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Monday 6 February 2017

Three coats for the weather-challenged

Vancouver's winter so far has been nerve-wracking: warm, cold, cool, snow, SNOW?, cold, SNOW?!! How can I keep up? These three coats show how I've been dealing with the weather.

COAT 1: White fluffy vintage parka
Weather shock rating: ⭐⭐/5
Oh yes, frolicking at the beach, laughing and laughing, and lounging/falling-off a bug-infested log with bits of who-knows-what surrounding me. I think it's moving! Oh, it's so much fun! And it started to rain. There's a hood on this coat you can't see at this angle.

Regarding the next photo, do you have any idea how difficult it is to get a "casual" patio shot at a café using a tripod and a remote control? But do I complain? Heck, no. Never! For you, taking this photo was an absolute bungle of joy. 

Japanese music legend Motoharu Sano gave O and I this zine, which was produced for his Fruits concert tour of 1996. You know what's weird? Some people weren't even born yet in 1996. Heh.

COAT 2: Neon orange men's parka
Weather shock rating: ⭐⭐/5
This coat is the size of a continent, and waterproof. This first shot I call "Tangerine Wraith in the Shadows - Waiting." Are you scared?  

And warmth is always assured because I can wear my entire wardrobe under this coat with no effect on the silhouette whatsoever. Handy.

The next photo I call "The Orange." Perhaps, if you're feeling poetic, "Harvest Moon" would be more suitable. Just please, not "Mutant Cheese Ball."

This last photo is entitled "Parisienne, Cone de Traffic," not to be confused with the Cone of Silence on the show Get Smart.Of the three looks, this last one affords me the most mobility. *Late '60s U.S. TV comedy series. The Cone of Silence muffled (amplified) top secret discussions, video clip HERE, images HERE. Watch it! Watch it! Hahaha! You'd like it, Greetje. 

The under-jacket of heavyweight sweatshirt fabric is by B.C. label Dru's Design. I bought it retail years ago (not a sponsored link). I also have on my cycling pants, an oversized Eileen Fisher top, and my beret.

COAT 3: Sandra's faux fur beast
Weather shock rating: ⭐⭐/5
Leaning against a wall is so passé. Should we not all pose like this now? At the mall? At the dentist's office? At the market? So casual. So what-the-hey. So bring-me-a-drink. So moving right along... 

Below is the Before-I-Went-Out shot of this coat, accessorized with a hat stuffed with a scarf, the ends hanging down, and a wrappy rope thing to keep the beast's mouth shut. It was FRIGGING COLD!! 

And then the After shot, when I returned home. During my walk I got warm, warmer, warmer. FRIGGING WARM!! The outdoor temperature stayed the same; I didn't. I forgot what a workout it is simply to wear this blue tonnage. 

The key is to manage one's attire with carefree aplomb in any unexpected situation, as I demonstrate below having tucked the ruination of accessories into my bag. The coolness factor of sunglasses also ensures a smooth transition in any fashion U-turn.

Ta-dah!! Back to the fluffy coat on mud, a slippery slope of slimy leaves and dog poop - it's all part of the fun of blogging and perhaps even life itself. I made little condom-like covers from rubber gloves for the feet of my tripod before I went out. I'm very glad I did. I'd do that for my own feet but...

That's all for this time. Make sure you check out Natalia's styling (In The Writer's Closet) of the Freakish Yellow Skirt, stylist 34!, which I wrote about in my previous post, here. FYS has now flapped off to Texas. Thanks, Natalia!

Stay warm. Or cool, as the case may be.

I'll link something here with Patti's Visible Monday@Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike@Not Dressed as Lamb. And I'll link to Judith's Hat Attack 43@Style Crone - finally I'm wearing a hat!


And a HUUUGE thank you to POPSUGAR for including me as one of the "10 Fashion Bloggers Over 50 Who Completely Dominate the Style Game." See? When I say, Wear your clothes falling off or humongous menswear, am I right or am I right? Hahaha! What a surprise and honour. THANK YOU. 


  1. New favorite pose - foot on the wall. Let's get it started! Loved this post, natch, and you are the most creative schtar in the schky. xox


    1. Hey Patti, we are a frigging constellation combined! Hahaha. If you don't have a wall, just use the person standing next to you. It's a real ice-breaker. Let me know how that works out...

  2. Foot on the Wall - I must try it. If you're doing it, then it has the Cool Kid Seal of Approval. I adore that blue faux fur monstrosity. Completely and utterly. I think it would like the Unsafe Polar Bear or the Unsafe Ocelot.

    In other exciting news, L and I are booked for our trip! Let Sue know we'll be available for brunch on the 25th, any time after 11am.

    1. Cool kid, hahaha! Nerd Kid Seal of Approval for sure. Sandra got that coat back and I got back that traffic cone. Back to normalish.

      Yay about the booking! I'll let Sue know. Can't wait! Saw your event photos. You and L always do it up right.

  3. Do you mean Vancouver Canada? If so, how did I not meet you when I lived there. I found my Londoner ecentricity stood out like a sore thumb.

    Anyway on to your looks which are all insanely amazing, I think the orange parka may be my favourite, although I love the navy fur. You are everything! Linking up from #IWillWearWhatILike Yvadney x Mums That Slay

    1. Oh, man, I am absolutely bummed that I didn't know you when you were here. I would have been drawn to your Londoner eccentricity in a flash!! Yes, you would have stood out - the landscape, while mountainous, is rather flat. It's not easy finding like-minded people to hang out with.

      I saw your blog, YouTube, IG, you are awesome!

  4. FUN FUN FUN! We need lots of Melanie fun :)

    1. Hahaha, Elizabeth. Get over here! It's way better when more people join in.

  5. If I tried the foot on the wall pose the next thing I'd be falling down that flight of stairs! Whoa! Big congrats on your Dominating Style, you dominatrix you. And right now you need all those coats to stay comfy in this crazy weather!

    1. The foot on the wall is what happens when you think, what the feck am I doing? I'm bored.
      I was shocked to be on the list, and of course thrilled! I'm glad there is still room for humour mixed with style in the world.

      And this weather, yes, pfft. At least it's good for your textile work.

  6. A fun and vibrant way to survive Winter , posed and styled as only you can. Not surprised you made the list , your unique style and humour always a winner.

    1. Thanks, Jill. Of course I'm bored with all my winter coats. I am FORCED to wear them for mere survival. Oh well. I suppose I'd rather have it too cold than too hot. Hugs to you!

  7. I'm crazy about the orange parka! I literally want it! So good.
    I can't imagine how manage to take photos with tripod! I think I wouldn't be able to do that fine.
    You know, I am way younger than you are, it is odd to me that there are quite adult people who weren't born yet in 1996! Like, they are kids, they should be. Until I understand my youngest close friend was born in 1995. crazy! I'm sure you knew all of this way longer than I did but hell, that's crazy and it sucks.

    Inside and Outside Blog

    1. oh and winter is such a pain in the ass when it comes for parkas. I live in a cold country and always feel bored and tired of everything I have. alas winter weather doesn't help feeling better about your looks.

  8. Right, now this is helpful. Poses... I need help with poses. Mine are always the same. And when I reach for a post to get at least one hand out of the way, Ron yells "Boring! You always do that, put that hand away!!" He is very impatient with me. 😉 So you need to tell me where to leave my hands and how to pose. I love the pose in the blue coat. But it is very you. Not sure whether it is me.
    Of all three coats I still adore the blue one. Your photos in the orange one (especially the first one) had me laughing out loud.
    Oh and I do know Agent Max. Saw the series.

  9. My favourite is the Beast in all its beastliness! The neon orange is very quirky; no fear of you being run over in the dark in that one and how very practical. The white fluffy one is sweet and looks very cosy - all three look fab on you!

    I wish I could do poses like yours but I'm afraid I might get stuck and never return to normal....

  10. I had to take notes so I would remember all the things I want to comment on!
    1-I love the first and last pictures where you are cavorting like a spring lamb. Yes, cavorting, maybe even with wanton abandon.
    2-Some people weren't even born in 1996?!?!
    3-The Orange on the stairs pulls at my heartstrings - so alone, yet so full of other clothes.
    4-Get Smart!!!! I was just thinking of this the other day, and the seven doors (I counted 'em) he went through in the opening credits. "And loving it." So funny!
    5-Your coolness factor is at least 11 on a scale that only goes to 10. I dare to think it must be rubbing off on me a little - I bought a stripey top just like yours! I also got a second one that reverses the light and dark, just like the one Sue is wearing in her Pop Sugar pic! Now I just need a big blue beast of a coat...

  11. Must try your foot on wall pose! I always come to you for ideas!

    I'm very impressed with your winter coat inventory. Though I cannot possibly choose a favorite. I love the gigantic orange beauty, which you have topped off with a beret. What could be better? Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

  12. I love it! You must have a closet the size of my living room, maybe bigger (I live in a small cottage). I think that the white furry one might date back to the 1960's, I had one of those when I was a teenager. It was back when fake fur and wig hats were popular, LOL. Fashion fads can be fun! I love your confidence and vibrant personality . . . you pull off every style with class. I haven't visited in a long time . . . I've been missing out. This winter has been an ordeal to get through . . . we are in the middle of yet another blizzard today. I am looking so forward to springtime :)
    Stay happy!
    Connie :)

  13. YESH! You are an Influencer! I shall be wearing my clothing half on, half off, from now on, and when I'm chastised for it, I will have you to blame.

    I love the furry blue beast, but I can imagine it is a heavy monster, and best for only the coldest days. I'm kind of in awe of the traffic cone coat - I would be afraid it would swallow me up, and then give a satisfied "burp".

    Love that photo of "before going out" with the stuffed hat. Nice vignette you've got going on.

  14. Hey Mel!!! That white one is so friggin awesome! (they all are, but that one is my favorite ) but I cannot wear white as I am too much of a slob!

  15. Popsugar sure knows what she's doing putting you in the top 10 - big hugs for that.
    Your capsule wardrobe of winter coats pretty much covers every eventuality, well pretty much covers you completely eh?
    Thanks for bringing smiles to a winter's day x

  16. I love Tangerine Wraith in the Shadows ... absolutely love it. :)

    You totally do dominate the Style Game, and not just for the over 50's either. <3

  17. You always make me laugh which is great! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who braves it alone with a tripod and remote. Love your patterned leggings and winter style!

  18. Especially the first Coat is just awesome and really really draws attention to you! And it looks sooo cozy *_*

    Kind greetings from Germany

  19. You DO dominate the style game. And I am going to nominate you for the NUMBER ONE Blogger that dominates the stairwell game. That being said, it is nice to see you out in the wild. And Orange! Seriously. ORANGE!!! It is officially The Color for you. Fruit is jealous.

  20. I could have sworn I'd commented on this posting of the coat's before I left for Phoenix and the so entertaining blogger meet-up. I just could NOT pass up an opportunity to meet a couple of the women I've been following for over a year. I know I'm still a rookie...
    All of your coats have a special "sumthin sumthin" that makes them special but that big ol blue furry one pulls my heart strings. It's like you've become the queen mother of the smurfs Mel. It's actually pretty sophisticated an I want it.


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