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Tuesday 6 December 2016

3.2 hot styles you can copy this December

There's nothing like dreary weather to make me feel glum, so imagine my relief when I ran across this uplifting article in my Bloglovin' feed called "5 ways to brighten up a winter wardrobe" by Natasha Alexandrou. The tips were showcased by five stunning young women each wearing one of the following: 

bold scarf
statement outer wear
embellished accessories
bold colours
floral prints

Emboldened by these highly praiseworthy looks, I decided to apply the adage, if wearing one tip is good, all of them at the same time must be waaay better, especially when executed by a woman of my maturity and taste, and came up with the following 3.2 examples of super-powering outfits to whack those winter glumballs outta the park. 
The faux fur stole is a dead giveaway that this is an evening outfit, which must strictly be worn only for evening outings, such as to the opera, fine dining, or looking for golf balls in the dark with a flashlight. I am of course referring to the stole over my shoulders, not the DIY wrap around my head, which is exempt from the daytime/evening wear rules as any right-thinking fashionista knows. 

When O, my partner, saw this outfit he in fact suggested many places I could go that evening, including one with a chauffeur and escorts in uniform. In hindsight I really should have worn bells with this outfit to alert him when I was about to traverse the living room, requiring, as I did, a wide berth for stately passage. He'll be fine again in a few days.

The foundation garments here are an oversized Eileen Fisher top with a Gap T-shirt over it, which I happened to be wearing around the house that day, and this vintage coat. The pants were thrown on in an absolute panic when I realized I had recklessly failed to incorporate the floral print tip.

Oh Claude, you're so amusant! Shall we breakfast at Tiffany?

Only boring people take their daytime wear into nighttime; exciting people, such as moi, take their nighttime wear into daytime. In this case, below, two simple accessories were all it took: sunglasses and a DIY handbag (teacup carrier), which, if you roll your bologna sandwiches into tight little logs, also doubles as a handy lunchbox.  Who would guess that you've been out all night when you look this smashed smashing?

Note the metal clothespin on the red stole tie around my waist. This is every girl's must-have fashion tool for a range of quick fixes; for example, if your stole starts falling down around your eyes, as we know can happen, you can conveniently clip it back into place if you frickin' remember that you have a frickin' clothespin on your stole belt in the first place.

I'm just Stayin' Alive, friends.

And look! Below is another example of how to brighten a humdrum day of potato-picking in a frozen field. (I call my humongous jewels potatoes - don't we all? I shall not engage in a discussion of whether or not my boudoir is a frozen field.) I have simply varied my accessories to create a whole new and enviable look you will be aching to copy this month. I am successfully employing the stupefaction pose here.

More potatoes? Where's the stickin' gravy!!

I switched the white shaggy faux fur vest for a black one, wrapped the stole around my hips instead of my head, balled up one of scarves and tied it onto my head with a new scarf, velvet on one side, sparklies on the other. Voila! The clothespin clip shuts the collar of my coat. Clearly, this is daytime wear. 


And here we have another scarf and different sunglasses. Naturally most of my poses are frisky - you would be too knowing there are tuna fish tight logs with a pickle core in your handbag. Can't wait for lunch! I hope the pickle juice doesn't sog up my cash.

Aaaah. Sigh.

You know what's really funny about this post? I went in thinking, hurry!, let's put on some OUTRAGEOUS clothes!! Don't think - just do. Let's go over the friggin' top! And when I was done I thought, hey, I might just wear this for real, maybe minus a scarf or two. Okay, no, I probably won't wear the potato-picking outfit again. The silhouette with that huge stole around my hips - hahaha! And the hat would definitely fall off. But simply, these clothes made me happy - and warm.

I look quite at home in this outfit below.

If I encountered a woman wearing any of these outfits while I was out on my inspiration walk, would I like her? Hell, yeah! Plus, it's not the clothing itself that's the draw; it's as much or more the chutzpah it takes to be yourself, even when it means standing out of the crowd and risking getting hammered down, especially these days.

And for the record, I do scan those Bloglovin' articles once in a while. Sometimes I roll my eyes so hard I have to give my marbles a good shake for a reset, but I ask you, who doesn't want to learn how to wear a skirt eight ways when it's 5 degrees, right? Hahaha! (This counting thing in general remains a mystery.) And I find many things I like despite the heavy, heavy, HEAVY emphasis on women under 25. For example, in the article I referenced today, here, I would gladly wear that last dress. WOW!

Just because I like to wear what I want when I want doesn't mean I can't appreciate beauty wherever I find it. We all need more beauty in our lives. Definitely.

And that's my report. Oh, I put blue hair gel in my hair that morning too - you can't see it here though. Next time.

Actually, without the hat I might even like the furry hip bumper. Heh.

I'm linking up something here with, you guessed it, Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, Visible Monday, and Catherine, Not Dressed as Lamb, #iwillwearwhatilike.

And don't forget that Anne of SpyGirl is currently exhibiting her portraits of 52 style bloggers in a compilation called "Fashion Rainbow" at TAG Gallery in Santa Monica until Dec. 17. There is an artist panel on Dec. 10, so it's not too late to get in on the action. Anne is also selling items featuring the portraits. Have a look her amazing work here. I so wish I could have attended her show!

ALERT: Society6, which sells Anne's products, has FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING today, Dec 6. 

If you copy any of these outfits, please do let me know. Heh.

PS - I have never set foot on a golf course nor gone searching for golf balls, but I like to see them split open with all those elastics showing inside. Or maybe they are not like that anymore...?


  1. Well, I think this outfit in all its permutations looks pretty amazing!

    I love the vintage coat; the idea of wearing a stole around your head is brilliant; around your hips too, if a bit impractical - it wouldn't keep your bum warm for a start.

    I loved your faux fur gilets and as for those boots they are absolutely gorgeous. The little bologna sandwich bag is just so cute and the scarves, too, whether wrapped round your head or neck!

    I enjoy reading those types of articles as well. Sometimes they give good advice, or inspire ideas but we must never take them seriously otherwise we will all look the same.

    Hope your week is going well and is not too cold.


  2. Nothing like a sip of your truly one-of-a-kind show, Melanie! I think this outfit (the last version in particular) is very wearable and very YOU. You are an Artist - you can wear whatever the hell you like! I think when more of us realize that we all are free creative spirits at the core, we would all be able to pull of something as bold and outrageous, but then it wouldn't that special, or would it? I don't know how to answer that.
    Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to this winter day!
    Lots of love and admiration!

  3. Wonderful and crazy and beautiful and funny Melanie, but where, oh where is the reference to those gobsmackingly amazing boots? I ache for these or even a lesser version of those lovelies. Where on earth did you find them?
    You're the perfect anitdote to a grey ol' winter day on this wee island paradise.
    Anna x

  4. My Decembers are usually fraught with me trying to distract myself from all the season has to offer. Then you come along and make me laugh and I thank you for that.

  5. We love you as a real live human clothes hanger that talks and laughs with us.
    Thank you.

  6. GAH....I thought the sun was shining, but it's you lighting up gloomy Vancouver! Well done my friend!

    For a minute, I thought you were wearing rubber gloves in the Stayin Alive photo.

  7. THE BOOTS!!
    A bold scarf, statement outer wear, embellished accessories, bold colours and floral prints are my signature look - aka dressing in the dark - aka I live in a cold, old draughty house so need to put on all of the clothes now as it is Winter. Also ...

    I've upgraded clothespins for bulldog clips.
    Alert Louis Vuitton at once.

    Giving everyone a wide berth - frisk-on

    Elaine Monkeypaints

  8. When I see these incredible photos I want just one time for someone to walk in on your in your stairwell. Ideally you'd have a video camera going to record the reaction. That'd make a great video series..."What is Melanie doing today in the stairwell?" Just give me a million bucks for that brilliant idea and it is all yours. (The film rights are mine though of course.)

    Thank you for giving me something to laugh about. Laughter is great medicine for pain.

    I now know I've got to seriously change things up. No more day to night, night to day makes perfect sense. I haven't done that since I was in my early 20's. Had nothing to do with partying all night long and then going straight to work. Nope.

    Selena Gomez was out shopping in her PJs and high heels the other day. She stole your idea! Of course the fact that she sleeps in silk Hugh Hefner jammies makes that an easier transition. Me, I'm wearing fleece PJs with elasticized ankle bands, miniature pastel bunny heads on the pants and a large bunny head on the top with pom poms on the ears and nose. Yes I'm 50. Me no care.

    Should I be pairing that with a bunch of oversized scarves for the day like you?

    I actually think your white furry vest would work perfectly with my whole bunny theme.

    Promise me the next time we get together you will teach me that amazing laugh-for-the-camera.

    This post made my evening!


  9. You make my day as always with your fan-tabulous creations. And all the helpful hints too (now looking for clothespins - what are they for, originally?). Your hair, lipstick, floral trousers - it's all part of the Melanie magic. Stay fabulous, and wear those potatoes, woman. xox

  10. As a former dancer, I suggest the Bolshoi wardrobe department look to this for new inspiration for the Russian variation from The Nutcracker - with a bit of boot scootin' thrown in to the choreography because those boots are way too good to waste! I'm throwing bouquets and applause from down here to you up there for your fabulousness, individual style and gorgeousness. And for making me smile and feel good. xx

  11. Gads, you make me larf! Adoring: Anne's work - I got my book today! Loving: the waistal region furbelt, your attitude, your sass, your happy-go-twisty Go F*** Yourself lah-di-dah vibe. You are the best, you really are.

  12. thank you very much for all the laughs on this snowy morning :-D
    not laughing at you of cause - it´s your genius text!! your fab humor! thanx again.....
    as for the looks - they have great potential! sometimes one need to go over the top to put things, which got washed over by the common dreary, back on the right places. you´r so inspiring to me!
    much love! xxxxxx

  13. This was one hilarious post again. And with the same outcome... you just throw things together and even though I wouldn't wear it myself (as you wouldn't wear my prim and proper outfits he he), I can see how good they are. Both of them. And yes you could change a few scarves for some "quiter" ones but still, you could go on the catwalk of a Paris designer and everybody would be in awe. (On second thoughts, no the scarves tie with the trousers. They cannot go. There is a Russian vibe in these outfits. The top picture with the dark stole over your shoulders is the best. (Although I did laugh over O's remark you could go to a place with a chauffeur and escorts in uniform, haha.)
    Love your fur vests by the way. Where did you get them from? I never see them over here.
    Your boots are terrific and I want that bag. SO GOOD.

  14. I'd totally dress like that all the time, you look utterly fabulous. I've never seen a more stylish potato picker ever!
    God, those Bloglovin articles are so effing lame. How To Wear A Hat Over 50....really? Does your head explode when you pass 49? xxx

  15. I can definitely see you wearing the last dress in the Bloglovin' post (the only interesting outfit there, of course). I agree with Greetje, there is a strong Russian vibe in these outfits - you could star in a modern version of Dr. Zhivago!

    Your "stupifaction" pose brought to mind the character "Stupifying Jones" from the Little Abner comics series. Clearly, you have just as much power to stupify all in your path as she did ;)

  16. OMG. I am so happy to know that I'm not the Bly one reading the super petite girls with curls and oceans of shoes. I was so confused but you've cleared it all up for me. I love your outfit in every which way even with the pickle juice which is the scent of the season, as if you didn't know. You just crack me up and inspire me every single time.

  17. Ha, more is always more, darling - pile it on! I am beyond relieved to find you on such good form and having lost none of your trademark quirk and style, Mel - all is still right with the world, phew! xxx

  18. Babushka dahling, you are a maven of mayhem (with multiple hems)! There are no words to describe your outfits except abstract expressionism. Art and deconstructionism taken to its textile extreme. And also freakin' furry fantastic! So, I guess there are a lot of words, actually.

    Tuna fish tight roll - teeheehee! Now that I'm typing it, it sounds naughty.

  19. Spectacular and hilarious! And I love that about golf balls too, I always imagine that's what aliens are like. Macarbre but it's not like I actively hunt aliens to kill, sheesh ;-)

  20. You are fab! "if wearing one tip is good, all of them at the same time must be waaay better, especially when executed by a woman of my maturity and taste" LOVE IT.
    I wear pants under dresses a lot in the winter. It started when I walked to elementary school, wearing a uniform. I held out as long as I could to prove I was cool being cold, but then I figured pants under the uniform skirt was the way to go! Of course I had to get rid of the pants once I was in class, but that look stayed with me :)

  21. oh yes, gimme all those bold, statement, embellished, floral things in an outfit "executed by a woman of maturity and taste" and I would copycat all this fabulousness!!
    You rock all those layers! and I'm a huge fan of your blue sunníes!

  22. ...."the chutzpah to be yourself".... Perfect!

  23. For some reason Bloglovin is not alerting me to your new posts. Since many bloggers are currently on holiday it's like I have a little treasure to savor now!!
    You made me laugh out loud several times with this one. People who don't live in cold climates just don't get how functional it can be to pile on the garments!!(a funny word) Remember when we had on snowsuits that made us walk like little Frankensteins who'd wet their pants? I figure your reminiscing about those days...
    Hey Melanie! Are those rubber rain boots!!! If so, I have some just like them!


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