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Monday 28 October 2013

Queen of Post-Wit

Now for the details:

In the first photo, that wonderful sparkly hat was hand-knit by Thorne Garnet, sent to me as the winner of her draw quite a while ago, first posted here. The kitty sweater is a DIY first shown here. Some of the photos are stills from video clips, which is why they are not as crisp as I like, caught in motion. The video will have to wait.
News: Lots of fog here. That's all.

And you can vote for me for BEST CANADIAN FASHION BLOGGER?!, although I'm not the sort to write posts on must-have trends. Many of my favourite other Canadian women bloggers are entered too, so, as Ariane put it so well on her blog, Style Sud-Est, "Let's beat the young trendy nymphet!"

And if you still have an urge to click, Rosalind Jana of Clothes, Cameras, and Coffee is in an exciting competition as well, h.club100 for Innovators, Visionaries and Pioneers. You can vote for her here.

Not much writing today - the word well is dry. They'll come to me tomorrow no doubt. The day after I put up my previous rabbit post I was pissed off that I hadn't named it Bad Hare Day. Do you ever do that? Queen of Post-Wit. Have a great week all.


  1. You Canadian girls need to come down here to the lower 48 to show us how it's done!!!!! I'm voting and voting and voting!!!

  2. You've got such style, Melanie! I'll vote for you! Must be something in the fog - I got nominated for a Major Award myself! Cool beans!

  3. fabulous! a beret, a cat, a floral skirt . . . you have all the makings of an award-winning blogger! I shall vote - as soon as I get a reliable internet connection (I know, in New York City, they have crappy internet??) xo

  4. The hat looks good on you. So, of course, I voted for you

  5. I voted for you!

    I just love that cat sweater that you made yourself.


  6. That was the easiest vote that I've ever experienced on the internet!

    The sparkly hat gifted by Thorne Garnet is a beauty. And you're looking very dreamy in these photos. The outfits are great, but your expressions are priceless.

  7. All my favorite bloggers are Canadian - how many can I vote for?! I think I'll start writing favourite in your honor, I mean honour! You rock! What is it that they put in the water up there?

    I love those sunglasses - what an unusual shape, and perfect on your face. That's also my favo(u)rite outfit in this post, although you look bodacious in blue, too. I missed the Bad Hare Day post, so now when I go back to read it I'll pretend that was the title all along. And I'll laugh, oh, how I'll laugh.

  8. So many gorgeous outfits and uniques pieces to comment on it's nigh on impossible at stupid o'clock with a gigantic cat on my lap.
    Always fabulous, you are top dog whatever the poll decides! x

  9. Love the warm sparkly reds and giant pants, the rich textured blues, and the smudgey print of the dress under the kitty sweater. And autumn leaves and boats too! Delicious. I often think of exaxtly the right thing to say/write after the event... xxxxx

  10. fabulousness in layered floating shiny clothes, that's a good definition of your post!!, love your long red cardi and pretty cachemire pants, love your blue color combo and that little fur vest over mixed layers, love your crazy kitty pullover and your stunning talent!!, gorgeous!!

  11. I blather a lot, I'm lucky if I am coherent!
    Your outfits are always amazing, DIY kitty is awesome and the voluminous paisley pant/skirt is gorgeous, oh I love it all! I voted for you too because I think you are awesome! x x

  12. you are your glorious slightly wacky self!1 Love all of your outfits!!
    And congrats on the nomination!!

  13. I have voted, you're my favourite! 3 brilliant witty, glorious outfits. I've a special soft spot for that kitty DIY jumper you clever lady.

  14. Three artful outfits! I do so love the quirky kitty sweater, and the blue mix with furry addition is massively cool.

    I've just returned from 5 days in NYC and am catching up on blog posts. Will be posting about my adventures this week. I also joined the MIB contest, but I have some very stiff competition ;)

  15. The blue ensemble appeals to me in a bag lady kinda of way ... and I mean that lovingly.

  16. Well, I voted for you, but it wasn't easy I can tell you. It must be a site just for Canadian voters, because unless I told them what province I lived in, they didn't want to know. So I fooled them and said I lived in British Columbia (well, I used to). So the fact that my address is in England didn't register at all.

    Never mind. Consider yourself voted for, and well you deserve it too. Just for Services to the World of Blogging you should receive a medal. And maybe a knighthood. Ladyhood? Whatever.

    Tootles from England, which is now in BC.
    Rosemary from

  17. That fur vest look is absolutely incredible! I need to take some inspiration and style my newly acquired one.

  18. Wild and lovely, all...but my ultimate favorites are the sunglasses!!! Kick ass!

  19. You know I count your closet as among the Seven Wonders of the World, don't you? Of course, I am voting for you. Although I am not Canadian. Will they care? Probs if they find out I'm from the Southern USA, they will cancel out my vote. I mean, I'm embarrassed every time my state appears in the news, and voting hasn't worked out too well in our particular redneck part of the woods, but I still believe in the system.

    Kinda :P

    Love ya,

  20. If I have to choose a Top 1 among the 3 looks,
    I'll vote for the Cat-jumper one!!!
    And the "chinese double-happines" rode is a plus! :D

  21. Melanie, I adore these elegantly layered silhouettes and cannot resist some heart-full exclaiming: Blue Sequins! Giant Pants! Furry Collar! Dots and Stripes! Mel-made Cropped Sweater! Floral Maxi! I am also running in circles besides shouting with joy. You're the best!

    (I voted for you of course and they also let me vote for Shelley and Ariane!)

  22. Mission completed and tonight I will dye my hair grey/silver!

  23. Hi Mélanie!

    Good to see you again! You are the queen of layering, such imagination-
    The first outfit is amazing- You are wearing pants or jumpsuit? with tee and cardi -
    About tees i should go in the men section more often and find me an extra large to layer with or wear it as dress -

    How are you feeling these days? Better i hope?

    Miserable grey weather here -

    Take care


  24. There is an unweildy large amount of great Canadian fashion bloggers- why is that? I want to vote- where's the link!!!

    You are so many ways to lovely, and hip and chic and uber cool. Ya ja are, Melz.

  25. I think I've just voted for you - I hope I have (couldn't work out if I also had to register to do so - and thus followed Rosemary the Shopper's tactics above...)
    You deserve garlands, medals, trophies, rosettes and bouquets for the wonder that is your blog.
    (And huge thanks for putting a link to my h.club100 nomination. You are a brightly shining star).

  26. I voted for you (nearly registered myself haha, before I found out that was for contenders).
    I am a big fan of your outfit with the beige sweater and the green/pink/blue skirt. The other two is where our tastes go their separate ways.

  27. Your blogs are so good, I like them both. I'm happily back in my own sewing room for 1st time in quite a while. Have just finished some great new pants and am putting the finishing touches an a very punkette skirt this morning from some jeans recycled from my son. I hope we'll be able to get together for a photo shoot some time? I just emailed you about that. Hope to hear back from you some time. Wishing you all the best from the Sunshine Coast- Paula O'Brien
    painter & photographer


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