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Wednesday 15 May 2013

She smells her

I saw this outside one of the city's most expensive fashion retailers a few months ago. Had I not seen them exiting the store, I would not have known that they were probably at the perfume counter.

On another note:
I have been sidetracked from my usual rounds of commenting due to corruption - CORRUPTION and VILENESS in my memory stick, not the one in my head (although that one is occasionally corrupted), my computer one. I lost many, many images, including some art project sessions that I haven't posted.

I am trying to let this loss float away, tra-la-la. Cleansing. Yes, cleansing. Um, it's kinda working. I shall visit a pro recovery person to take a look, not at me, at the stick. It's a sign that I should be painting more, not worrying about fecking BACKUP corruption shite.

I lost a back alley shot of the outfit I wore yesterday to go vote, my Kiss of the Spiderwoman Dress from Pao (seen here last), with my new big crappy shoes (at the bottom of this post). Guess I'll just have to wear this combo again, and again for fecking BACKUP, but also because I love it so.

To cheer myself up I went window shopping for a new/used camera this morning. Kinda worked. Didn't buy anything... I'll have to go shopping again tomorrow for BACKUP. Living life in duplicate. Tra-la-la.


  1. Oh no! Sorry about the loss. I read something earlier that was suggesting - that if it's gone, it doesn't exist, so let it go.

    The beautiful thing is that you are creating, so your world will never be empty.

  2. AUGH!!! So frustrating. When we moved from the East coast to the West several years ago we lost a big box of photos. Years and years of memories. Sobbbb! Maybe yours are still in the air & will show up again. I hope so. I'll bet YOUR neck smells Wonderful!!!!!

  3. Arg, so sorry to hear of your images lost. That's so frustrating. We are so leery of technology...then so dependent on the damned thing!

    I think I might have smelled your neck...

  4. Fucking back-up!! My Mac had a melt down last week and I lost tons of work pics. Really set me back. Dealing with an old borrowed computer... Just a pain in the ass!
    becky :(

  5. I just got a cuff from Zalina's Etsy shop (I'll put in my next post) and it has LET IT GO stamped on it. Life is performance art - it happens and then it's gone. And just like life, your memory stick is just a memory. Let it go. Have a cookie.

  6. sorry about you've lost some photos, but glad you're staying on the road, fighting against corruption, painting and sharing your talent!
    besos & backups

  7. Oh NO!!!! stupid stick thing.....I have a love....hate relationship with all things computer and such. I think little pixies come out to corrupt most things I do.grrrr
    Love V

  8. So sorry for lost pictures. Those little computer parts bring me to my knees, I tell ya. Power on, fabulous artist/model/designer and keep stamping out the ordinary!

  9. That is the worst. I am glad you are using great Zen energy to heal yourself.

    Backups...the bain of a regular existence.


  10. It must be a week for technology sucking stuff off into outerspace or wherever it is that it goes. I lost a design drawing I'd been working on for weeks when the network decided to crash--and it corrupted my backup file so it's unusable, too!!

  11. Awww, but at least you have the real thing(s)!!!! Yes! Those shoes and my Mom's dress are totally right for each other and you, as my comment stated when I saw them. Do put them on together and show us all. tralala.

  12. Well you are doing well if you are able to Let It Go. I would be spitting feathers at the loss of lots of images, not to mention the wasted time and effort! Which is doubtless why I am an irritable grouch and you are a beautifically calm and serene artist.
    I like the neck-sniffing story, and the cartoon! xxx

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about all this frustrating techy bs. I love my tech but when it screws up I have no patience for it! I buy almost all of my cameras from B&H Photo or Adorama online. Looking forward to better days:)

  14. Oh Melanie!
    How friggin frustrating!!!
    I've kinda been there and no, I don't back up either.....
    huge hugs and lots of Tra-La-Las :)

  15. Ah yes, we love our technology when it works, and curse it to no end when it doesn't. I have learned to back up, back up and back up. I am sorry you have had to experience this vile and accursed scourge of tech failure. Good luck with the camera hunt!

  16. I think Megan got it right; at least you're creating. But I am truly sorry about your losses, nevertheless. I'm very familiar with your song tra la la, by the way. I even think we might sing it in the same key. Maybe if you copyright it, you'll have lots of money because everyone else will sing it too when their stupid tech-stuff goes to hell. Then you can buy all the cameras you want and things will be better. XXXXOOOO

  17. Arghh Mel I feel for you, that kind of thing is infuriating! So sorry about those lost pictures, but one thing you haven't lost is your creativity thank goodness! Hope you can find a great camera.

  18. Oh Melanie, I would be upset too, I like your philosophy on it though, that it's a sign you should spend more time painting, I think I do get caught up in recording moments rather than living them sometimes. And I don't back anything up either, which is daft of me as I've had technology let me down loads of times. Good luck with your hunt for a new camera. xx

  19. Ugh! Fingers crossed that your computer gurus have had some success with recovering your art projects.

    I bought an awesome easel at my local thrift store yesterday. I'm taking that as my sign to get painting. Blogging, as creative as it is, does seem to pull me away from playing with my paints.

    Sue xo

  20. Argh, technology is not our friend all the time. Those photoshoots sounded gloriously mysterious and glamorous xx

  21. I do so want to see the Kiss of the Spiderwoman dress. I'm sorry you lost your disc. Mine glitch up every once in a while. Frustrating. Mysterious if I can't recall what was on it. Unless it was pics of the cat. Then that calls for high drama.

  22. Ergh. Backing up can kiss my glorious arse.

    But women sniffing each other... that's my cup of tea!

    Sarah xxx


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