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Friday 31 August 2012

I woke up this morning with white hair!!

...that's because I had it "done" yesterday (as if it were somehow unfinished before). I had forgotten the pleasures and discomforts of sitting in a salon for 2.5 hours. This platinum is actually a primer coat for bright red, then shades of brown on my way to dark brown. I may get sidetracked along the way, but that's perfectly fine too because there are NO RULES!! in Style Universe.

A few weeks ago I ran across some (old)?! photos of me wearing my hair like this in Tokyo about 25 years ago and was obviously hitnotized. At the outset of my inspiration walk yesterday morning I suddenly found myself making a detour into the salon. Thankfully, Angel received me with open arms. (He's my colourist.)

The artworks engulfing me are all fairly recent.

For a change I belted my tunic and wore high knee socks over my jeggings. From a distance it looks like I'm wearing tall boots. I call this look "irritating chic." When I walk down the street in this, swinging my flirty little candy heart, I think, "Ohayou, genki desu-ka? (Mornin' y'all, how are ya? in Japanese) Mwah, mwah, mwah (Kiss, kiss, kiss, in Vapidese, I'm fluent.)"  Let's all send Miss Simmonds some good vibes so she can go to Japan too!

Details of this outfit:
  • stretchy wool-blend black tunic, Metallicus sample sale
  • riding-pant jeggings, retail (suedine inset runs down inner leg)
  • knee socks, retail
  • brown crackle-leather Miu Miu boots, laces with side zips, thrifted, Wildlife Thrift Store
  • belt, purchased in Kunming, China, mid-80s

This weekend bandmate Sandra and I will be working on visuals for our "travesty-of-music" video. We call ourselves Just Bad Enough. Listening to the latest mix, I think we should be called Smut Mouth. If I'm brave I'll post the clip. Trust me, we're more than just bad enough!

I hope you'll all be doing something fabulous this weekend, and looking good doing it!! Three cheers for NO RULES.


  1. Oh! How fun is your hair! Everybody's going Miley white. So hot right now. This is going to be a fun hair journey. I bet you feel like a whole new character in your personality has emerged.
    Your paintings are gorgeous.

  2. I'll get to the hair in a minute - look at those paintings! Oh to be engulfed by such wonderful art work...
    I love your hair platinum blonde, and though I am keen to go on your hair-changing journey with you, I also rather want you to keep it like that... But as you say, No Rules, go with what you feel!
    Equestrian chic today, Melanie, I like it! Perhaps you are going to leap on a stallion and charge around the Mongolian plains, wielding your heart-shaped bag like a weapon.
    PLEASE post the clip of you and Sandra being Just Bad (Smutty) Enough, and have fun rehearsing this weekend! xxxx

  3. I absolutely adore your hair, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    The first pic is so stunning.

  4. Time for change!! It's in the air and you're a stunning example of how exciting it can be. I can't wait to see your hair journey!! I've been itching to do something totally different as well, but I'm still trying to see how this gray-thing turns out, since I've never done it before and I'm loving the low maintenance.

    The next time I come to the west coast, I think I'm going to have to make a detour up to your neck of the woods. In addition to seeing your beautiful city, I'm dying to see your art work up close. Plus, maybe by that time, you'll be doing the club circuit with your band.

    Have fun this weekend!!

  5. What a fun look! And I love the artwork. I do hope you post a clip, would love to hear it!

  6. Such excitement on the horizon, I can hardly wait to hear/ see it!

  7. It's going to be fun watching the hair colour changes. Not to mention this outfit, also big fun! A gorgeous young student ahead of me in the campus bookstore lineup yesterday was wearing a similar high socks/boots arrangement, although hers was with cowboy boots AND she skipped the jeggings, but kept a similarly short tunic. So I appreciate your bow to modesty. . . ;-)
    And then there are the Art and Theatre students, with whom you would fit in very convincingly -- you'd lead the way!

  8. You're a cute club kid!!

  9. I freakin' LOVE this look on you Melanie. Superb chic! Your hair color is what I want to do one of these years. Can't wait to see what else you do with it. But even if you stayed right where you're at today you'd still be one fantastic lovely!

  10. Blonds have more fun! You look great in this outfit, with double bags again. The artwork is fantastic!

  11. You are just too much for words! Lovin' this look!

  12. Hair of fabulousness! Love it so much!

  13. POST THE CLIP!!!!!
    Love the platinum hair,funky WOW!Might as well have a bit of fun!
    "Irritating chic"?! Fabulous! I have some long socks to be irritating with,I just generally forget they're there.........buried in the rubble of my sock drawer.You look rather tall,sleek and powerful in these shots.Surrounded by fabulous art work,I feel you are a work of art yourself!

  14. You look great!! Style Universe -- I love that we all can live there. The art around you is nothing less than uplifting and amazing and fun and beautiful!


  15. That hair is fierce on you, and illuminates your gorgeous features - you are iconic as a living legend as well as actually regularly living legends. :)

    Thanks for the glimpse of your engulfing works. No surprise that your process is so vibrant these days! Love your outfit also - particularly the silhouette, and knee socks with amazing boots.

  16. I'm looking forward to watching the transformation. You look amazing, as always - the boots and long socks are fabularse and I am super envious of your amazing backdrops.

    Sarah xxx

  17. Spectacular hair! And to think that you leaped into platinum during your inspiration walk. Waiting to see where this takes you.

    You and your outfit framed by your art should be framed.

  18. I have to chime in and say, I Love The Hair! The color is so flattering, and I'm sure you will stand out in the very best of ways. Hope you keep it around for awhile. Also, lovely clothing, and amazing artwork. Keep on keepin on!

  19. Since it looks like from the comments we might be voting, I'm on Team Blonde Bombshell. Also this makes you look 22, so I think you might get kicked off the 40+ blog roll :o

  20. Add me to team Platinum Blonde as well - it really suits you and makes your eyes just pop (in a good way). I was that colour for a couple of years, but the maintenance was expensive and time consuming, and my hair was like straw after a while. I love your outfit - you look very saucy in the belted tunic and knee socks!

    Your paintings are joy-filled eye-candy - I love them!

  21. Your hair looks amazing, I'm jealous! I tried to get that shade of platinum a couple of times this year, but to no avail. Well at least there's always photoshop, ha! red heart shaped purse <3

  22. Oh, you have actually gone and done what I am so very tempted to do--go all white overnight! My husband woke up one morning at age 27 and it had actually happened to him! I like the belted tunic quite a lot and I suspect that blogging has taught me a bit of this vapidese.

  23. YES to the white hair. I was tempted to pick up a white hairhat last week. Now I want to buy it for sure. Boots are that crackle. :-)

  24. Oh you look stunning!!!! So chic!!!!
    The painting is amazing!!!! Two fabulous works of art in one photograph.
    Love v

  25. Hi! Thank you for the surprise! It has been wonderful, an honor! You know that I love your post, your work and your charme for me is a wonderful gift, thank you! Thanks for your post, the best in the blogsphera! Grazie!
    Oh! I love the heart-bag... very romantic!

  26. LOVE the platinum hair. It looks so chic on you. I would stop there (not being the adventurous type-- squeak, squeak, that's the mouse in me!) Your art work is looking fabulous, as always. No doubt you will look great in red and then brown, but platinum really works.

    Much love from England,

    Rosemary from

  27. LOVE!! You and Curtise are starting something here - I predict a whole lotta fabulous dos in blogland as a result of your wonderful new looks! xoxo

  28. 恋の季節! Ko i no ki se ki !!!
    I don't know why, the big heart bag reminds me this song.
    Maybe you know it?

    So you are half Japanese?
    As your name is Kobayashi... :)


  29. I love your shoes oh so much! you looks fab! and the dress looks gorgepus on you!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  30. El pelo te queda muy bien , resalta el lindo color de tus ojos, espero ver el video, besos ana.

  31. Your hair looks amazing like this! So cool!

  32. my livingroom would look great with one of these fantastic artworks...!!! geniales

  33. I love your hair like this - it looks fabulous. My hair was the same about 10 years ago but now I am too scared to go back! M x

  34. Thank you so much!! I would love to go and obviously I'd love to see some photos of you in Tokyo. I love this white hair, I'm still catching up so not found out if you've moved on yet... I had white hair for a while, it's really flattering surprisingly, you'd suit any colour as your wig post demonstrated!
    I love this outfit, it's the third space/sci fi flavoured outfit I've come across in blogland! I want to know more about the shop Metallicus!


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