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Monday 27 August 2012

Good outfit posts require a neutral background...

I used this neutral backdrop to bring out the subtle patterns and muted palette of this outfit. Bwa-ha-ha.

This is my Breakfast in the Himalayas look. In this outfit I can also imagine sharing hot apple cider and chocolate croissants with Indy Jones in an alpine chalet. I don't know why exactly but this ultra-polyester paisley vest turned inside-out and worn with my beret always elicits references to the Himalayas and Tibet. Last I checked these were not fashion staples there. Maybe it has something to do with the soft leather belt strapped around my upper torso or the capris?

You'll note the double-bagging, courtesy of a reminder from the magnificent Desiree about the joys of doubling your bag pleasure. My love affair with the heart bag continues...

Details of this outfit
  • silk blouse, several sizes too big, hand-me-over
  • leather belt, thrifted from Value Village
  • vest, inside-out, several sizes too big, thrifted from True Value Vintage for pennies
  • capri pants, side zip, consignment shop Turnabout
  • patent leather shoes, thrifted from True Value Vintage for pennies
  • heart bag, thrifted from Wildlife Thrift store
  • brocade bag, gift for plant-sitting

The secret to this outfit is my shoes, which have invisible hydrofoils on the bottom so I don't actually have to walk, I just skim the top of the sidewalk. And I didn't have to pay extra for that!

The backdrop is courtesy of some mischievous elves who broke into my studio the other night intent on creating me a decent neutral backdrop for some professional-quality studio photos. Weren't they sweet? I don't think they're finished yet - a little more neutrality is definitely required. (Aren't elves that visit in the night supposed to make me new shoes!?)

I'll be prancing about in this outfit at Patti's stupendous Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. I must see you there. Hugs, everyone.


  1. I'm digging the alpine look, Melanie - come visit me in the French Alps and we'll drink rose and eat tartiflette! Love the heart purse, so darling. :)

  2. Love that backdrop. You're so art! Love your mad outfit - and you have the BEST smile ever. You're beautiful. Sarah xxx

  3. I remember this outstanding vest from a previous post early on; I was smitten then!! As I scrolled down today I was startled for a split second until I realized that you did, in fact, have pants on. I love the high belt, too. As I've been cleaning out my closet, I tried that with several outfits to see if I like it on me and I think I do.

    Now if I could just get my hands on those darn elves. I need a backdrop...and some shoes!

    1. Of course - that's why this outfit got so much attention downtown! Everyone thought I was only semi-clothed. Ha! I forgot that these pants have that effect.

  4. Loving the brilliant 'neutral' background. And the idea of double bagging, especially when you include the heart bag, does double the pleasure. Why is it that you are a mood elevator whenever I visit your blog?

  5. I'm with Jean, I thought you were nakkit down below at first, what with that neutral background and how you just sort of blended in with it. You know what? I think that elf in the night was you! You kinda have an elfish outfit on anyways...and that that elfish or what! Aha! Your secret is out.

  6. I would love to have a background like that to use for outfit posts; I would be smiling more, I think. And speaking of smiles, you look so darn pleased with yourself, as you have every right to be, you sassy thing you!

  7. I do see a hint of the Himalayas here. I think it might be the trim around the vest. But please, do not attempt a Buddhist trek across China in those shoes! That would be very painful.
    I love seeing that beret again!

  8. Oh, hot apple cider with Indiana Jones! I feel faint. You look fab of course, Dear Mel, and ready for any kind of Tibetan happening. Thanks for sharing your awesome-ness at VisMon.

  9. So brilliant, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. You look like part of a marvelous painting! I would so hang you in my living room :P

  11. Like Jean, I thought you were trouserless, too! That reverse waistcoat is so cute, the print is very Tibetan and the backdrop is too cool! x

  12. Well now I want HYDROFOIL shoes! What are you doing to me, lady? Taunting me with shoes with magical transportation powers?

    I love the belt worn high up - I do love an empire waist.

  13. Mischievous, paint-wielding elves AND hydrofoil footwear! I'm living in the wrong part of the world - I want that kind of magic in my house and wardrobe too. Or maybe you could catch a couple of elves and pop them in the post to Britain?? When you've finished with Indiana Jones, that outfit also looks perfect for toasting teacakes on a stick over an open fire in the foothills of a Welsh mountain too.

  14. I love the eclectic creativity in this outfit! =)

  15. The elves did an awesome job on the backdrop.
    It's always fun to see what outfit your creative mind will put together next!

  16. Please send the elves to my house when they are finished with yours. I need them here. Thank you.

  17. Hm, hydrofoil shoes would be excellent...and protect the shoes from unnecessary wear and tear. Wouldn't it be wonderful to breakfast in the Himalyas?

  18. You are a work of art! Gawjuss you are!xxx

  19. Oh yes please, gimme breakfast with Indiana in that absolutely fabularsehole neutral ensemble - weeheeeeee!!! Isn't double-bagging the absolute THANG? Pretties in one, junk in the other - fecking brill!!! I copied the idea from an very scary elderly woman I knew as a tiny wee lassie. She used to blow her rather large nose very loudly into the hem of her petticoat. **shudder** - I never found out why she carried two handbags, but double-bagging always reminds me of "Rough Vera" to this day. xoxoxoxo

  20. Melanie, this is superb! With how you have managed to suggest the Himalayas, delicious breakfast, Indiana Jones, and a brief - but intense! - idea of pantslessness, I somehow doubt that hydrofoiling is your only secret, though it is a major clue. You got arcane knowledges, they run deep, yo. To have generated such activity by the Elves of Neutrality also speaks to your wondrous capacity.

  21. Ooh la la. It's very Elvish mixed with Hobbit - in other words, Wonderful with a capital W. :-)

  22. As far as I know the paisley pattern on the vest does originate from Northern India/Pakistan/outskirts of Himalaya... Along with the brocade bag there's definitely a Tibetan feel. The heel on the lovely shoes also slightly reminds me of an ice pick, great for mountain climbing! You must be Indy's dream girl! You look fabulous!

    Do elves fix shoes for all shapes and sizes? Will it take a pay rise to get them over here in Europe? Maybe Indy's croissants and cider will do?

    P.S. I too didn't see the pants at first!

  23. Paisley, breakfast with Indiana, no trousers, double-bagging, hydrofoil shoes and elves? Just a normal, neutral kind of day for you then, my friend! Look at your gorgeous smile! xxxxxx

  24. LOVB the painting (excuse me, backdrop) and those elves have sure been busy. Send 'em over my way.

    I think you should patent that hydrofoil idea on shoes. Why not? Can you imagine the comfort, not to mention the speed???!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary of

  25. Allo Mélanie!
    Yes it is a neutral backdrop!
    Love your double bagging and those shoes fantastic
    Love the Indy vest , very cool, goes nicely with the blue shirt
    I have been getting so much stuff lately, must stop if i want to stop working one day!

    Ariane xxxxx

  26. Is the vest puffy? I always think of Tibet/Nepal clothes as being puffy. That heart bag is the best, I want one!

  27. I want that heart shaped bag, I must own all heart shaped objects in the world!

  28. I love this crazy ass background you painted and your vest with the heart bag has mine skipping beats.

  29. Digging the belted empire waist action and the MJs... :-)

  30. yeah, where are you new shoes? Get those lazy elves on it right away!
    I love the colours in this outfit, fantastic!


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