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Sunday 26 February 2017

Three looks for a savage woman

That's right: three looks, no rules. Why? Because I'm SAVAGE!
Look 1: Double expansion pants for Candyland

A land of cakes and ice cream! But, uh oh, not nearly enough elastic-waisted pants before laundry day. What to do! How can I possibly accommodate such an ungodly chow-down?

Fabulous Anna of Anna's Island Style to the rescue. She sent me two pairs of trousers quite a while ago, and I'd say they fit very well if you don't mind losing all your circulation. Since I like circulation and eating, I decided to convert these pants - one pair in a beautiful soft, brown wool plaid and the other in a vivid zig-zaggy blue - into one pair of pants double size.

I chopped the brown pants down the sides, then inserted side panels from the blue pants to turn these slim-leg trousers into one pair of wide-leg wonders. To finish them off, I sewed the blue rear patch pockets onto the front. With a little hemming, these pants were done. Pocket artefacts in the blue panels are just wide enough to hold a pen. Handy!

Now I LOOOOVE these trousers. Although the fabric has stretch, they hang freely so I have lots of room for cake and ice cream. Thank you, Anna!

My top you might remember from an earlier post - I combined two t-shirts and a blue sweater into one top. The sleeves are extra long, but, because I designed two more sleeve holes higher up, the top can also be worn short sleeved with the excess fabric at the elbow free for dramatic whipping about and cursing when they dip into your coffee mug. The back of the top is longer than the front for fantastic rear coverage.

Look 2: Lurid waddle pants

Moving along. These are my Marni for H&M lurid lurex pants bought from a consignment shop, also farked with the addition of a racing stripe down the side for curbside appeal and expansion. (Am I noticing a trend here?!!!) The top is a vintage thrift find.

The above photo is called, drum roll please, Savage Lurid Moon Walk with Elephant. The pants are slightly drop crotch. I would call the original design a partial fail because you are forced to do a mini shuffle when you walk due to inadequate fabric in the crotchal area. But wearing these is still worth the waddle.

Note the facial expressions. That's my normal face. My blank face. My I'm-just-standing-here-waiting-for-the-camera face, perhaps elevated by the messy hair into the realm of fake rockstar.

The next photo is the one I shall put on Instagram. I had to show you the version with the shades.

Look 3: So short it hurts you

And the grand finale of this post, my mini dress. Does its scandalicious shortness wound your delicate style-rule sensibilities? How short is it? It's soooo short that I have to keep tugging it down to cover the solid band of colour at the top of these glitter tights - it's so bad it's good, and perfect for being part of The Savage 50, feck yeah.

I'm also wearing my thrifted over-the-knee caramel boots, vintage I believe, softest leather, made in Italy. I was delighted and surprised that they fit my ankles and calves so well. These boots were DEFINITELY made for walkin'.

Isn't she AMAZING! - I'm speaking of Nancy Sinatra of course, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'." This is exactly how I feel when I step out in this last outfit, well, when I wear many of my outfits. Often this song plays in my head when I'm on my inspiration walks around town. I can see now that my dress is not nearly short enough. Heh.

I hope all of you have outfits that make you feel this good, whether it's a mini dress or a pantsuit, whether you're out walkin' or lounging in the La-Z-boy with a martini. If you don't, what are you waiting for?!! Get on it!! Hahaha. Let your savage heart run free.

I'm linking one of these up to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, Visible Monday, and Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb, #iWILLwearwhatilike, absolutely.


  1. LOVE the new pants! They turned out even better than I imagined!

    You look like you just took someone down in photo 3. Mel the head crusher.

    Also your tall boots truly do look like they were custom made.

    And clearly you are dress isn't nearly short enough. Get out some black panties and pretend you forgot your pants. Never mind that you'll freeze your cheeks off.


    1. Hahaha - how did you know? I DID take someone down. Why is it that a 20-something can do this pose and look oh so aloof, so winsome, and when I try it I look like Dick the Bruiser, or as you said, Mel the Head Crusher. Hahaha!! That will be my new nickname.

      If I have Party Face on my real face, one can only imagine the descriptive for my other cheeks. Shudder.


  2. All the outfits are brilliant!!! I love the first farked trousers, they are quintessential English fabrics but with a Melanie Kobayashi twist! The dress isn't nearly short enough, Nancy has shown you up!!!xx

    1. Hahaha, shorter! Shorter!! I'll let Nancy keep the honour this time. I love these fabrics in the pants, so soft and the blue is so vivid. Thanks, Kezzie.

  3. You thrifted those boots? Holy sh*t, Mizz Baggs, where do you find these things? Those are fabulous, as are the farked Marni pants, and the double-farked-two-fer Anna pants. Your crazy farking is giving me the vapours. 8 more months and I join the Savage 50 party!

    1. The boots - My Sister's Closet, $20. You read me right. They probably didn't fit most people, hence the low price. You're going to love being a Savage 50!

  4. You did a fab job with the pants. The brown plaid looks great with the blue, and the silhouette is very modern, with a capital MOD. I may need you to combine two pairs of my pants into one if I don't stop eating cookies and chips.

    The photos of you in the Marni pants just reek of insouciance. Definitely an "I have no fucks to give" outfit. Nancy Sinatra is awesome - I sang "Boots" at a Karaoke night last year ;)

    1. You sang Boots? Man, I love that song so much. We need a darker version of it now. You should have seen me doing up these pants before I farked them. Hahaha!! Did you see, Suzanne said it looks like I took someone down in photo 3. She's so right!

  5. The two-fer pants turned out really well! The pockets are a nice finishing flourish.
    I love looks 2 and 3 equally. Too bad about the low hanging crotch on look two. The fabric of those pants is gorgeous!!
    The mini oufit has maximum appeal. The boots must have been the deal of the century. You look marvelous!
    Fark on Melanie!!!

    1. I love those farked pants. I loved them before too but they were unbearably tight. And the fabric was screaming for action. Yes, it is too bad about the Marni crotch. I wonder why they made them like that. You can't even pull them up higher. Weird. But the mini dress, that makes me feel invincible. The boots, $20 no tax, a total score. Thanks for commenting, Marilee!

  6. Wow, woman - you are thrifter of the millennium with those boots! Also, you need to shorten the dress just a bit to stay with the awesome Nancy S. And we did need the pic with the sunglasses, b/c now you are at the pinnacle of cool. Rock on, xox


  7. Mel, I love how you fark your clothes - they always look better farked! The brown/bluetrousers are fab and I love the dropped crotch ones too - you've been doing the dropped crotch shuffle on the moon with an elephant for company! As long as you got to eat all the ice cream and cakes you want who cares if you shuffle?

    The mini dress is beautiful with the glitter tights and those fabulous caramel boots. You look fantastic and your legs looks about ten feet long - perhaps they are?

    Have a great week

  8. Those boots are a kicker and yes of course the dress is still waaaayyyy too long :) But you really killed me with those patches you sewed on...I so want some now rockstar!!!! xo Sabina

  9. You are most definitely a head crushing rockstar in these outfits, Melanie! So many cool details, like blue zigzag front pockets and long sleeves that get draped in coffee and glittery tights with amazing boots and Nancy Sinatra.... The list could go on. I just love everything about what you do.

    - Sherry

  10. I would love to have a dress like that and have guts to wear it. Well done, you look absolutely gorgeous in it

  11. OK here we go.... for ine: ever so nice of Anna to send you two pairs of trousers.. You farked (I am totally used to this word now, thanks to you) them so well, they are a definite proof you are a true designer. I think they are awesome and would sell very well. For my personal taste (more conservative as you know) the second outfit is one I would buy. I think it is great, the shirt, the trousers, the sneakers. Well done. (I hope you don't think you failed if I would buy it haha.)
    Now the third... the mini dress with over the knee boots. I adore this look on you. I think it is smashing!! Isn't it funny that I cannot pull this off with my cream dress, but you can with this one. Is it the person wearing it? Did you use thicker tights? Is it the model of the dress? I don' t know. I just know it is very good on you.
    Greetje Kamminga

  12. Mel, that's real value for money here with these three beaudacous outfits! (heck probably spelt that one wrong) I'm delighted that you managed to amalgamate/fark the pants into something so wearable with lots of room for a blow out and those Marni pants are even more desirable now that you've customised them. And wowzer, how stunning you are in that mini! Those boots clearly were waiting for you to rock up and claim them. Bargain of the century eh? Lucky you!
    Anna x

  13. You can wear a mini like a rock star Mel - you are a rock star, aren't you? I have to say I wore my minis a lot shorter, once upon a time, you probably did too! Love your creativity - especially the sleeves, I love sleeves especially extra long ones which, as you say, are a pain when they dunk in the coffee or when you're washing dishes - or cooking and the gas is burning nice and high! I'm smiling and laughing with you on this post. Just FABULOUS! xx

  14. woww, absolutely fabulous revamped pants (both of them), I love them!, and love that you added those blue pockets, that's the kind of amazing detail which enhances everything!. And love all that lurex shiny fabulousness and f*ck*n' rockstar attitude.
    Short dresses and cool boots are made for walkin'. I think that Nancy Sinatra is a perfect soundtrack for a walk!, lots of attitude and funkiness!. I'm taking notes on this. I'm used to have 'Street Life' (the Jackie Brown film intro) in my head when I walk the streets!
    Taking notes on buying pants at charity shops too!

  15. I have made two pairs of pants into one! Amazingly easy.
    I love "curb appeal".
    Show off that solid tights band...we are bad ass!
    xo Jazzy Jack


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