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Monday 20 October 2014

The photos that busted out

If I make my blog photos BIGGER, surely they must be better. Surely I am VISIBLE now. Look out guys at Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style because I'll be HOGGING the WHOLE PLACE with my HUUUGE photos and BIG FACE.
Of course you can see me, hear me, smell me if I am moving, loud, bright, and you've caught me just after a mug of strong coffee. B&W works too if it's huuuge. How unutterably annoying it is to see these unprofessional, pixelated photos leaching obnoxiously past the margins into my carefully groomed sidebar.
But this does raise an issue - I've been thinking of w-i-d-e-n-ing my margins. gasp. Seriously.
I like the sense of s-p-a-c-e I feel on blogs with a wider margin. Maybe some of YOU have wide margins. GASP!

[Miracle Secrets: Add Inches to Your Margins Overnight and Eat Anything you Like!]
My hair up there reminds me of those newspaper cornstalks we used to make in primary school - just pull for instant vertical extensions. I stretched the image of course; the unadulterated version is the same, minus the head sprout. I don't like the facial expression, but thatsa why I lika, all those little dewlaps doing downward dogs. Wearing DIY bagged-out jeans with eyes on knees, sweeping velvet opera coat, black Olive Oyle army boots (not seen), and some other stuff, forget, not worth it... As long as you can SEE me and SMELL me and WATCH me MOVE in general. [Don't sing that song in your head, you know, the one by The Who that goes, See me, feel me, touch me, heal me...]

Thank you, Sally, of Already Pretty for linking to my post "Trouble posting my face" on your Lovely Links on Friday. That woke up my stats for sure. You can always find a smorgasbord of food for the brain, bod, and soul over there. 
Thanks to Gorgeous Rebecca Harasym of Winnipeg Style for the Vedette Shapewear piece I won in her giveaway a while ago. ALERT: She is giving away a piece every month. Entry is international and the latest deadline is Oct. 26. I'm not showing my faaaabulous piece here (love it!) because it's, well, it's an undie. Normally I'd wear it on the outside but it's not appropriate for this school-marm blog, even though it's pearlescent beige. Or wait till I've finished my drink (see previous post). Rebecca has AWESOME style - I MEAN IT!
FINALLY, thank you, everyone, for your very generous and kind comments on my interview over at Imogen's Inside Out Style blog, her column Stylish Thoughts. It's too funny that just when you think people must be bored by you, opportunities come around and people show up at your door with big smiles. Well, here's big hugs BACK!!!
Have a great week!! I'm knee-deep in words so won't be skipping about quite so much, but you'll be on my mind. (NO NO! Especially don't sing that song by Willie Nelson in your head... Don't DOOONT'T. Relax, don't do it... Gaaa. )


  1. Arrggh, I have Willie and The Who as ear-worms! An unlikely pairing, yes? Thank you for sharing your fabulous head with Visible Monday. I think your hair is dreamy, btw. xox

  2. Bored with you?? Nevah evah Dahlink! More Melanie , bigger Melanie, bust out of the screen!!

  3. Oh, you are having way too much fun! But meanwhile, I'm bouncing from Willie in one ear and Frankie in the other. Who can ever Relax with all that on one's mind. . . .

  4. Oooh, lucky you winning one of Rebecca's monthly Vedette draw! Congratulations! Congratulations on being featured over at Imogen's. Congratulations on being linked through from Sally's blog! H***....congratulations on having 'hugest' pictures here on your bloggy Mel! I will be thinking of you when I'm down dogging tomorrow! OMG...I'm supposed to feel serene in down doggy...but I just might be bursting out with laughter... s'all good, 'tis all good!

  5. That head is like a massive Cone Head. You must have to duck every time you enter a room. I bet you can never find a hat that fits! Is that planets I see circling your head??? LOL ; )


  6. Eeeek, your nostrils are huge now! Please don't make your margins too much bigger. I look at blogs on my netbook, and some blogs barely fit (I'm lookin' at you, Curtise). Of course, I can use my scroll bar, but the effort inflames my rheumatiz.

    But seriously now, there should be blogs linking to you every day - you're the coolest creative genius on the Nternet!

    1. Sorry, Val, but I like my blog layout just the way it is, thanks! xx

  7. HUGE head! I like big photos, you get to see details, I have to squint at the teeny tiny pics some people post. Everyone's blog is their own affair, to design as they wish, no? And the content is more important to me anyway. So sure, go bold, go big! I'm glad you are feeling the love, Mel! There's a song in there somewhere... xxx

  8. I like big photos too and have tried to figure out how to make my margins wider but no luck so far. Take up as much space as possible Mel!!!

  9. Oh jeez, I think that song is stuck in my head now....again! I need it plucked out like a cornstalk yank.
    I need to go check out your interview!

  10. What a hair fluff you have going. Are you teasing it?
    Actually I'm going the other way and making my photos as tiny as possible. That way you can't see them very well. Plus they're fuzzy. Although I do enjoy your big bang photos expanding all across the universe...que music. I love your latest interview, especially all the pix from the archives. It was fun to read about you as if I was a stranger to you and your blog.

  11. Ha ha - brilliant! LOVE the cone head. I try to keep all my images the same width, which usually means resizing each and every one in HTML before publishing a post....they're as wide as they can be without stretching out my entire blog.

  12. I love seeing bigger pictures of you, the cone head is just brilliant.Take as much space as you need, you are the boss! xxx

  13. I have wide margins, and yes, you may be jealous of them. I learned a little HTML back in the day, and did it! I missed your special brand of whackitude while in bella Italia!

  14. Oh how I've missed you! It's so much fun to catch up and find you even 'bigger' in my life than before I left on my adventure. You are stunning, no matter the size of your photos!

  15. I do like a wide blog … but where to put all that other stuff >>>>
    if you do????
    Your BIG photos are great though :0)

  16. super blog...

  17. Oh, hiya ! Long or squished, big or little, always happy to see what's going on in your always interesting psyche! Really excellent photos ... just glad to see your face.

  18. Stretchy, stretchier, stretchiest. I'm reeling dizzily, in the bold, space-going spaceiness going on here.

  19. yay for bigger photos! I fell like you're having fun in my room!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  20. Love that second shot - what could be better than a larger-than-life Melanie? I need to visit this blog more often; it always guarantees a good giggle! Off to read that interview!

  21. Dear Sweet Magnificent Melanie, I have not visited for so long . . . I forgot just how excitedly vibrant you are. I love the photo that you started your October 5 post with. That deserves a blow up. So creative:) I love how freely you live your life and consider you one brave and wonderful example of pure creative freedom. I could never be so courageous, but love tagging along on your adventures. Bravo . . . for having the guts to be the person you are meant to be and not someone else's idea of who you should be. Bravo! No, BRAVO!!!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  22. Bored is not a word I would associate with you. Ever.


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