Friday, 10 July 2020


It's here. The new VOGOFF.
LOCKDOWN Edition 2020
122 pages FREE!

My friend says: 
"It's like Vogue had a baby with Monty Python"

VOGOFF is 122 pages of the whimsy, wit, and weirdness of women of a certain age living under lockdown. Art, photos, articles - so much stuff and nonsense. 

Launched in 2012, VOGOFF is renowned for its highest standards of baselessness among discerning immature people (40+). 

LAUGH! - the Mayo Clinic says it's good for you.

Below is the pdf. 

You can download from there so you can read it in two-up mode, which is how I designed it.

Special thanks to Sarah @farkingdelightful on Instagram for the work she did helping me get this together and to Shelley, Forest City Fashionista @fcfashionista, for her ongoing support of VOGOFF. And thanks to everyone who joined this time. You guys are awesome!

Now you can also purchase a PRINT VERSION of this issue from the publisher, Blurb, who will ship it to you direct. It's $27.99 (Cdn) or about $21 US, plus shipping. This is the publisher's fee plus $1 for me to help with the next issue. I chose the best paper and cover so it feels deeeeluxe. Hahaha. 

(PS - Blogger changed its interface and removed the Update Post function. Now when I make changes I have to republish a post. Please tell me you haven't been bombarded with notices every time I've been troubleshooting the embedded content here! If you have been, my apologies!! Please let me know if this is happening. Thank you!)

Cheers, everyone. I hope you are well.

Mel xo


  1. Wow, this is a feast of entertainment for our covid secluded, recluded, deluded world! It's going to take me some time to look at all this - time is something I have plenty of. Brilliant, Mel!

  2. Oh my, it's a feast beyond all measure. And I have all the time in the world to enjoy every morsel. It definitely needs to go on the news stands for a big price, bay-bee. Maybe by subscription? I'm in. And you are out of this world, Mel. Woo-hoo. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Hahahahaha! LOVED this! So many pieces stood out, the wing walking, the power helmuts (truly this IS a great idea!), the soil sofa, the pug on PU (hello cutie!), the exercise routine and then Dr. Slumptz getting caught off guard by selfie paparazzi, pickle in a ditch (why didn't I think of that?) no wonder you stay so're eating electric pineapples. And those fierce murder hags! My new shoe hoarding heros.

    I want a herpes hat and some maraschino boots.

    So fun seeing the REAL Judith, binging on popcorn and Netflix. Haha! I'll be calling Spacegal Spiffy and her sidekick the next time I need help which will probably be after I've graduated up to practicing Whirling Diva and slammed myself into several walls.

    This was delightful! Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face this morning! This is your best issue ever.


  4. Woo!! I can't wait to sit down and read this properly...then send it out to everyone I know!!

    You are amazeballs for doing this - what a TON of work, Mel!

    Love it, love it, love it!

  5. Amazing! I love it! So smart & funny; very inspiring!

  6. This is so Fabulous just as you are as well!!

  7. Well done. Loved seeing some faces from the past. I will have to try harder for inclusion in the next issue.

  8. This was great fun to work on; thank you for providing a project to work on during lockdown. The finished product is all kinds of awesome - so much talent here! Thanks for all the hours of creating, agonizing, and farking that you put into this.

  9. I envie your creative and original brain. What a entertainment!

  10. I envie your creative and original brain. What a entertainment!

  11. Omg, this is amazing! It's a fashion magazine zine!! And apparently there are other issues that had somehow escaped me. I bow down to your absurdist, avant garde brilliance. :-)

  12. The BEST! Your brain is a national treasure. Oscar-worthy, I say, xoxo.

  13. Yesss!!! I have opened it and will enjoy it during my lunchbreak later!!

  14. Hurray! So glad to know you are well and thriving.

  15. This is terrific. It is too late this evening to give it my full attention, but i will be back for sure.

  16. Loved it all, but mostly the fact that almost all the articles included someone drinking adult beverages! To excess!!! Makes me feel less alone. lol

  17. Overwhelming Fabulousness! And So Much Fun!!
    Love it all!!


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