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Thursday 27 September 2012

Corset as daytime wear for limp spirits

I drew on the extraordinarily rigid structure of this wonderful corset to prop up my limp spirits today. There is no room for sagging or slouching in this marvel of sartorial engineering. I don't lace it up tightly for waist-cinching; wearing its boning to fit my existing frame provides quite enough spiritual support.

Forget Maid Marian - feeling like Robin Hood is infinitely more empowering. My cross-slung camera feels like a quiver; one misstep and I'd have to shoot you, but only if you were fabulously dressed.

  • Voller corset, made in England, retail many, many years ago
  • long black T (you can see it under the corset), retail
  • airship pendant, new from Little Lamp Sculpture on Etsy, my friend Monique 
  • ivory silk blouse with mother-of-pearl heart buttons, retail, Tokyo many, many years ago
  • black stretch riding pants, sample sale (usually worn as jeggings with a tunic)
  • stretch wedge-heel boots, thrifted
  • fingerless gloves, retail
  • "had-it-up-to-here" attitude, my very own
I wore this corset with a similar pairing on Christmas Day. I also wore it here. The blouse was worn here.

This last photo reminds me of a time tunnel. Funny how a shift from colour to black and white takes me from Sherwood Forest to the world of sci-fi.

I lament that this outfit is all black and white. How much more fun it would be to wear a similar ensemble in rainbow colours, but you work with what you've got at the moment. 

At +50 some might question the age-appropriateness of this attire. I'm afraid in my current mood I would have to refer those people to my expletive-laden music video. Sorry to be so abrupt but Robin brings out a feisty shooting-apples-off-your-head non-chalance. 

Would you/have you ever worn a corset for daytime wear? Do you have one?

Also, thank you for your kind comments on my last post. Now that I am recovering from my drunken Spider Woman hangover, as Pao so astutely pointed out, I see the wisdom of your words. It also helps that my cleaning is finished.

Now excuse me while I go find my merry man (that would be O) to drink grog (coffee) and feast (exploding garden salad).

PS. This post was written Wed and posted today, I like to marinate for a night.


  1. PLUS EFFIN FIFTY! You are kidding me!
    I bow down in complete awe at your amazingness at +50.
    I have seriously got to get my act together.
    I fear i would not look quite so breathtaking in a corset either day or night, and i could not take responsibility for the shock it would give the neighbouring sheep farmers.

  2. Oh don't you even doubt for one quivering second about wearing a corset!!!!!! Baby you are fucking HOT! Yes you are!! I am groveling on my knees in wonder, marveling at YOU in top-to-toe glory!!! And get this, I was going through a stack of fabric today and found my corsets - so on it went! How about that? The magic runs deep:))) xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Love the outfit! Who cares about your age, it looks amazing on you just the same! =)

  4. Oh wow, I'm in awe (and a tad scared) because you look so kick-ass amazing! I was thinking Muskateer chic, but you are right about the sci-fi vibe in black and white, rather Matrix-y.
    It's a fabulous look on you. Do you know Lynn over at Dylan's Dress? Check out her current post, she's done three different corset looks, all gorgeous. I must wear mine more, I really like it. And I have quite a yearning for a proper boned suck-it-all-in one, but sadly they are expensive...
    Don't get me started on age-appropriateness, what a load of cobblers. You are stunning and can wear what the fuck you like. Yeah, I just swore so you don't have to! xxxxx

  5. I love the corset, but is the white blouse I have fallen for, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    You look so majestic and adorable, my dear Melanie.

  6. Oooh, Melanie you are so fierce and so super-power in this corset. Like Curtise I was a bit afraid of you. Roll on, mighty Mel, and conquer whatever needs conquering.

  7. How crazy is it that you (beautiful girl!) and I are on the same wavelength with corsets! Just posted about mine. I came over here and had a huge deja vu! Love that look, and I don't care about age. I have guidelines -- I guess my personal code of dress; but I think anyone can wear anything at any age. :) You look great! You look like a rock star.


  8. Yeah to being over 50 and looking so kick ass! I don't have a corset,but I know how to make them, I just put others in them. Try not the scare anyone!

  9. Hey, I'd wear one if I could. It just wouldn't look like a corset on me. Instead of )( , it would be more like ( ). Anyway, you definitely look stronger, maybe even a whiff of S&M...Yes, you rock!

  10. Woo! Melanie, you are so kick ass in this! I love it! I've worn stomachers as day-wear, but I don't own a corset (too much boobage). I greatly admire this fabulous outfit! You are Robin Hood! And I concur: who gives a flying fuck how old you are? Wear what you want!

  11. Amazing outfit! I love your silk shirt - it's gorgeous! How brilliant to pair it with a corset, and riding pants! I'm glad you're armed with a camera only!

    Age is nothing more than a state of mind!

  12. Gosh dangit Melanie you look better than that gal on that movie poster Attack of the 50ft woman. Maybe it's because I'm a munchkin, but I love how tall you are. This corset on the outside and your long ass legs having me digging everything about this outfit! Where what makes you feel beautiful, that's what I say.

    I like to marinate too :)

  13. When one has a figure like yours to heck with "age appropriate". Great outfit and I identify with the need to prop yourself up sometimes.

  14. any one who questions it is mental! This outfit is amazing. It's sci fi feminist futurist Robin Hood, it looks like you're going to pull out some sort of laser and run in a spiral down the corridor Matrix style. But better. xxx

  15. Yes, yes, all good and well for the limp of spirit but what about the lumpy of body? I would spill out of that north, south, east and west, past, present and future! But you look like one cool customer!

  16. I love pastcaring's "Muskateer Chic".
    Marinated Melanie is scrumptous!

  17. Forget Robin Hood, you're my futuristic superhero! You have a bod to die for and an attitude to match! I love it! xxx

  18. You do look like an ass-kicking muskateer in this photo (thanks Curtise!) - you have a gorgeous figure and this outfit shows it off perfectly without being "age inappropriate". I've always wanted a full corset and have tried on a few, but the closest thing I own is my leather corset belt, which provides the same kind of support. To me, wearing a corset feels like you have a hand on each side of your rib cage, supporting your back, and your posture improves exponentially.

    It's TOTALLY approriate,age/day/whatever! EXPLETIVE!
    You look HOT! Did you ever see the video for Duran Duran's "The Chaffeur"??? You'll find it on You Tube, and OH YEAH, you got it going ON!
    I sometimes wear a waspie under a fifties style frock to try and cinch my waist in a bit.I need all the help I can get!
    I love this! You are rocking my panties off today!

  20. I really like all this black & white stuff you're doing. And this corset, well, what can I say that hasn't already been said. You look like S & M Barbie. I would wear a corset except that I like to BREATH.

  21. It's the beautiful BLOUSE that catches my eye.

    It's funny about corsets though--I've been thinking about them since I got my cast and seem to recall that Kahlo work plaster casts round her middle that she decorated...and that lead to the idea that I could make a paper mache lace up corset with cut-outs of words. It will happen though it may take me a year.

    You. Look. Fierce!

  22. El corsé es una prenda con historia, desde las damas de antes y ahora muy sensual, y con opciones a combinar mucho, besos ana.

  23. WAO! Impressive! Look femme-fatale total! I like a lot: mysterious, radical, sexy and very elegant... I want the corset! Beautiful!

  24. you look totally cool with that corset! adoring it!

    by the way join my giveaway to win US$ cash coupon to spend on clothingloves

  25. Melanie, you are not too old to wear anything at all. This outfit is refined, exquisite - and dangerous, girlfriend, totes dangerous :o

    I would have liked a close-up of the pendant. 'Cause I'm with the bifocal crowd :)

  26. Sorry to hear that your spirits have been limp, because you are a maiden NOT to be triffled with! Love the corset, your majestically thin legs (oooh, I'm so jealous) and the great corset. Sorry to say, a corset is one of the few things I do not possess. Love your new backdrop of the underground parking. I presume that is where it is. You look really hot, and I'm sure if you want a job as a dominatrix, you can just refer them to this photo and the job's yours.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from www.forever on the catwalk of

  27. Zowie! I do love that white blouse!
    To me you look like some futuristic post-apocalypse super hero. I'd be glad to have you on my side of any conflict. Bad ass to the core and proud of it!

  28. You look amazing! Actually I do not have a corset but have been thinking of getting one, to get a bit more curvy. I am now following you. You are very original.

  29. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster award!

    If you want to know more about it, just go to:

    Congratulations on your fabulous blog and have a lovely day! =)

  30. Yes I have a corset. Yes I've worn it out. It restricted rather than empowered me because I couldn't move very freely in it!

    Age appropriate - forget it, I do.

  31. LOVE this look. All you're missing is one of my IDGAF necklaces ;-)

  32. When someone looks as good as you do, age is TOTALLY irrelevant. This outfit is hot. Very, very hot. Black and white makes it very classy as opposed to trashy, although both are valid!! I have a corset that I've worn, although not recently. It ends up looking a little too too on me, a little Mae West or Dolly Parton, which is not usually what I'm going for. I like a more androgynous corset look. The diagonal line of the camera strap is an essential element as well. Love it.

    The back drop completes the statement. You are timeless.

  33. I don't see nothing wrong for this corset in daytime.
    Especially it's you who wear it. :)

    How about also put on your beret ?

  34. Okay I just found your blog and this is the first thing I saw - brain exploded! I loveeeeeee your pictures! That corset is to die far and you are so rocking it! You look so bloody fabulouc! So so so jealous!

    Nora Finds

  35. First conquering all of space and now time! I love this external response to internal states. It can't be possible to remain limpity-limp, which is only temporary in the temporal, when one is so armed and dangerous. Fierce!

    As noted over at Lynn's, I miss my grey matte short corset which I wore until it frayed apart; back in the '90's I frequently layered it over a suit jacket. Hopefully will come across another soon - I think I'm finally old enough.

  36. I love it: the corset re-embraced for spiritual support and Robin Hood-like empowerment, before being niftily pressed into use as a medium for time tunnel travel. Phew. What an adventure.
    I've only tried a corset at Bath Museum of fashion. I feel claustraphobic in tight clothing so I can't say I felt especially relaxed. But you look relaxed and empowered at the same time!

  37. Can't believe you're +50 ... you could teach girls half your age about how to dress with style, edge and personality. I do have a couple of corsets but wouldn't have the nerve to air them outdoors ... ! M x

  38. Girl power there my dear! who cares how you dress at 50 + - I don't

    I have a corset somewhere, in fact i have every piece of clothing imaginable!

    Another great post! you are the best!

  39. I agree with the person who suggested that there is an age limit for this outfit. Others your age may be too young to truly pull it off, but you've got spunk, so you can own outfits that usually require a 60+ 'go to hell' kind of attitude.

  40. So, if I was casting for a swashbuckler type, a new hero for women, I would SO cast you in a heartbeat. You are perfection in this. :-)


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