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Monday 30 April 2012

Double waisted

Why have only one waist when you can have two, I always say. These stripy pants are very low-slung, which I love, and I like the wide-cut shorty jacket too, but I was seeing too much black so I added this fantastic belt I recently thrifted to add another waist and a pop of colour.

Can I tell you how much I like this belt? It's very long so after twirling myself up in it I left the ends dangling like little tassels.  This is a perfect party outfit, just what I need for Patti's Visible Monday!

Here's the look I ended up with.

The Basics:
  • pants, Joe Fresh, thrifted
  • belt, thrifted, $3
  • jacket, thrifted
  • stretch wedge booties, thrifted (it was raining today so my footwear options were reduced)
  • black T, Sport Chek

Below is a close-up of the belt. Note the glittery yellow disc in the centre - it's the superhuman power source. The studio lights kept turning it on which had the curious effect of making me levitate, so I had to keep changing my angle. Look at that loverly macrame! The tassels have beads on the end, good for flicking about. 

And I have taken a couple of pieces of art off the rack so the visuals behind me are different. There is a lot of action on the art front these days... The piece on the right has little volcanoes on it made from sculpting fibre, and they are full of primordial colours waiting to explode. Maybe the volcanoes are the ancestral home of my belt disc - how romantic, reunited at last.

Me at one with my volcanos. 
Have a great week all!


  1. i love the details on the belt..
    your paintings are beautiful
    i like the one in left the most ;)

    kisses A.

  2. The belt is wonderful--almost like a wrestlers belt for artists. You know the kind that are the size of a hub cap. Would love to see those volcanoes up close.

  3. Great outfit and the belt is just the right spot of bright color.

  4. Oh the romance of beautiful works of art making passionate love together - huzzah!!!!! Oh if only I had enough length in my back so I could do the double belt trick - I can see you twirling your tassel around as you think about the next splash of amazing mixed media work you'll be leaping into next! xoxo

  5. Loving the interplay of the outfit and your art!

  6. Oh, how wonderful! This is a favorite. :D That belt is FABULOUS! I simply adore the proportions of this look fantastic. XO

  7. Well, you're certainly full of volcanic energy yourself, my dear. If only you could can it, I'd be first in line to buy some! You really can make anything look good on you. I imagine you will soon wear tree bark to good effect!!

    Much love from England,

    1. My treebark outfit is nearly ready for its grand debut!... Again, happy anniversary!!

  8. I love that belt, what powers exactly does it have? The whole outfit is great. I love your paintings too. ps: I sent you an email explaining Whilley Boy! xx

  9. Hahaha, I am much amused by your interpretation of Clare's "Whilley Boy" hanky!
    But on to your outfit - those trousers are amazing on you, they would look SO bad on my wide hips and thighs, but on svelte willowy you, they are the business! Two waists? Of course! You are definitely going to channel some magic powers with your yellow belt. I agree the central disc must have been forged in the depths of Mount Doom or some other mythical volcano!
    Love seeing your art. xxxxx

  10. Love your super-belt! And the whole outfit of course, and the backdrop of your fabulous art. You are a star, Melanie!

  11. you are so unique, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. Those pants are totally fabulous. I need some striped pants!

  13. That's a very interesting belt. It would look great low slung on your hips I bet too. I think about your blog often when I'm picking out something to wear in the morning. It makes me more creative!

  14. Hi Mélanie,

    You a bag of suprises, never know what to expect!
    I love, love those pants and the belt has so many possibilities!
    Very unique, totally you girl!

    Lots of love from Montreal -

    Ariane xxxx

  15. I am in love with those pants! I must have a similar pair.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. Two's are always a good thing especially when it comes to ears, eyes, breasteses and now, waists. Chins...not so good.
    You look great!

  17. You are filled with creative surprises - in this case double belting and volcano art. Your posts always enlighten and amaze! The yellow belt is spectacular and since I love movement in my accessories, this piece is appealing to me. Your pose with yellow belt plays perfectly with your background of colorful exploding volcanos.

  18. You look great, I really like your belt & pants!

  19. That belt is amazing. I love woven/macrame/crocheted anything.

  20. I can feel the belt: the weight, the drape. and way it stays/doesn't stay in place (naughty belt!). It takes a great outfit (MUSTHAVEPANTS) and elevates it to another realm.

  21. Wowsers, gotta love the striped trousers (feeling a bit poetic today!). I think we all need our own special powers belt - you're reminding me a bit of Wonder Woman and her "golden girdle".

  22. "There's no place like Studio 54"!!! YOWZA,sister!!!
    I loved that.

    Now,I love this wild and insanely bright superpower giving belt!POW! Colour POP!! Lets save the world together!!! We can take turns in holding the victims for the other to kick them!
    Those pants rock my world!I never feel right in pants,but if I did,I would want these fantabulous Circus Mistress pants,o YES!

    POW! XXX

  23. You are such an inspiration, Melanie! I love the double belting idea, I'm such a belt whore I could probably triple belt.
    Those trousers are wonderfully pirate-y and I'm intrigued by those fab volcanoes. xxx

  24. You make it work so well! Love the sudden slash of yellow in a monochromatic outfit and the double waist is a creative and unthinkable concept! And again, a genius photo composition!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    NY Style Examiner

  25. Wow i love that belt! It is so bright and happy)


  26. Those pants & that belt are absolutely fabulous! I love this look, and all of the gorgeous artwork behind you.

  27. I'm laughing at your description of your belt -- fabulous. Loving the whole look.

  28. I love all your outfits - you have amazing style! :)


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