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Sunday 28 July 2013

You've been dress-slapped

All my clothes have been such floaty, twirly MADNESS lately that I haven't been able to stop them slapping passersby at the slightest breezy provocation. Skirts flying into children's gaping mouths, skirts snapping fists clutching laptop cases, skirts skimming head-tops, torsos, and slouchy jeans. Really, it's no laughing matter.

Don't you just love a good flyaway? Nothing maximizes one's bodily air-conditioning better than a maxi. Does anyone realize we're naked under there? Except for underclothing of course. There ought to be laws!

This one is for Patti. Don't get too close or I'll love-slap you silly at her garden party, Visible Monday, unless you've already slapped yourself up. But please, no food products within 50 feet of these flyaway skirts, if you please.

priceless bolt-of-fabric cotton skirt made in India, thrifted, required several hours of mending
gauzy cotton top, souvenir from Athens when I went to my friend's wedding
cotton orange tube top thing, thrifted
platform orange sandals, thrifted

Swoosh. One caress by my magical sidewalk-swept hem and you will be mine forever. Bwa-ha-ha!
I hope you've all had intensely exciting weekends.

There will be a Yellow Skirt update soon - maybe you already know what it is...

PS - After all the Google Friend Connect techno trauma, it seems that it's still working. I could have saved myself the freak-out and had a piece of chocolate cheesecake instead.


  1. Love the flapping slapping orange. This weekend flew by much too quickly. Another one will arrive soonish though.

  2. Oh what a true wonderment of orange floaty sailing skirt..........she is whirling a hello to the yellow travelling skirt.
    Amazing as always Melanie......truly spectacular.
    Love V

  3. Hi Melanie, if everyone in this big ole world would have as much fun with clothes as you, I do believe this would be a truly happy-go-lucky planet. Why it might even be the end to wars and conflicts. You spread sunshine wherever you go :)
    Stay happy!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. love the swooshiness and freedom of a full skirt, you are sunshine x

  5. Ooh, I was just thinking the same as Vanessa - an orange sister for the Travelling Yellow Skirt (and what a lovely holiday she's been having!)
    That's a whole lotta fabric to twirl, and a whole lotta fabulous magic to spread around. What a wondeful colour, I am imagining you spinning around like a whirling dervish until you levitate. Yes, I think that could happen.
    Here's to floaty twirly madness of the orange kind! xxxxx

  6. Ha! Such a funny post. Love that flowing slapping maxi.

  7. Have that piece of chocolate cheesecake anyway. And another one. You've worked for it! The streets are a safer place to walk since your floatation adventures, sprinkling magical gloriousness throughout the land. There's nothing like a cotton maxi to keep the under-bits cool darling:) xoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. ... but the floating is getting so much more dramatic on you that are petit. Hrmpfffft

  9. Swooshing and slapping, well there's my girl! Love this orange, and I think all you need is some wall-guitar to accompany it : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xoxo

  10. Lovely color and swirliness.

  11. I really like how you paired the halter top over the long sleeved blouse. It adds some quirkiness.

    Great colour too!

  12. Such a fun post and orange is so becoming. Love the movement and free spirit in these photos. I just sold a teal velvet skirt like this, mistake. You look vibrant!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog this week.

    blue hue wonderland

  13. I love the feeling of clothing that moves with me. That color is gorgeous! Slap away!

  14. Best way to wear that orange halter thing. I'm inspired, I always avoid things like that (too much me, not enough top). Beautiful skirt, all those tiers, well worth fixing.

  15. Dress-slapped is so much better than bitch-slapped. I like the way you've layered the teeny top over the big shirt - I am inspired!

    You look like a fierce Flamenca in the grainy sepia-ish photo. Excellent skirt swishing!

  16. I wasn't sure what to wear today, and now I think I'll wear a floaty skirt! If only there were schoolchildren about on my walk to work - I love the idea of your skirt in their gaping mouths!

    That orange color is so fresh and fruity, summer madness, champagne magnolias, tequila sunrises. The white shirt really brightens it all up, too!

    I've been meaning to ask people about the Google Reader thing, if anyone has had any trouble. I haven't heard a peep, so all seems to be good. Back to the cheesecake.

  17. This is very modern romantic for me- i LOVE it! I love the white bolero jacket and the whole shape of the outfit. You can dress slap me anytime. As long as we've got a safe word.

  18. You are a swirly twirly orange goodess!! i love everything about this outfit!!
    Floaty skirts are da bomb!!

  19. I have purchased a hat with a foot and a half long feather sewn onto the front at a precarious and eye-jabbing angle. This is a step up from my usual wide-brimmed hat arsenal. It will make its debut on the blog soon. Heads will turn, and if one of them is mine, everyone else better watch out!

  20. You keep shwooshing girl! xoxo

  21. I'm pretty certain that you are levitating. Orange is such a happy color!!

  22. Hallelujah for chocolate cheesecake and dress slapping. At least now I know what to call it when my maxi accidentally topples over the display at the grocery store.

    You've been dress slapped biatch .


  23. OMG! What a fabulous post! you are


    and ORANGE. Dress-slapped indeed!

  24. We both like swirling dresses and skirts. Lovely skirt.

  25. Ah, I guess you kept celebrating my floaty party! Waft on!
    My patchwork "dress"/skirt of a similar tiered style also needs LOTS of repairs. I dragged it along to Art Camp and didn't touch it. Maybe when I travel East on the red eye flight...

    I ACHE to do my beach walk with the yellow skirt... someday...

  26. Melanie I've got visions of you swooshing around how fun, you just have to love it lady and live life and love the clothes we wear xx

  27. Allo Mélanie!

    I adore the idea of wearing that tank top with long sleeves, you such an imagination when it comes to mixing up clothes!
    Orange one of my fav color apart from pink of course:)
    You should do an all pink and pink panther thing, no i'm not crazy, hahaha!

    I saw that you wore that dress i sent you! that is so cool and fits you so well and the color, parfait for you!



  28. I think people will be grateful for a slap of sunshine from your radiant garments. If they aren't then they don't deserve grateful ness anyway. You're so swirly and fabulous. You are a dervish actually, a spiritual being blessing the streets with your voluminous twirling. I did see the yellow skirt went to Cuba. I am insanely jealous of it. Did it ride around in an old car and smoke cigars. Did it drink lots of rum. I hope so. Xx

  29. I fecking LOVE the swooshiness of that amazing skirt! I'm really into tiered skirts right now, and that takes the biscuit! I'm so pleased you are slapping people aboput with it, hopefully slapping a few of them into conciousness!
    The lines of this outfit are splendid, in fact. And the zingy colours! Yeah!
    Swoosh on, sister! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  30. LOVE the movements of the 1st and 3rd ones! Inspiring!

  31. It's the most magical orange skirt I've ever seen! Also I love your shirt layering.

    The brain does funny things when you realize we're naked under our clothes. I think that's why so many of us fear dresses in the beginning, but then it becomes a not-so-secret pleasure to have the freedom. ;)

  32. Dress-slapping?! Where have I been all this time? I need more volume in my dresses - they are way too mundane!

  33. I'll start from the end: chocolate cheesecake is the best. Well , except for the time I had red velvet cheesecake. Next, you are divine in your orange creamsicle concoction. Your silvery hair compliments the composition. After that? As always, your wit and humor make me smile.

    Love you. Haven't forgotten about that sweater. It's got your name on it when I get back home. XXOO

  34. Flowing slapping fabrics are the only way to go! At this Season of Life it also hides a multitude of sins so that I don't have to break a sweat at the Gym.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  35. You are swishy and swirly and look like a tangerine dream!

  36. You always crack me up. I LOVE easy breezy maxis in the summertime. Perfect air conditioning!

  37. oh yeah, love all that orange slap!, twirling and floating like a hippietastic queen!
    stay slapping us with your fabulousness, dear lady!!!
    besos & naranja!!

  38. is it yellow - or orange or yellow-orange. it's a mystery. I would love to be carried away by your breezy floatiness, but sounds like the skirt can be severe and commanding at times too. Don't you love the way a maxi follows you down the stairs, like a Princess's would?

  39. Dig the skirt and love the flapping, I have been slapping my skirts in everyone's business myself lately! :-) xoxoxo!

  40. All that slappin' orange looks great on you...because you're long and lithe AND because you own it with such confidence! I would love to see you swishing by my sidewalk, smacking into unsuspecting passersby! Great combo...something I might even try!

  41. Best Summer Skirt Combo Ever. Ever!
    I don't know as I'd do anything to stop the snap. A lot like popping a wet towel without the consequences.
    "Oh, sorry ... It was this pesky wind!" Maybe watch it around small children (or maybe not, depending) but definitely carry on.

  42. That totally reminds me of a Disney trip when I was 16. I was watching a parade and got slapped in the face by the flowing wings of a butterfly on stilts. I think I did more damage to him than me since he also got caught on my parasol I was carrying.

  43. I dream of Dreamsicles and Melanie! But then my maxis are always hungry for food. That final photo is transcendent.

  44. Magnificent twirly swooshy loveliness!!! Plus, ORANGE!

    Sarah xxx


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