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Monday 4 December 2017

Should I sing it or wear it?

"Je suis amoureuse." I could wear that on my chest on a tank dress or I could stagger around, slightly hunched over, croaking that 1970s classic song "Je t'aime" with Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, scaring tourists and locals alike. Aren't you glad I chose the former? Aren't you!? Heh. 

Normally I don't like graphics on clothing unless I put them there myself. But this one is so, well, annoying/compelling that I couldn't help myself when I saw it on the $5 rack at My Sister's Closet a few months ago.

I'm keeping this blog post short and sweet. What do they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder? For whom? When I'm away for a while, yes, it's nice to come back.

And miracle of the week - you know how you can be weighted down by niggling worries and then somehow, out of nowhere, your brain connects tiny thoughts that have been pinballing around your brain for ages and suddenly, poof, reset, calm is restored. A profound Aha! moment. Like finding a four-leaf clover in a field of dandelions, not that my brain is a dandelion field. Perhaps sweet corn.

Life has indeed been busy here. Mad Hatter time workwise - not in a bad way. This is the fastest blog post I've put together in a long, long time. But better short than not at all.

Great big bear hugs!!

I'll link up to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. See you there!

P.S. Make sure you catch Suzanne's latest post - HILARIOUS in a tragic way. I can relate. Let's make this viral!!!!


  1. Good to hear all is well out there in Amoureuse Land. . . ;-)

  2. I love the starkness of the white and black graphic with the hairy chaos of the boots and coat! Good luck unraveling or raveling (are they the same??) your thoughts and brain. Sending you good, serene vibes.

  3. You look so friggin' tall in those fuzzy stompin' boots! It's like the attack of the 50 ft. Fuzzy Woman....there's a short film in there somewhere.
    I don't usually like graphics on clothing either, but the black letters work well with the simple shape of the dress. I'm glad to hear that calm has been restored, at least temporarily.

  4. Shelley's right, you look about 50 feet tall in those boots - amazing!
    Glad to hear things are calming down. I loved Serge Gainsbourg - thank you!

  5. Those fuzzy boots! You're tall and lean and gorgeous. So glad you found a happy cornfield-clover that's restoring calm for you. And I shall forgive you, because I love you, for that um "music" video.
    : > xox


  6. When I first saw your pix on the little side bar of my blog, I thought it was of a hockey player! What a great goalie you'd be in that ensemble. Stop 'em right in their tracks, you would. And no shin bruises either. Fabo as always.

  7. Whoa! Amazing outfit as always! And I’m so glad that clover helped. Hugs!

  8. It's a fab dress and the boots are so furry....

  9. I would LOVE to see/hear your version of that song (which has always cracked me up, by the way). You continue to be the fuzzy booted version of the petunia in the onion patch. Love!

  10. Marilee J Gramith5 December 2017 at 20:36

    That video makes me want to puke. I have never seen it before so I did enjoy seeing 70's icon Jane Birkin.
    You look great in big ol fuzzy wuzzy stuff.
    I was listening to public radio last Friday and a Japanese medical researcher was describing the use of tiny oragami surgical devices that are being developed/tested. They will open inside the body to perform tasks or deliver medication and perform other amazing robotic procedures. Made me think of you O and his unique art and engineering talents!!!
    How wonderful to know that you're basking in some contentment. Keep going!
    Say Mel, have you ever attempted to fark faux fur?

  11. Your knees are so skinny/slim! Maybe I need some fluffy boots to make mine look less knobbly.
    All the best in the cornfield. Not sure those boots are the BEST idea for farming. You would be dragging the whole muddy field in with you at night :-D
    xo Jazzy Jack

  12. mwahaha, that dress/tshirt/whatever is too shockingly 'amoureuse' to let it in the shop!, it had to be rescued and enjoyed! And I love your fluffy boots and furry coat!, oh yes, You Rock!
    A sweet corn field looks like a fabulous place to get lost or to find something unexpected. I alwasy think that my mind is more like an old house attic, full of strange objects, and a little bit scary!

  13. You look superb. I want to look like you. What a great dress and what a find to wear it with those snowman boots. I would never have come up with that! You are my hero.

  14. Oh hello! Very fetching! Thanks for the short blog too. I am so brain fatigued I give up on long anything that isn't a work-related document so I've not been taking it all in. xo

  15. I can see why you couldn't resist the graphic tee. You stun, as always! And those boots!

  16. you can never go wrong with B & W. It's mysterious

  17. I love everything about this short but sweet post! And thank you for the song, it made me sooooo happy!

  18. Looking nice!!!
    When I first saw your pix on the little side bar of my blog, I thought it was of a hockey player! What a great goalie you'd be in that ensemble.
    Salwar Kameez | Kurti | Saree | Dress Materials | Lehanga | Leggings | Palazzo | Tunics-Tops | Night-Dress | Skirts

  19. I wore a black sweater to a holiday party (with a striking pair of green/mustard plaid wool pants from LLBean) that said across the chest. I told several people Bien meant Merry Christmas in French. They all believed me, oddly. Either my words hold my weight that I realize or I am a convincing liar.

    1. Apparently placing the word BIEN in brackets made it disappear from the end of the first line.


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