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Monday 10 September 2012

What to wear for space travel

When I think of space travel I think '60s, definitely the '60s, more specifically, Lost in Space, the US TV series that started out in black and white and then went full-on groovelicious colour. When I saw this tunic I thought of Judy Robinson, one of the show's characters, the eldest daughter of the space-travelling Robinson family, who had a crush on the ship's pilot, Major Don West. Even in my tender years I had hoped that Don and Judy would get it on, but it was a family show...

I have some of the early Lost in Space episodes on DVD, and the soundtracks with their theremins and other assorted creepy monster sounds still send a chill down my back. I'll never forget Will Robinson, the annoying whip-smart young son, telling his family that the alien space ship must be "preprogrammed to swallow visitors." I like to quote that line on many occasions.

I hauled out my go-go boots for this outfit because they seemed to up the space vibe. Who wouldn't wear go-go boots into outer space? Moon boots (and Uggs) are just too clunky, plus teen heartthrob Justin Bieber wears silver moon boots and I'm not exactly a fan, big understatement. And my gold bag could be worn on my head in emergencies to protect from cosmic rays.

Details of the outfit
  • brown velour tunic, thrifted
  • black turtleneck, thrifted
  • black jeggings, thrifted
  • go-go boots, Winners, ultra-cheap because nobody else wanted them
  • gold bag, hand-me-over
  • magic pendant, handcrafted for me by O
The go-go boots were last seen here as go-go-sno boots.
And I thought of doing my Treading Water pose, which I learnt in Miz Bagg's fabulous tutorial here, but it was too late...

Also, thanks, everyone, for your kind remarks about my music video. I know it's crude, oh-so-unladylike, but I just couldn't help myself. That song helped me connect to my inner ditchwater, and I hope it gave you a laugh. And it wasn't really heavy metal - more like punk - but what the heck. I am still committed to spreading light and happiness here on Earth - and in outer space. Yee-haw! The name of my spaceship is Grushenka V.

What would you wear for space travel?...

I'm linking up to Patti's splendorous Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. There is definitely a lot of positive energy over there. All your shining faces are the perfect way to blast into my week. Five, four, three, two, one...


  1. This does have a Lost in Space vibe! You are just so cool! What a creative mind you have.
    My husband and I do a robot imitation where the robot swings his arms and says " Danger, Will Robinson, aliens approaching." Love those campy old shows.

  2. "Earth below us, drifting, falling..."

    "Ground control to Major Tom..."

    I love your go-go boots, Melanie! Just fabuloso!

    To go into space, I would definitely need a silver catsuit. Yup.

  3. I miss that show too. You are ready for any space adventure, my space-booted friend, and you look fiercely good! Thanks for transporting to Visible Monday.

  4. Tin foil. You know. That's what I'd wear for space travel. I know that's not terribly original but that's what was on our television antennae during the original Star Trek, back in the day when I believed Mr. Spock was my future husband.

    I'm pretty sure I've watched enough Project Runway to be able to make a dress from shredded tinfoil with no sewing...

    Amazing boots. The Beebs should be so lucky :p

  5. You are so lucky to have that show on DVD! It was so good!!! I'm a big fan of 60's space age architecture and fashion so you just sent me into the stratosphere with this outfit! Danger! Will Robinson!!!! (big flapping of robot arms)

  6. Oh yes, this is SO Judy Robinson! I still think Dr. Smith had unplumbed depths though. What depravity lurked beneath that quaking exterior?

  7. Oh my dear....your immense creativity never ceases to inspire!

  8. You don't need moon boots. This is SPACE travel, honey, we don't stop.

  9. I think I would wear angel hair for space travel--long and silver and flowing out behind me. I'm wracking my brain trying to remember Lost in Space--enough details sound familiar enough to know that I must have seen some episodes. Do you remember Barbarella?

    You do look like you're ready for a trip to another galaxy!

  10. As soon as I saw your post title my ears pricked up!!!
    I actually have zero desire to go to space, it gives me a sort of claustrophobic fear....but if I fancied it, I can only think that I would wnat to wear metallics and have a big ball shaped helmet, pref with sequins.
    I love your conceptual mind!
    And I'm still waaaay excited about your video!!!

  11. Fun post and fun outfit Melanie. Gosh, i would have no idea what to wear to space, but yes space boots come to mind as do very tight clothes so they stick to the body!

  12. I've never really watched any space series, even Star Trek was a step too far, but if they featured a chick as groovy as you I'd have been an addict! Loving those boots and your killer legs! xxx

  13. Space baby! What would I wear in space? All of Jane Fonda's outfits from Barbarella!I'd have to have her figure first, mind you.
    And talking of figures..look at you, you minx!
    We all love your vid here and I'm sharing it with everyone I know and they are knocked out by it! Cude? Unladylike? Good!xxxxxx

  14. Beam me UP! You go where no woman has gone before.

  15. Inner Ditchwater should be the name of your band.
    You just need a captains hat - or at least big f-off epaulettes now ... the artwork is just delicious.

  16. Lost in Space was a work of genius, to my tiny prepubescent mind. It was set far in the future, in 1997 in fact!
    I often wonder what TV would be like today if that show had never existed.
    It was the first time I ever knew someone could be called "Zachary" (I think he was Sheldon Cooper's evil cousin).
    Thank you Ms Beret for another hilarious post.

  17. Great jumper, is that velvet? Beautiful!

    I watched that show every day as a kid. I can remember thinking some of my first "sexy thoughts" while watching it. Some of those plastic shiny fabrics were kind of appealing. ;) I remember one scene where someone was in a hospital clinic and she was naked underneath a plastic sheet. I was dying to know what that felt like so I got out my mother's plastic wrap and I....

    I must stop there! ;)

  18. I would love to see the 'gold bag as hat!' Your are such a brilliant wordsmith, and the space outfit is equally 'groovelicious.' As is the art that embraces you!

  19. I like the pic of you in Captain Kirk's chair. Star Trek and Battleship Gallactica were my favs. Frak, yea.

  20. I watched Lost in Space every day after school, so thank you for this delightful flashback-inducing post! I really liked the Mom, and wished that mine was like her ;) I do love the space age styles that Andre Courreges did in the 1960's, and your outfit reminds me of those. You really suit the streamlined, futuristic look of a mini and the go-go boots!

  21. Ahh yes, Barbarella and he outfits. Would that I could. Love your interpretation. Your thrifted finds are great. Imagine finding jeggings at a thrift store. Fantastic.

  22. Allo Mélanie!

    OMG ! i have missed a couple of posts and i forgot to watch your video, and i see there is another one, i have to watch those as soon as i get home! i can't watch them at the office, they block any video access - Yes, Yes i too watched Lost in Space in my young days! and yes you do look like her!
    Love you go go boots- excellent nobody wanted them! They were waiting for you!

    Mélanie your abstract art is amazing!

    Ariane xxxx

  23. And forgot to ask you bleached your hair?

  24. Well, I don't think Lost in Space was shown over here, though I have heard of it. But Star Trek - now you're talking, and you could give Uhura a run for her money in the Sexiest Chick in Space competition!
    Love those go go boots, and the tunic is very Courreges (Shelley helped me out with the spelling there!)
    I think my space outfit would have to be something white and silver, but just don't make me wear skin tight lycra!
    Our PC is in computer hospital at the moment and for some reason my iPad won't play your video. I think it must be too fabulous for a small gadget to withstand! I will comment on it just as soon as the PC is back, I am really looking forward to it! xxx

  25. Love it!!!!

    The boots are just great!!

  26. Those boots are amazing and so very Chanel.

  27. Your outfit is amazing . . . reminds me of Tiggy, or maybe those go-go dancers that danced in the cages. It is great to see someone that doesn't allow life to put them into a so-so container. I love that you have so much fun with your wardrobe.
    Keep having a good time!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  28. LOVE IT. The tunic is amazing and the boots are Barbarella and your poses are splendiferous. I am mad with envy for your fab backdrop. And your video is the best thing I've ever seen. Sarah xxx

  29. Greetings, dear Earthling! Go-go boots and a gold bag-helmet are pretty much the ultimate in space travel fashion. I love the way you ever-casually float among the brilliantly galactic worlds of your paintings, and how your hair and sunglasses are echoed by your toecaps.

    Since I slightly over-dressed for work today anyway, I'd go with that - my hair is already tuned into multiple frequencies, plus I've got on comfortable boots. I was utterly inspired by Miz Bagg to Be A Bird for the journey! Thank you, Melanie!

  30. Sue's in Rome, you're in space, no wonder I'm feeling a bit gloomy about being back at work. . .
    But your SciFi post has inspired me and I'm off to rewatch Firefly . . . Thank you!

  31. It wasn't really metal it was sort of riot grrl/punk/experimental and I love it!!
    I used to watch (re-runs) of Lost In Space on Sunday afternoons, I was always amused by the way they used to totter back and forth across the screen whenever there was space turbulence or the planet was suddenly errupting or something.
    Anyway, you look wonderful. I adore your tunic, it looks great on you, especially with the go go boots - perfect for escaping from aliens in xxxx

  32. You look so much hotter than Princess Leia! The boots are the most stylish go-go boots ever - there really is a hint of Chanel about them. The tunic and the gold bag are perfect matches for the boots. You'll be the first space-fashionista!

    If I was to spend my holiday on Mars, or somewhere else in outer space, I'd love to wear one of Ruby Rhod's Crystal green dresses!

  33. Great space outfit. I love all your paintings surrounding you.
    I used to watch Lost in Space allll the time. I don't think I'd make a very stylish space traveler. I'd probably be cold and wearing one of the really puffy long coats. I guess it could be in a metallic silver color though.

  34. Oooooooh look at those gorgeous "no-one else wanted them" boots - they were lost in the shop until you rescued them from certain death. A true space super-heroine would never let such glorious treasures go to fallow ... and the top and tunic is goddamn well truly inspiring! 15 years ago my eldest son and I had a Lost in Space marathon and only recently, The Phoenix and I have done the same with The Stylist ... indeed it must be part of every child's education to see dishes and laundry done by those awesome machines, while fecking gorgeous space-wenches try and whisk off with our tight-panted heroes!!! I want to steal away on your time machine!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoox

  35. I absolutely loved your look! Seriously, it looks straight out of a 60s magazine. Lovely! =)


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