

If I could do that kick with rollerskates, I'd think I have real talent. 

I'm not much more than a paillette top half and a paisley palazzo'ed bottom half. That's the way, uh hunh, uh hunh, I like it, uh hunh, uh hunh. You don't know how lucky you are that you can't hear me!

Now I've got a full tank, I'm ready to rumble!!! Just don't touch my threads. Or my hair. Or my sunglasses. Or my body. Or my brownie. Okay, maybe not rumble. How about let's just hang out?  

In other news, I was in Refinery29, talking about style rules; my bit is here. You know how I feel about those, don't you? It's so cool that they asked me, along with six other women. It's funny reading my answers in that context. It's like there's a little megaphone attached to the end of my pen. I can't help myself. Hahaha!!  

And I was in ELLE (Brazil), InStyle (Greece), WhoWhatWear, and (Philippines). These are a few since January - I don't keep up very well. And thank you SO MUCH for all your cheering of my Montecristo piece. 

I also met up with Sheila and L in Vancouver this week. We had a blast! Make sure you go to Sheila's blog, Sheila Ephemera, for her Big Ass Weekend Roundup. It's going to be a good one. (She has included photos of this paillette jacket on our meetup day too.) She's been blogging for ten years now. Huge congratulations on that!

L also has a blog, Creative Maelstrom, which has been going strong since 2009. Like Sheila, he is a gifted writer, but his specialty is CD reviews.

That's Sheila and L below, always super styling. I took this photo at Fluevog shoe emporium. They should be gifted shoes for life for their support of the brand. 

I'm linking up with Patti for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for #iwillwearwhatilike

Until next time. Dress up (well, only if you want to of course) and be fabulous (not an order because I already know you're fabulous). 


  1. wowww, I love those paillettes, your jacket looks like bursting with a silver fire!, so fabulous! And those palazzo pants totally rock!, they look amazing in movement!
    Glad that you're spreading your fabulousness through the world!!

    1. Silver fire! I love that! That's exactly what it was, and I lit up road signs from a block away. Hahaha! Thanks for this positive energy. xox

  2. Fire, baby! You could power the Western Hemisphere. Congrats on your publications, you're one I always want to see and hear. Love the tune, and I'll have to break up with you here, I prefer The Boss's version. xox


    1. Between paillettes and hot flashes, the world's energy problems are covered. I didn't even know The Boss had a version until I started looking around. I just really listened to what was on the radio. I loved this, but the lyrics were confusing. xox

  3. Replies
    1. Roger dodger there, Suzanne. I got your 20.

  4. What???? It seems like I won the lottery today! Apparently today I'm able to comment on your blog. Now I really do need to go out and buy a lottery ticket.

    First off I had to double check those lyrics! Ha ha! Here I thought I'd been singing them wrong all these years! Like a douche! Ha! That song was number one in what...1977 when I was a mere child of 10! I remember staying up until after midnight to hear what the number one song was on the radio. {sigh}

    HUGE congratulations on all your amazing publicity. Every time I see you anywhere you stand out like a shining beacon of creativity. With or without paillettes.

    I see one of the magazines shaved a few years off your age. Sweet!

    You are a walking disco party wearing this outfit. Vancouver is so lucky to have you.


  5. Thanks for all of those links - my, oh my aren't you flying high with all of that publicity gal! The ensemble is awesome; sparkling surely cos it's just reflecting your inner dazzle my dear.

    Anna x

  6. I saw you in Refinery 29 (Go You!) and just yesterday, on Instagram, I scolded The Globe and Mail for not including you (or ANYONE over 40) in their TenBestDressed list. I mean, seriously. . . how have you flown under their radar so far?!

  7. You're in good company at Refinery 29. Brava! Well done. Never tire of the paillette jacket and it's fire. Those sparkles in the alley are almost but not quite de trop. And the pants! Wow. So glad you saved their lives. They definitely need to be seen and you're the one to show them off to best advantage.

  8. How much do I love that jacket!? The shot of the lights BEAMING from you is the most realistic. Congrats on all the media representation - you are holding the torch for all of us 40 and 50+ers!

    Mwah! So fab to see you again, my dear!

  9. You got to hang with Sheila & L!!!!!!!!! U look amazing! So cool about you getting on Refinery29!!!!! Love it!!!!!

  10. Ooo! I want a jacket that drinks in the sun and makes elevators into mini discotheques. In fact, the world needs more of exactly that. It goes without saying, but I'm going to say it three times for good measure: You Rock. You Rock. You Rock. (And you sparkle nicely too!)


    PS: And now I have Blinded By the Light stuck in my head, but I don't mind. It's fun to think back to that song and how we giggled when we sang the "deuce" part wrong.

  11. Paillettes, paisley, and palazzos, OH MY ! Are you chasing the light or is the light chasing you? I think the light is very smart and is going for the shinier more beautiful object
    Always truly inspiring!
    How cool is it that you got to see Sheila and L !!
    I only wish that I did hear you sing!

  12. You are a real celeb! Congretulations on all the publicity!

  13. Since I met Lisa The Sequinist I have started to love sequined garments. But they have their little problems in wear. Like they get stuck together so sometimes your sleeve is attached to the body in a different place than you want it to be. And the material is not as nice to wear as viscose or cotton. I do have tops with a good lining and then it is better.
    Sparkle on baby. You make Vancouver shine.

  14. How wonderful when one day we won't feel the need to mention ages at all!
    I played the song to my kids to see their reaction to the words. Thanks for the link! We had fun. I love seeing their take on our history.
    Your writing certainly has megaphones on it, just like your pailettes!!!
    Sing, girl, sing!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  15. you're all over the place. I'll have to set aside some time this evening to read all about you

  16. I think I own the "junior" version of this jacket. Same bomber styling but only the sleeves have tiny iridescent sequins. Can't wait til it grows up! There really is something extra special about fabric that has depth, texture, tactile energy and shine. It's just plain fun to twinkle! You have a special way of doing this anyway Mel but this jacket adds new stellar dimensions! Love, Jude

  17. Oh My, you are shooting sparks of creative energy all over the place (I wish I could have walked by you at that moment cause I can use some of that right now). You know I LURVE that jacket, and big pants are always A-OK with me. You are striding down that alley like you mean BIZNESS! How are you not making tons of $$$$ with all the press you are getting??? Why does fame not mean fortune :(

    Nice to see Sheila and L on your blog.


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