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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!!

Grab a fruity drink and put up your tootsies...
The freakish thing went to CUBA!!
We're speaking of course of the
Caressed by tropical breezes
Dipped in the healing waters of the Caribbean
Twirling, billowing, sweeping blindingly white sands

I A E   of

has taken the skirt on an equatorial adventure
See her magnificent styling!!
Go!  G O  N O W!!


  1. The TYS has had a fabulous trip, I'm feeling rather envious... Ariane's photos are lovely. xxxx

  2. my goodness! I was so excited I went immediately! I have always been fascinated with the life of a garment and the stories attached to them - Ariane is perfect in such a beautiful place x

  3. Ariane's photos are beautiful. I want to wear that skirt ... ! M x

  4. I nearly died of sensory overload when I read Ariane's post ... the pics of her frolicking on the beach ... sigh ... aren't we all supposed to be somewhere having the world's first International Fan-Fucking-40-and-Over Convention? I think she's found us our location. xxxxx

  5. oh yeah, Ariane and Cuba and that fabulous freaking skirt! Long may it run : >

  6. Getting the cattle all gussied up for our photoshoot in anticipation....


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