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Monday 3 September 2012

Evening gloves and pearls at high noon

Welcome Visible Monday! I have only about 15 minutes left before my black evening gloves turn into rubber dish gloves, so I'd better hurry... I'm speaking of course about Patti's fabulous Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style - soon it will be Tuesday.

I don't have a specific outfit photo to share with you today but I do have this very short video clip filmed downtown while Sandra and I were out making our travesty-of-music video. It's grainy, sorry, but it gives you an idea of what I was wearing - it will just HAVE to do. While I was prancing about a throng of tourists fresh off one of the cruise ships wandered past. Tra-la...just another typical Vancouver day I wanted to screech at them, but I didn't want to spoil my Isadora Duncan moment. At the end of the clip I am slightly distracted because the tour group leader was waving at me.

I hope you can see this; it's a Shockwave file and it's the first time I've posted moving pictures.

This is a still of one of the final frames.

Details of the outfit:

- full high-waisted skirt, upcycled from a thrifted dress (I wore a similar outfit in "I feel like Amelie")
- white blouse, thrifted and upcycled
- pearls, thrifted
- thigh-high tights with Harlequin pattern in silver lurex
- pointy black shoes, retails
- vintage black evening gloves, thrifted, made in Paris

We got loads of footage, including some awesome scenes with Sandra. Regardless of what becomes of this stock, it was a very fun outing - the rock star and the princess go for a walk.

I like the Mink in the background.

By the way, the Vancouver magazine article on sexy street style is online now, so if you are interested you can see my wee contribution to the issue. 

Have a great week everyone. What a holiday day!


  1. Can I pre-order your album? You chicks are my kind of rock stars! I absolutely love your video. LOVE it. Sarah xxx

  2. Your video is fabulous, Melanie. You are all kinds of a star, my friend! Love that black skirt. Thanks for sharing your awesome-ness with Visible Monday.

  3. ahh Melanie, you remind me of the ballerina that twirled 'round and 'round in my jewelry box...

  4. I really like the graininess of the video! It contributes to that silent movie/Isadora Duncan vibe. What fun that must have been!

  5. Melanie. You are the most adorable gamine ever!!!! The outfit perfectly suits you and your "new" hair!! I love your video and I wish I could've been there to see you. Thank you for including the shot of your partner in crime, too. The perfect duo.

  6. I love your spirit in this video! Wonderful! I would have stopped and taken pictures.

  7. jajajajajaja what a funny video... great outfit...

  8. Fabulous, Melanie! This reminds me of a Georges Melies film! Also, way cool Vancouver Mag. You're a STAR!

  9. You just so amazing, never a dull moment here. That skirt is a must have, totally adore it. Great look Melanie.


  10. Love the little video of you dancing around the miniature park. You look like you're in a snow globe. One that comes to life when the dome is lifted. A vintage one from Paris I'd say.

    I would hear this playing if you were on my dresser top and I lifted the tiny lid of your miniature world:

  11. Dang! You're always having SO MUCH FUN! (And I'm not there to see it.) Well, thank goodness for the internet, which means I get to tag along. Bet those tourists were wondering what kind of exotic bird you were!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary of

  12. What a treat to see you in motion, you are magical and a fantastic dancer! It was this amazing re-fashioned dress -> skirt which first alerted me to you and your fabulousness and I remain totally beside myself with the urge to somehow shamelessly copy it.

    Hope we get to see the video. Sandra looks like a really, really fun friend.

  13. What a lovely outfit!!! You are beautiful :)

    A chic kiss ;)

  14. Ok. You're officially a celebrity. You've starred in a film! Autograph please...

  15. P.S. All this time I thought I'd been following you.
    Well I am now!

  16. Very nice spot on the online Vancouver site. Wow, your baby blues certainly rival Mr. Newman's.
    Loved your little performance art fashion show vid. Hope to see more. That was fun.

  17. Your film clip reminds me of a silent film from the 20's. You are so adorable! It looks like you and Sandra had such fun, I would have loved to tag along and twirled and danced along with you.

  18. You are even more fabulous in motion! You are like a beautiful silent movie heroine, elegantly escaping the clutches of a be-eyelinered baddie with a vicious twirly moustache. xxx

  19. Brilliant, Melanie! Look at you twirling and fluttering around, I agree with all the silent film comparisons. What a hoot.
    High waists really suit you, you look so elegant and long and lean and gorgeous. Harlequin tights, mmmm...
    Sandra is Tooo Cooool for words.
    Off to check out Vancouver online now. You're Famous! xxx

  20. Hi Mélanie!
    I think you are the best street style photographer in BC!
    Love your selection on the Web magazine
    As for the video, i can not watch since i am at work, the bastards block everything here!
    I will watch at home, i am sure it is a work of art
    Trying to get going on an another painting:)

    Ariane xxx

  21. Loved the video. It had such an old time look. As always, you are the epitome of bold style. I have got to find some of those tights. You found some really great examples of outstanding street fashion.

  22. The video was so interesting. Reminded me of the old silent movies. You look great in this outfit. It is retro yet modern. Very artistic like you.

  23. And the Oscar goes to... MELANIE! :D I love the video, very funny and the look, chic, chic, chic! I support your words in the interview, congratulations! Ah! And I want more videos please, please, please!

  24. Love your moving pictures, such an artist, my dear Melanie.

  25. love love love this my dear...your artistic soul and talents never fail to inspire!

  26. I am sure the tour group thought you must be someone very important - and they are so right! LOVED the unleashing of your inner - and outer - Isadora!

  27. I admire your creativity. The movie is like a small expensive pearl!

  28. The video seems sooo you. Your fun personality shines through. You must have lots of energy.

  29. that video is amazing - I love your prancing, it just needs some tinkling silent movie piano music to make it complete! Fantastically glam and sophisticated outfit too!

  30. I love the video! It's almost like Isadora Duncan gone Dominatrix!

  31. great!nice video and the outfit is very cool! thanks for sharing

    Inside and Outside Blog

    I am obsessing over your entire outfit and Sandra's jacket....
    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay I love that you are prancing about,I feel very happy and I would totally have joined you!

  33. Melanie, your video made me giggle, and sort of have a desire to go out and flit about in the parking lot. The neighbors already think I'm strange :P

    Gloves! Why does no one wear them anymore? They are so very elegant. I have to admit I love rubber gloves, too. I dunno why.

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  35. I love seeing you in motion. So graceful. You are really beautiful Melanie.


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