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Wednesday 3 June 2015

DIY on Time, and Hat Attack

Bag and a Beret and DIY watch pendant
Put it on schweetheart, move that ass right out the door, and glorify in your punkitude. There's no time for second-guessing. People like it or don't like it; I can only dress for myself. And wearing this? Well, I feel friggin' fabulous.

The vintage pleated silk skirt, made in Italy, feels like a million bucks. I've worn it before with an ivory silk blouse with puffed sleeves, pearls, and black ballet flats, but there's no way that chic vibe was going to cut it with this pimptastic DIY pendant. 
Bag and a Beret, DIY pendant, vintage silk skirt
Clomp, clomp, clomp. Make way for the glitter booties or face the consequences.

  • thrifted Pancaldi & B black silk pleated skirt, vintage, made in Italy
  • Middle Aged Kitteh DIY farked black T-shirt
  • thrifted black T-shirt under layer for warmth
  • DIY pendant, winner of the men's "My Watch is Bigger than Your Watch" contest
  • turquoise tights and glitter booties, retail
  • made for me by O: magic loupe and hinged bracelet
  • pearls, retail long ago
  • hair clip won from Shelley at Forest City Fashionista, made by Kayla Gibbens, work can be found HERE
With this hair clip, I'm linking up to Judith's Hat Attack 23 at Style Crone. Did you see that awesome whirlwind on her head? Swoon... My hair was feeling lazy today so I gave it a hand with this top-sider ponytail.
Melanie Kobayashi with DIY watch pendant
The Tag Heuer men's watch retails for about US$6,000. This one? Free; rather, it's priceless because I made it. And I always know the time is 10:09. O made the jump rings for me so I didn't have to spend a packet at Michael's craft store. I made another pendant at the same time for a later post.
Closeup of DIY watch pendant on Bag and a Beret
Your comments on the onesie cracked me up. You'll be surprised to know that I haven't seen a single onesie in this entire city ever and would be shocked to see towns crawling with them. How could Vancouver, of all places, miss out on this slackeriffic trend? Crocs with it? Yes, please, in lime green or raspberry! 

Finally, thanks to Sally at Already Pretty for the shout-out in her Lovely Links on Friday for my tartan jacket upcycle, and to everyone else who linked to me - I often don't know who you are but I know you're out there. Mwah. 

I have a heap of work headed my way so I'll be offline for a bit, but your visit has been awesome - I just wish I had more drinks and hors d'oeuvres - perhaps some cheese nippies. And I can't forget big thanks and awkward hugs to my new subscribers. 
Bag and a Beret, Turnip Head sketch
Going through my journals I came across this sketch, a version of Turnip Head in that aqua dress from the Who Wore It Better post. How I would like to have tea with you in that world. Have a great week.


  1. Nobody is more creative and wonderful than you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. very interesting clothes. I like to the picture of a teddy bear. Http://

  3. Flava Flav eat your motherf*ckin' heart out.
    What a fabulous ensemble, love, topped off with that pixelated bow from Shelley...awesome.
    Never seen a onesie on out the streets. Ye gods. Vancouver must be the place to be. No high street in The UK is without a gang of teenagers in tiger onesies.

  4. Oh, just divine. How awesome to always know what time it is! Yes, I did meet up with Greetje; she is mahvelous.

  5. i´ll bring some elderflower sirup for your tea party!
    (will make some this weekend - it´s time!)
    have to show the watch punk to hubby - he loves watches but hates that "big like a kitchen watch" trend. and of cause do i love your outfit - plissé skirt is always fab!!!

  6. Looking fabulous too , those sparkly booties are just sensational.
    The watch the perfect finishing touch and never without the right time.
    Thank you for your kind comments,

  7. I Got Time - for your funk-tastic style. It's all good, and I love the hair bow, I need that. xox

  8. I want to know what you made that honkin' watch out of. Flava Flav would be pissed you lifted his look. Of course he doesn't have the pixilated bow in his hair....YET! I'm sure he'd steal that off you in a second.

    I want to be sitting in the forest with the kitty cat wearing a dress too.

    You remind me of a school girl from a Stephen King novel in this. I can't tell if you're going to start skipping and singing or push me down and walk over me with those sparkly boots.


  9. A great look! The pendant is a piece of art, of course. How wonderful to always know what time it is, and always in the morning, or then again the evening if one chooses.

    Your hair clip from Shelley, along with your top-sider ponytail, made my heart sing. Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

  10. I must have one of those hairclips!!!

  11. Two things gorgeous one. Firstly can we have a full shot of the Middle Aged Kitteh! Tee and 2) would you consider uploading to a cafe press style service - so adoring fangirls might have something similar? Your D.i.Y Tees are the bomb. I realise I should be shoved into creating my own - but but but - I wanna MBAG Orig... x

  12. Wow, you look fab!

    I love the skirt and pixelated hair clip, but the pendant is bloody brilliant!

  13. Another punkishly-perfect outfit! Glad to see you're getting some wear out of the pixelated hairbow (nice tribute to Pebbles Flintstone, BTW). Fecktastic giant timepiece you have there - I think 10:09 is an excellent time, both AM and PM.

    I wish I could be out there playing dress-up in the alley with you!

  14. it's too hot here for onesies, thank you humidity (thought I'd never say that)

    another awesome outfit.

  15. You're giving Flava Flav a run for his money with that bigass watch! I love the graphic elements mixed with the soft lines of the clothes, then the punch of the bitchin' shoes. You are the best.

  16. You did it yourself, very creative lady.Bravo! :*

  17. Your watch is CLEARLY bigger than mine. Humph!
    Oh I love your pixelated bow- I was totally going to make one of those out of my hama beads as I saw one on etsy and you have totally reminded me of that! Cool!!! I've made way for the booties, we are not worthy!!! Such Glitterati! My silver mirror-ball ballet pumps on the day are not worthy!x

  18. This may be my favorite watch since Salvador Dali. You are too adorable. Love your little sprouted pony tail. And what a sweet little turnip head painting. You just made my day. Have a lovely time off. XXOO

  19. A pineapple hairdo with extra pixelated bow? A fuck-off enormous watch? A ladylike silk skirt with mahoosicve ankle boots? Why, it's just another day at the office for our Mel!
    Oh yes please, I'd love to visit Turnip Head's world and take tea with cats dressed in frocks, sitting under huge sunflowers. Trippy-tastic! xxx

  20. Dear Melanie, While packing for our next big adventure, my travel buddy found a Tag Heuer watch we bought in Saudi Arabia. "Should I toss it? Or keep it? I told him to keep it when I saw your $6,000 Price Tag!!!!!!

  21. And friggin' fabulous you are, girly-girl. The bow is beyond anything.
    Just stopping by for a dose of artistic anarchy that you somehow always make seem so reasonable. Feeling all better now, just from stopping by! Thank you, Mel!

  22. The last image is so heartwarming, I would also love to have a cup of tea with you in that world!

    Your DIY pendant is from another world!!! The "digital" bow in your hair only reinforces this impression. The skirt is simply gorgeous, and so are you!!! Lots of love, Melanie xxxx

  23. And I with you. I am SWOONING over that skirt!

  24. I would LOVE tea with you in that world too! and I would coo endlessly over you and your fab-tastic outfit, your pixelated bow (the cartoon-esque majesty makes me swoon, love it) and your slamming watch - will miss you while you are super busy, there won't be enough cheese nippies to console me, I look forward to your return Melanie x x x

  25. Lewis Carroll had nothing on you in terms of playful/inventive use of time pieces.
    White rabbit: nil.
    Melanie: timeless (or time less).
    Why do I never encounter anyone looking as amazing as you sauntering out for a coffee??

  26. So fragile and petit! And I am so jealous!

  27. Killer necklace! Great job on it. Not surprised that it kicked ass in a contest. :D I'm diggin the hair bow, too!

    - Anna

  28. Very Flava Flav with that watch necklace!!! That skirt is gorgeous!!!!

  29. you rock!!, and love your bijouterie, you've got best watch ever!, with a very neat message!
    (Loving your red onesie too!, fabulousnesssssss)

  30. You are right, this is a fabulous outfit. The shoes work so well with the skirt. Your necklace is a show stopper, a conversation piece. Love it. Strangely enough it took me some time to see it was a watch haha. I was so concentrated on the red words, I didn't see beyond. Missing the pun at first. Got it now. Have a fun work week. Be sure you finish before the end of July.

  31. (in my best Flava Flav voice) Yeeeeeahhhh booiiii!!!!!

  32. You are OOAK, dear, leaving me with amazement every time!


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