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Sunday 21 June 2015

Do you know the secret handshake?

Mel Kobayashi sees a giant space cat
"Oh geez, it's a spaceship with a giant space cat! Wait'll I tell my friends about it! They won't believe it!"

  • thrifted stretchy graphic-print bell bottoms, high-waters style. I bought them knowing they were overpriced at $20. I hate when I can't resist, especially when there's a good chance the item is freaky enough to end up on the $5 rack if I wait. But they're mine now; I take comfort in that.
  • super discount platform running shoes from Topshop last year
  • thrifted Jimi Hendrix T
  • thrifted long-sleeve white T
  • magic loupe
Mel Kobayashi wears clothes to play at the fort
Hey! Youse guys, wanna rendezvous later?! I can stay out till dark, almost 9:30, on account it's being almost summer. Parma town! I made a sign for the fort: "Boys Will Be Fart-Bombed!" And I gotta show you the new secret handshake and my glitter banana seat - looks neato with the sissy bars. Listen for my whistle and meet me at X. Catcha' later alligators. Peel out!

I want to remake the movie ET but with a gang of middle-aged women tearing around suburbia on bicycles with sissy bars and cereal box clickers clothes-pinned to the spokes. And no ET creature. I'm thinking a giant cat from outer space instead. Are you in or are you out? Got any plot-line suggestions?

Melanie Kobayashi tries her hand at directing...
CUUT!! This director is crap. She's fired before she's even hired. 
......This post is what happens when I have absolutely nothing to say. 

OH, except this:
Card of Mel Kobayashi by Suzanne Carillo
Suzanne made this awesome card with me on it! In fact, she has made a series of cards featuring bloggers. She definitely has a talent for capturing the nuances of each person's personality and style. Check out her Instagram HERE, and a post she did HERE. (Edit: the cards are now on Suzanne's Etsy shop HERE.)

The day I got the card I had received a semi-trollish comment, which, after some thought, I deleted. Bink! Gone. Easy. The card arriving when it did was spooky. Thanks, Suzanne!

I spent this evening space-bagging (vacuum-packing) winter clothes and other clothing I haven't worn for a while. The closet feels so much  b e t  t  e  r. Sigh. It doesn't devour my hand now when I stick it in. 

I'm getting caught up, I think. Have a great week, youse guys!

PS. I'm going to hook this up to Anne's 52 Pick-me-up: Wild Card at SpyGirl. I think this is a great urban safari look, but since I'm too late for that, I'm going Wild Card. Thanks, Anne, for hosting.


  1. i´m in!!
    start to work on my costume now. any problems with german accent?
    with 17 i would have killed for this trousers - now i´d like the fabric for a skirt. love your ´do!!!

  2. There's actually a movie called CAT FROM OUTER SPACE. I'm in as well but I.demand a hat! And graphic trousers. You look Bloomin marvellous in this! It all works magically.x x

  3. I'm in too. And I second you on the feeling of space-bagging. It's the best thing ever to clear the closet space of unseasonal clothes at the end of each season. Sometimes I jump the gun a little though and end up shivering for a week. It's my sneaky way of convincing myself that actually, my wardrobes aren't cluttered after all, and maybe I could even do with more clothes....bwahaha.

  4. Those flares are magical...and you're right to feel good they are yours NOW. Sometimes it is worth spending a bit more and not waiting for the discount....I really like the graphic print tee...and the amazing shoes.

    I'm totally in for that scaring of the neighbourhood with a cat instead of an E.T. I don't have an E.T anyway but I'm sure I can get hold of some cat. There is this cat I call monster that comes to my door occasionally, she is not domesticated and is a tad crazy but that makes her even more perfect for the job...and did I mention she is enormous? like freakishly big?

    I love your illustration...I want to meet that director (but not work for her just hang out with her while she bosses other people around;)

  5. Love , love your card! It's you, one in 7 billion. Yes, I'd love to bicycle around with you, cat in my basket, raiding one thrift after another. xox

  6. It would have been a crime to let those pants get away.

  7. Those pants + that tartan jacket you refashioned = bliss

    I think I'll wait for the B+B remake of Priscilla Queen of the Desert (it has to be done).
    The cat could be in that too.

    Also - a troll - how droll

  8. "glitter banana seat..." oh does THAT take me back. Sometimes a piece of clothing is just too awesome to risk missing out. Those pants definitely meet that benchmark!

  9. I promise to learn to ride a bicycle just to be in your movie (I want pink glittery streamers on my handlebars too, and a bell). Yes, we'll be all funky and fancy, tearing around the streets wreaking havoc, and collecting cool offerings for our Spirit Animal, the Giant Space Cat.

    I can see why you had to have those pants - they are splendid!!

  10. Let's start the kickstarter campaign for the film. I'll be director if I can wear jodhpurs, thin moustache and have a megaphone.

  11. Hahaa, love that movie idea! I have some clothes pins I can donate.

    I'm puzzling over Parma town - we have a ParmaTown mall here. I googled and googled and couldn't figure it out. Reference to parma ham?

  12. Vizzini volunteers to be the Cat from Space! I am so in for that movie - I think we should do some poses for it when the Blogger Meet-Up happens!

  13. Movie Production Update:
    We've just hired Sister Outlaws as the director - she's growing her moustache, heh. German accents are always welcome; accents are encouraged. Vizzini and Ivana's cat are hired - one can be the stunt double. The glittery streamers are on order. We're mapping out thrift shops. And we have a clothespin donor. Hurrah! The publicity department will be on hand at the blogger meetup.

    When I was a kid and something was awesome, we'd say Parma town!! probably as some weird local reference to Parma, Ohio, which was not too far away. Maybe the saying was started by a CKLW radio DJ...?

  14. Love Suzanne's illustration of you - it's perfect! And, those pants are to die for. Here's to thrifting and banana bicycle seats!


  15. You had to have the pants, they had your name on them.Movie plot sounds good, great crew so far , any extras needed thats me.

  16. IN, haha! Can I say how much I LOOOOVE your pants, dahling? mwah mwah. roses, so hot right now. ok now gotta dash, see you at the premiere, love ya babes!!!! *air kiss*

  17. Inspiring and magical, my dear Melanie

  18. I'm in but can the cat not die at the end? I only watched ET once, I can't bear to see it again!
    Love the sketch and those trousers are ace, no wonder you had to have them. xxx

  19. I'm so jealous of your petit "vision/figure ... or whatever". You put on a t-shirt and BAAAM! Pop-art!

  20. Thanks Melanie - so you are referencing our dear Parma! Hahaa, I used to listen to that radio station all the time - we live in a small small world, don't we!? (and I still think wearing white socks w/sandals looks cool no matter what they say, esp since I am 1/2 Polish!)

  21. I love the Hendrix tee!

    Looking brilliant, as always.

  22. love those space bags and so did the cats. Meow, scratch, scratch.

    Those pants.....I have no words

  23. Can I be in the movie? I am a pretty good actres and I have an accent (nearly German). Can you send over your private plane then? Otherwise it will be such a hasle
    There are a lot of American references in your pist (see? ... accent), which I don't get. I laughed a lot though, especially at "Boys Will Be Fart-Bombed!" haha. The drawing Suzanne made is awesome.

  24. The first rule of shopping is: if you can't live without it (and I think those pants fall into that category), buy it immediately. Don't go home to think about it; don't wait for it to go on sale. I violated this rule recently when I didn't snap up the Tom's atomic print classics because I felt I needed a pair of basic black. BAD MOVE. Now they are on sale, but my size is no longer available. My cats (also from space) warned me, but...

  25. Great ideas don't keep hours!Funky and fabulous!

  26. Parma as in ham? Or violets?
    Having never bothered to watch all of ET (can't get over the plastic-y alien...) I haven't a clue what it will involve, but hey, if all you cool kids are doing it, I'm in too! Yeah, I've submitted to the peer pressure, OK?!
    Suzanne's card if wonderful, as is the print on those pants! xxx

  27. I'm in, but can we pedal slow coz I haven't riden a bike for years!!

  28. Here's a plot line for you - the giant cat comes from outer space, but when it enters Earth's atmosphere it shrinks and becomes a tiny cat. It decides that the only way to take over the world is to be cute, so it starts making cat videos and posting them on the internet. Pretty soon the alien cat is filming other cats, making cute kitty porn videos that hypnotize humans ("Awwwwww!"). Soon humans lose their aggressiveness, they give in to the cats, and everyone lives happily ever after. The world, like your bell bottoms, is/are rosey!

    I meant to comment on your post about the Ted Baker store, and I never got around to it. But you were def the coolest person there! Young people just don't recognize genius when they see it - that's why we have to be condescending to them. :-\

  29. I'm in with the movie idea! Almost anything that you suggest would be fun. Love the pants and how could you possibly resist.

    Suzanne's cards are brilliant! I'm off to check out her post!

  30. I want in! But I must have my pug with me as it stipulates in my 50 page contract, along with my M&M picker, only choosing the brown M&M's and someone to hold onto my pug since I don't want any of her to shed on my sequinned cat suit I'll be riding on the bike. Bike seat should be yellow and streamers are pink and white. Ahhh....good times : )

    I've been away but am back now and finally got your card and some others up in my Etsy shop. I'm so behind this month I'm thinking of waiting till next week so I can say I'm ahead for the month of July! LOL

    Those pants are insane.


  31. I'm in! I met Dee Wallace on the weekend - I bet she'd be in too. ;)

  32. Oh, oh, but I want to be in it too… Could I perhaps play the alien cat?
    Have just gasped on seeing your trousers and recalled that somewhere I might still have some in what looks like the exact same print and colour - that belonged to my mum round about 2001. When I'm next home I'm going to have a rummage and a riffle to see if I've still got them. You look spectacular in them.
    Love that card too; superbly captured.

  33. Holy sh*t. Suzanne did an amazing job on that card. It's so YOU. Man. I want a card with me drawn on it, now. Gah!

    Also, those pants are what dreams are made of. I love the print and you're just totally rockin' them!

    - Anna

  34. I can meet up! I'll bring the napsacks and I'm real good at the fart bombing!
    Man, I love those pants!

  35. I say $20 for the pants is a good deal. I mean, what if they had been bought by someone else???? U would be crying ;(
    Loveeeee that card, so cool!

  36. If I had short hair like yours, you would definitely be an inspiration!;-)


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