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Monday 3 November 2014

Man pants and hat attack

Fake Flamenco in man pants at the power station.
STARTLED ROOSTER. i'm having such a good hair day with this ruffled mess nesting on my head I'm squawking my way over to Judith at Style Crone for her latest hat fight, i mean hat attack #16. bring it on, birds. too bad I didn't get a good frontal shot. oh well.

next. piling it high and deep. you can't tell one piece from another. all thrifted.
Aya of Couturgatory wore the Turnip Head on her Twitter. Her own head was refusing public appearances that day. Thanks, Aya! Turnip Head has handed in her resignation to go sing in a nightclub. 
too much perfection to comprehend here, hip-slung man pants with sailor/mime front flap. these pants are from Jesus, his monogram is inside the waistband, hand-made, but the number of buttons is troubling because this flap is the only way in and out. very heavy black linen. i'm in a phase-shift to black & white, with colour bombs in between, obviously. my tux blouse, unironed, as were my thoughts today. i wore my black velvet opera coat on top. i would have worn my black olive oyle army boots with this instead of my shiny brown buckle slip-ons if i had the energy to reach the top shelf. all thrifted of course. and dark red lipstick.

Also, if you missed it, check out Skye's Tacky Manifesto on her blog My Kingdom for a Hat. She writes: "I am Fashion's worst and loudest nightmare, because I refuse to flatter my body at the expense of my soul." Well said. 



  1. The rainbow wig, the Pants Of Many Buttons, the customized boots! I love everything you post, but mostly just adore you ('cause you make them all look amazing).

  2. Oooh! I love man pants and mohawks!

    ^^ Exactly what Sheila said "You make them all look amazing!"

  3. The shot over the green lake (?) makes me think of the wonderful word " oleaginous". I did think it was "oleaceous" but fortunately was corrected by autocorrect, who got something right for the first time in a million years!! Klaxons are sounding! Of course we all know that oleaceous is a family of trees :-/
    The man pants, yes please! Although all those buttons...hmmm.
    The background on the first pic is quite space agey with those odd tubular extensions. Now THAT would make a good hat Attack! xo JJ

  4. Luuuurve those pants and your fancy head! Brilliant as always, you. xox

  5. Melanie, you are divine! Your startled rooster hair thrills me. As does your colorful ensemble and then the switch to black and white. You cover the bases with your style and your "unironed thoughts." I am honored by your Hat Attack participation!

  6. Oh MAN!!! Pants! I had a pair like that once and it was a race against time whenever I had to pee! I do love them though. And your scribble peace eyeball rooster outfit just slapped me across the face. I love you so much! And thanks for introducing me to Skye.

  7. Sympatico! :D

    I don't think I've seen that high-collared rainbow jacket before, but it looks like a Melanie original. I'm entranced. I love it already even more than the jacket I sported in my Turnip Head photo. Hah!

  8. From monochrome in man pants to crazy rainbow head to colourful layers and prints - Mel does it all! Those trousers are very elegant, look at all the lovely buttons. You look rather Victor/Victoria - which is A Very Good Thing! xxxx

  9. Dressed Her Days Vintage and Style Crone tipped me off to Bag and a Beret - I love visiting for a smile and to marvel at your endless creative artistry! Thanks for coloring the world a little more special.

  10. Saw this and burst into song:

    ♫rainbow hair

    rainbow hair

    throw away that nair

    I got rainbow hair

    I'm having fun

    put away that gun

    just had to share

    I got rainbow hair♫

    I enjoyed the yin yang of all that color against the black and white,Ann

  11. "un-ironed thoughts" - oh, thank god I'm not the only one who never irons...
    That's a really scary quantity of buttons for those moments of cross-legged desperation. Requires advance planning, yes?
    And love the high, deep, psychedelic piling, layering and fluting, given ballast by the flaunting of THOSE boots. Great to get another glimpse of them.

  12. Being conservative and .. a black&white lover... I really like the last look. Had such trousers myself. You will get used to the buttons. Believe me.
    Your coloured head piece is fun.

  13. "I refuse to flatter my body at the expense of my soul" - I love that! My goal when getting dressed in the morning is to achieve both, some days are more successful than others.

    I adore a good tuxedo shirt - pleated perfection! I like the severity of black and white, especially with a slash of red lipstick. Just what is that rainbow confection on your head? Whatever it is, it is obviously a catalyst of joy and inspiration.

  14. Quite right! I agree wholeheartedly with Skye, I don't want any constraints with how I dress either, I do spherical a lot, I like it, very swishy! - I like everything you are wearing too, those buttoned pants are especially divine and the startled rooster - and your boots....*must stop namechecking every single piece* x x x

  15. oh my, oh my. I think I'm having an anxiety attack, or what's that thing they caution you about at the movies because they're going to flash a strobe light at you...? That's what's happening. You're so dazzling and darting and daunting and dangerous. Yes. ahhh, and then the calm of black and white. Or is it light and dark? Whatever. It's all in the details of tucks and buttons, isn't it?
    Now, were there words with this too?

  16. That last look is killer on you, Melanie. I love how you can flip from this to raucous colour and patterns. I don't iron either. I have a good friend here who spends half her life ironing ... Everything. It freaks me out.

  17. you rock black&white as nicely as color bombs!, love your layered and colorful outfit, and also love that white shirt and black pants one, yes, those pants are fabulous!

  18. I'm LOVING your man pants look....and the hair.....very Tilda Swinton. LOVE.


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