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Wednesday 8 October 2014

the post with the spaceheads and guy theme

My big head on a spooky rebel girl sketch I made this summer.

Speaking of big heads, below is a cartoon I drew in 2011. I've known lots of people like Big Head Guy; in fact, I've had planets revolving around my own head from time to time as well.

Keeping with the guy theme, those are man shoes, my first attempt at velvet painting - well, my backing has a very soft nap like velvet but it's probably upholstery fabric - painted a couple of years ago, acrylic, 3' x 4', and forgotten about it until I stumbled across this photo. Now the piece is rolled up. It's odd how something that was so energy-focused during its creation can be easily forgotten.
My friend, Corey Hamm, won Best Classical Recording of the Year at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards on October 5. How cool is that? His CD is The People United Will Never Be Defeated! composed by Frederic Rzewski. It is on sale at Redshift Records, CDBaby, iTunes, Bandcamp, and from him personally. His Facebook page is here. Congratulations, Corey! 

Corey has been on this blog before here when I photographed him at rehearsals with the Vancouver Symphony with Maestro Bramwell Tovey and composer Jordan Nobles.
Thaaat's better. It's so nice to take off my mask once in a while and let my real face breathe.
Below are the shots before I took off my mask. Not so very different really.
What I wore today:
Blogger won't let me upload the photo of this outfit on me, so you'll have to make do with this one of the detailing. [Edit: I tried again and got my photo up below.] It's is a vintage maxi robe/coat lined in mint green light linen, which I belted high over my jean jeggings, high-heel Miu Miu boots, and oversized Jimi Hendrix T-shirt. There was a cool Beatles-in-India feel to this, and although I didn't feel the full vibe myself, this was one of those outfits where the beauty is more in the eye of the beholder. Who knows why.
This is a long post. Whew. I hope you're all having a great week. 


  1. Those dolls cost a fortune. Can you get me yours with a discount?

  2. Tee hee hee - that first picture is so funny! The second one is just creepy. Thank god you dispelled that karma with the robe - totally Magical Mystery Tour in a Purple Haze kind of way. Your painting is so good, the shoes look real. Are you going to link this up with Shoe Shine?

  3. Wonderfull photos ! Your ideas are amazing.:)

  4. Oh those Big Head photos are so brilliant! The first one is very Lady Penelope.
    Yeah, I think I've met a few folk (not just men) with Big Head Syndrome...
    Love your shoe painting, and the lacework on the robe is gorgeous - it's a dressing gown, isn't it? But far too lovely to leave in the bedroom! xxx

  5. Love it! That bathing cap is so friggin awesome.

  6. LOL my husband has a head with planets around it. He calls himself the centre of the universe! LOL

    You look like one of the space aliens from a 1950 science fiction movie. Imagine trying to find a hat to fit on that head!

    I need to find a bathing cap like that.


  7. Absolutely stunning robe and boots!

  8. That robe! And that swimming cap - I'm blown away by your art. Love the Big Head series, including his two books of revelation. xox

  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is genius I love itttttttttttttttt

  10. Well done to Corey! That's an amazing achievement.
    Loving the shoe sketch and a tad scared of the Melanie big-head doll. xxx

  11. GAH! Your Big-Head-You doll is so funny, and creepy, and cool, and, and, and. It's like you are the child of the Martian Girl played by Lisa Marie in "Mars Attacks"! I know a couple of people who are the centre of their very own universe, and believe they should be the centre of everyone else's too. The shoes are perfect - I wish I could wear pointy ones like that.

  12. I had a boyfriend who always wore shoes like that. Come to think of it, he had a big head, too.

  13. I swear your big head guy comic is about I dude I know. Ugh..

  14. big head and big eyes pics look awesome and disturbing, which I love!!
    also love your velvet painting and obviously love your robe embroidery and textures, and that hippie-ethno vibe.
    besos & arte

  15. I was left speechless the first time round this post of pix. Dazzled. Your range of ready-to-wear heads is astonishing, as well as the mix and match clothed body accompaniments. Truly. I adore the big shoes painting on fabric. I believe they're mine...? I think Blogger cut off your heads in your last pix of before & after flashing.

  16. I'm sure I saw you in an episode of Star Trek. I said to myself, now that's one of the sexiest aliens I've ever seen!

  17. You can make yourself look very spooky indeed. That first picture... brrrr...
    How does the cartoon of the man with the big head end???


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