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Tuesday 14 October 2014

My Stylish Thoughts and Birthday Bash at Sheila's

In case you missed the addition to my last post: I am featured in an interview in Imogen Lamport's Stylish Thoughts column on her dynamic blog Inside Out Style. If you want to know more about me, "Yesh, shecrets of the schtars!!" have a look. Imogen has had some life changes lately, well worth the read, and while she knows the style rules, she also believes in breaking them. Thanks, Imogen. I feel honoured to be in your lineup!

Now for more business: Sheila's Party!!
Happy Birthday, Sheila!! What a lovely party. Yes, it's Sheila of Ephemera's Birthday Party and I have dressed up special for it. I like these photos so I'm surprised I didn't wreck enhance them. I look a bit like a coconut.

If you'll notice, that's the same bottle clutched in my hand as at your party in 2012, here. It has been entombed in my fridge all this time because it tastes like crap and it's non-alcoholic, at least it WAS non-alcoholic before fermentation... I suppose I don't chuck it because I need something to serve my guests - bwa-ha-ha!!! - and go out of my head at your party.

I'm wearing my thrifted ruffled blouse, because I know how much you like them, and I like to debut new pieces at your parties, in this case that would be the thrifted patchwork skirt, which needs a few repairs, but who will notice after I empty this magic juice into the punch bowl? And that's my old thrifted fringed jerkin. Oh, and a wide suede embroidered belt, old and thrifted.
I'm also hooking this post up to your Shoe Shine 12, Sheila, and to Mis Papelico's Share-in-Style: Favourite Print. My favourite prints change by the day, but at the moment this skirt has my favourite patchwork pattern with some spectacular time-warp prints on its stretchy polyester squares. The skirt is hand-made and very swirly. 

That's all, folks. Have a safe drive home - or why not sleep over with the gang? The key bowl is almost full. Hee-hee-hee.

PS: My fridge is very clean otherwise, honest. 

ALSO, Pao at Project Minima took Turnip Head to see David Bowie at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. She doesn't want to come home now...


  1. Loved having your stylish thoughts! They are fabulous - as you are too!

  2. What a fab interview and a killer outfit! I adore the fringed waistcoat and a patchwork maxi? Yes, please! xxxx

  3. Fabulous interview, you thoughtful stylish woman, you. Love your skirt, save me some punch? xox

  4. Great interview!
    Not sure about the bottle - two years in the fridge? Wow! Sounds like a science experiment.

  5. Great to see your wonderful smile, Melanie, and I'm ga-ga over that vest!

  6. Patchwork, fringing, and some ruffles? Now you're talking! And your gorgeous smiling face too, how lovely!
    Congratulations on the interview, it's great. xxx

  7. LOL Congrats on the interview. It was brilliant.

    Remind me to skip coming over to your place for pre-party drinks.


  8. What a great answer to whether you can describe your style - would love to see your response in paint (or the audio, sung description.) Also very struck by your comment "nothing beats the radiance spewing from someone who has a talent for living". It's definitely a talent that you glow with.
    And that amazing patchwork skirt - surely a close relation of Vix's own-made patchwork curtains?

  9. "Old thrifted fringed jerkin" is my new favorite saying! I just told my dog that he's "mommy's little old thrifted fringed jerkin." And what's for dinner? "Old thrifted fringed jerkin....with Gravy!" I love your patchwork party skirt so much. Heck yeah. I'm spending the night. Such a great interview. You are indeed a Schtar and I am your biggest cray cray fan!

  10. I love this fringy vest, dear Melanie!! In fact, anything with fringes has appealed to me for the longest time...way before it became really trendy again!! P.S. I often drink Martinelli's sparkling juice instead of wine for special occasions because I don't like the taste of alcohol!! So there you each his own, right?! ;)

  11. That first pic is marvellarse! I'd love to share a bottle of champers with you!
    Scrumptious skirt.

  12. Wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll inspiration.
    Thank you so much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  13. I love these photos of you!! There's nothing like red ruffles and patchwork to bring some funk to a party, and your smile is just radiant. I will read the interview later, but wanted to post a comment while I had a minute....

  14. Love the skirt and the blouse. Not keen on the fringe (sorry, but I know you don't care anyway).
    Your face looks so beautiful in these pictures.

  15. You know how to party, girl. I'm knocked out by your exuberance. And so many moveable pieces. Shake it, yeah. I like this head the best.

  16. My father kept large bottles of grape juice around for so long that they fermented. He liked it, and drank them all.

    He doesn't dress as cool as you, though...

  17. Gurrrrrrrrl, see u at the party!

  18. Wow that's some outfit! You look super in these colours! Happy Birthday!

  19. Congrats on the feature at Imogen's! You are a schtar of the highest magnitude!

    Thank you so much, my dear, for this lovely birthday wish! You couldn't be more rufflicious!

  20. Always so wonderful to see your beautiful, charming and always artistic and creative self! Now I'm off to read your feature at Imogen's!



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