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Sunday 9 November 2014

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!!

flOwErS   e x pl o d i n g   spewing
with joy in s'miracle of LIFE
from One to Two TWO
happiest warm clouds & sunSHINE to
ethereal   beauty

Linda at

== teeny little feetsies and fingers curl ==
the fuzzy soft of new wee 
in mama's loving arms.
welcome to the world
G O !   G O  N O W ! ! !

This is new territory for the Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show... Despite my best efforts, I feel that Beauty Pageant Moment, which I usually make fun of at every opportunity, when I see Linda in these photos. That's love and joy right there, folks. How cool is it that the skirt was along for part of the ride. Love and hugs to your whole family. How you managed to fit this skirt into your wild ride I'll never know, but I'm glad you did. XO. Linda also includes a mini photo gallery of everyone who has worn the skirt to date.


  1. Oh, this is too wonderful, Melanie.

  2. Thanks for the link-up Melanie. How lovely to read that the yellow skirt is still traveling!

  3. I am so into following this yellow skirt!!!! I love it! She did an amazing job with it :)

  4. I love these shots of Linda, and having wee Stanley along for the photo shoot is extra special. xxx

  5. Very,very beautiful photos of mam & baby. <3

  6. Lovely photos of Linda and little Stan, and I think the skirt has soaked up some joy spending time with those two.

  7. How absolutely lovely and kind of you. . Thank you for the burst of positive yellow energy!!! My blogging mojo is returning! I'm honored to have worn her royal yellowness. Xxx

  8. Ah, the best pictures of a mom and her beloved ones! And it's wonderful to see the Skirt again. xox

  9. What a wonderful gallery of photos of all the original ways to wear just one yellow skirt. Oh if it could only talk the stories it would tell.

  10. Ooooo, now the suspense is killing me - the TYS as a birthing blanket? Can't wait to go see, after I try to prove I'm not a robot. Fortunately the engineer who created me programmed an algorithm for just such an occasion.

  11. I checked out the yellow skirt. Moving story.


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