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Thursday 30 August 2012

I'm not a seamstress, I'm a sewer

I like to say I'm a sewer rather than a seamstress because the latter title implies the sewing of seams, which I do rather irregularly timewise and faculty-wise. By the way, the word is pronounced "sower" not "su'er," although some of my work does exude the overwhelming air of effluence.

As an example of my extreme slackness with needle and thread may I direct you to the following photo?

I was enamoured with this man's shirt with baby-blue embroidery down the front, which I found at a wonderful thrift shop called F as in Frank on Main Street. Its neck, among all the other parts, was too large so I fixed it like so, sew, sewer...

I did in fact replace all the nicotine-coloured buttons on the shirt with lovely pale blue ones, except for the button which I sewed directly onto the collar in my extreme slackness. Actually, I rather love the end result more than if I had gone the complex route of a professional fix. The neck fits now and I like that delicious pop of nicotine madness mixed in with the lovely pale blues and white. The collar surprisingly does not pucker much with this method. Another reason I like this shirt is that it requires cuff links. Dreamy. They are slightly visible in the photo.

At least I did not use a Button Magic studder on this project, if you know those. I wonder if any of you have had the pleasure of trying one? Do speak out. There is no shame here.

Details of the outfit
  • men's oversized shirt, thrifted, F as in Frank
  • high-waisted jeans by Grey Ant, new a couple of years ago at Two of a Few
  • platform Michael Kors shoes, thrifted, Value Village
  • soft brown leather belt, thrifted, Value Village
I hope you're all having a great week. What day is it again?

PS. Below a clip for Button Magic but this seems to be a newer version than I remember when I was a kid. The one when I was young seemed much easier-looking than this!!


  1. My God, Melanie, HOW long are your legs? About a mile or so, I reckon! You rock those high-waisted jeans like a 1970s supermodel.
    Anyway, while I wind my tongue back in and try to stop drooling, let me say I love the quirky collar remake, it's a unique design feature and looks fab. I can't wear shirts, they always pull or gape (the curse of the bosom...) which means I have to indulge my love of cuff links by buying them for the men in my life for Christmas...
    What is a Button Magic studder? xxxxx

  2. Oh I am the same as Curtise, look at your legs in those fabulous high waisted flare trousers. They are great on you.
    The collar is inspired and I think you are a perfect sewer person!!!!!!
    Buttons magic studded????? Sorry I don't know either.
    Love v

  3. Holy guacamole - it's the attack of the fifty foot sewer supermodel! You look absolutely amazing in those fab wide legged jeans and I adore the unique button/collar biz.

    Magic Stud Button? Que?

    Sarah xxx

  4. WOW, Superstar Melanie! One button's worth is the exactly perfect amount of redolent nicotine flavouring for this stunner of outfit, but those jeans need their own theme song! Holy PANTS, man!

    Really interesting collar fix - I like the way you think! I'm not familiar with the Button Magic - a distant cousin to the Bedazzler, perchance?

    P.S. "sewer" ... *hee-snort*

  5. Fabulous! You know, those don't look like jeans from my monitor. They look like blue tweed. Rich Vintage Traveler casual style! Love your description of the nicotine color. Kind of reminds me of a smoker's fingernails. ewww!
    I haven't had the thrill of using a Button Magic kit. I need to finish paying off my Easy Bake Oven first.

  6. LEGS!!! You look absolutely stunning. Nope, never used Button Magic. I could do with some sewing magic every now and then though.xxxxx

  7. I shall refer to you from now on as "Crazylegs McHarridan", as really, it is absolutely crazy how fracking long your legs look in those awesome pants!! I have an oversize men's tuxedo shirt that requires cufflinks (which I think is why I bought it), but it's so big in the shoulders and long that it looks like a nightdress. Not sure what to do with it.
    I barely sew so I am impressed that you replaced the buttons on the shirt.

  8. Nice look!
    The pants are amazing.

    Vive Value Village!!


  9. Love your fabulous Beret too! Never used the Button Magic myself.

  10. Looooove the high waist on you!

  11. You've started a trend--I'm certain of it, with the placement of that button on top of the collar! I'm wondering how a man might wear a shirt like this--but I recently dragged home a man's shirt simply because I loved the very, very fine cotton of it.

  12. I love the alterations to the shirt!

    x Peter

  13. I love this outfit, Melanie, super sexy!! The high-waisted pants are divine on you and the shirt/alternation job are super. I love the collar now. xo

  14. First I thought there was some trick to the photo - how can anyone have legs that long? But no, this is real: You're legs are never ending! You look absolutely fantastic in this outfit! The embroidery is so perfect with your blue eyes! Like Curtise, I find it very difficult to wear shirts. If I could, I'd love to wear them with cuff links too. The alterations are such a good idea.

  15. I love the overlapping collars - you are so creative! Thanks for the Button Magic tutorial - I had no idea such a method existed. I can never get back to sewing loose buttons on shirts, so they usually end up quietly moving to their next incarnation at the local GoodWill.

  16. Wow! like the other charming Ladies said - you are Melanie Long Legs!
    Gee! i am so you can imagine how short i am!
    The hight waisted pants is really your thing Melanie
    That shirt is divine, Men do have some pretty cool shirts!

    Have a great weekend

    Ariane xxxx

  17. No, can't say as I ever had "button magic". Interesting that they only came in black, white or tan. Whatta gona do when you need a blue one?!

    This is a great look for you-- the trousers look very chic. Very Annie Hall, if you remember that movie.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  18. I think you may have invented a new type of button collar. You must patent it immediately before I steal it and say it was my idea!

  19. Nope. Never tried Button Magic.
    I really like how the whole outfit turned out, especially the collar. Perhaps you should think about designing a clothing line?

  20. Very cool. It's even better than it would be if you were a seamstress!! The buttons are a lovely color too. I wish I could wear a shirt/pants combination like that. The shirt would be gaping horribly and the waist would be under my armpits, I'm so short waisted. But you, my darling, look magnificent!! I'm trying to remember if I've seen you in suspenders? I love them, can't wear them, and I bet you look amazing in them.

  21. Your extreme slackness worked and as usual, you create magic. And cuff links are dreamy!

  22. "delicious pop of nicotine madness"... c r a c k u p ! And I always wanted a Button Magic when I was little but couldn't afford it. So funny. :-)

  23. You do have legs for weeks! I love those slacks, they're definitely slacks not trousers. Especially with that wonderful shirt - the harsh nicotine yellow against the soft blue buttons is very pleasing.

  24. ohhhh what an amazing buttonsssss!!!

    PD:Love your pants!!!


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