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Thursday 10 October 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and Shoe Shine

The Freakish Yellow Skirt 
lounges in the 
sumptuous Bedouin Love Bower...

after grueling days & nights surveying the Territories 
from the lofty heights of her Mighty Terracotta Steed

Camels, children, and grown bearded men
quake and cry before the Almighty
Freakish Skirt, commanded by SHE-RA

Margy of 

Witness her mastery of this magic fabric
G O!   G O   N O W ! !

Also see Margy's incredible addition to the FYS on her post. Your styling transports us to another world. (You must see her Bedouin Love Bower - I'm not making this up!) And special thanks for doing this on the heels of a family wedding. Remarkable! Hugs.

In other news....Shoe Shine

These are my woolly mammoth boots, which I'm linking up to Bella's Shoe Shine over at The Citizen Rosebud. This is a repost from my previous one, where you can also see these boots laughing in the little video, but you need to make sure the sound is on when you play it.

Thanks, Bella, for the party. Who doesn't love shoes(and boots)?!


  1. Margy really blew me away with her yellow skirt on terracotta horse art installation...

  2. Holy smokes, I'm next! Weee! Can't possibly live up to Margy's astounding adventure, so I will have to create my own.

  3. giggling boots and fab yellow skirt adventures - Friday looks and feels good! x x

  4. Margy's pictures are so good! The skirt has some magic that inspires the most creative pictures. Just noticed the shoes you are wearing with the yellow skirt. Those are some of the finest I've ever seen!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. Have just caught up with the video from your previous post: ticklish boots and a side-stepping seventh dimension creature-friend, my day is now complete. When do the boots get to hang out with one of your Sesame Street coats???
    Now heading over to see Margy's amazing sounding addition to the tysfs.

  6. Those boots WIN this month's Shoe shine!!

  7. Wow, she is incredible!!!! The yellow skirt is so amazing <3

  8. Love the giggling boots AND another brilliant video! Xoxo

  9. looks a little bit like Yeti ♥

  10. I want a Bedouin Love Bower! Does it come with the Bedouin?

  11. See what you started?! Amazing. The yellow skirt truly is magical, and each iteration is perfect, you know? The joy Margie describes is infectious.

    Your yeti boots are freakishly fab. Love you!! XXOO

  12. Oh my Lord. Those boots!

  13. I love shoes and boots...and these might just be the most outrageous ones EVER! Leave it to you to totally rock them!

  14. I cannot get over the gorgeousness of your furry boots (and the bargainous nature of them!) xx

  15. No way!!! Those boots are unreal.



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