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Monday 23 April 2012

Maxi flower power recovery wear

Happy Earth Day! Three cheers for thrifting for reducing our earth-load! And many, many thanks to everyone for your comments while I have been recovering from this cold!

To aid in my recovery I wore this outfit today - maxi impact maxi with tropical flowers, a gen-u-ine Hawaiian-made muumuu that I discovered at a thrift shop about a week ago. The colours are so intense they threw off my white balance (on the camera) which made my face look a bit green in celebration of Earth Day.

You'll notice no beret, which is in part testament to my feel-good state. An ultra positive energy wave sloshed all over the sidewalk on my way downtown today, drenching innocent passersby in spring-fresh fuchsia goodness. (Gulp! That's me taking more meds...)

Here is the outfit. This dress longed for a photo out-of-doors but my studio had to do. Notice how I cleverly directed the lighting at my torso.

I wore my denim jacket because it was still slightly chilly, and my fingerless gloves. Under the dress I wore a long-sleeved blouse, a vintage baby-blue one-piece slip, and bright pink tights. I think the dark boots and the gloves in particular made this summery frock suitable for a sunny spring day.

Details of the outfit:
  • muumuu, thrifted, $19 at Community Thrift Store, it has only one tag that says "Made in Hawaii"
  • oversized silk shirt, hand-me-over
  • Miu Miu boots, Wildlife Thrift Store
  • fingerless gloves, Canadian Tire, purchased as regular gloves
  • denim jacket with glittery bits, Value Village

I like that pic up there. It looks like I'm putting my right foot in doing the Hokey Pokey. The back of the dress has a full skirt created by a deep box pleat. I think that's called a princess back. Do you know? The train effect certainly made me feel like royalty.

Oh, chic alors! Too bad I can't just hover down the sidewalk so I can maintain this pose, I like it so much! I suppose I could mount myself on a skateboard and employ a dog or wayward child to pull me with a rope.

Today's walk was my second outing in a week - the first was yesterday when I was hired to shoot photos of concert pianist Corey Hamm during rehearsal of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for the world premiere performance of Idee Fixe (sorry, I can't do the accent on the first "e"), composed by Jordan Nobles and conducted by Bramwell Tovey. Below are two of my favourite shots, although I also captured some good ones of Maestro Tovey and the full complement of musicians. I love photographing artists at work.

Meditations of the Artist. Pianist Corey Hamm   (c) Melanie Kobayashi 2012

Lost in the Moment. Pianist Corey Hamm with Composer Jordan Nobles    (c) Melanie Kobayashi 2012
I felt privileged to have had the chance to hear the fine-tuning of this piece with the full orchestra.
The fact that this was "work" was a huge bonus.

I am of course including this outfit in Patti's Visible Monday. Poor Miz Bagg is bed-bound in the Arctic Circle after her pyjama party shenanigans. Thanks, Terri, that was fun! Tee hee. Do you think my facial worked?

Here I am in a little energy ball. Again, thanks, everyone, for your positive input! I could feel it coming my way and it DEFINITELY helped in my recovery. 


  1. Hurrah! I'm glad you're better and what better way to celebrate that with a muumuu! I'm coming round to muumuus. Not sure I'll find one as spectacular as yours though. I love your photos, art and music together must've been a great experience.

  2. Yay, you're back and you're better then ever!
    Well, it will be no surprise at all that I love this dress - maxi, colour, print, why WOULDN'T I? As always,Melanie, you put your own twist on it with the shirt and gloves, which make it more YOU.
    I do rather long to see the back though... Next time you wear it, can we see your train, Your Highness?!
    I am chuckling over the idea of employing a small child or dog to pull your skateboard while you pose, perhaps giving the occasional regal wave to the open-mouthed onlookers! I'll see how the kids are fixed, possibly could send one over to you, the rates would be very reasonable, seeing as it's you.
    Mmwwahhh! to you in your muumuu and Miu Mius! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I thought of hinting that I could sure use one of your offspring to help with my look, but I was afraid they'd get in trouble and you'd resort to your cruel tickle punishment...

      I found an etsy page that has my dress on it!! I was researching "watteau," courtesy of Ann's suggestion. You can see all angles.

  3. Melanie, you are sounding too lively for words. It is bl**** cold and wet here in Blighty and your new dress makes me long for warmth and sunshine. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. That dress has "fabulous" written all over it! And I love that the gloves are from Canadian Tire. =)

  5. Yay for bright summery fabrics to help you feel like you're getting back to yourself!

  6. So glad you're back! And with a flourish. I adore the skateboard idea. xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Glad you're feeling better! I love the dress - reminds me of going to Hawaii in the 70s (Hilo Hattie's is where all the best dresses were).

    Lovely pictures.

  8. The dress is just gorgeous! When you get tired of the skateboard you would look lovely on a cake!

  9. The perfect outfit for feeling more in the pink than you have in past days! Interesting about your photography of the concert pianist. My husband and I just watched a documentary last night called Pianomania about Steinway & Sons' chief Technician and Master Tuner if Vienna, Stefan Knupfer and all the detailed work and collaboration between he and the pianist that is involved in getting a piano ready for a performance or recording. I love the photographs above taken of the pianists.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. That was an incredible assignment. Other than the orchestra, I was the only one in the entire house. It made me shiver wonderfully.

  10. Sorry to hear you've been battling the "Blasted Cold" - you certainly look very perky in these photos! I love that dress--I always gravitate towards clothing I see in thrift stores that was made in Hawaii as the prints are always soooo cheerful. The way you have styled it makes it perfect for a cooler spring day, and it totally says "Melanie". Your photos of the pianist are well done!

  11. I love it!!!
    i just nabbed a cool maxi that I plan to sell during my April sale which hasn't happened yet ;)

  12. I love your layering.

    That might be a "Watteau back" on your maxi.

  13. Your photos are so unique and creative, as are you & your outfits!
    I so enjoyed looking thru your posts!

  14. The Hawaiian maxi is brilliantly spring. So perfect with the denim jacket to meet the chill of the day. Happy to hear that you're feeling better and out taking beautiful photos of musicians at work.

  15. The muumuu is spectacular and it SHOWS that you are feeling better!

  16. Oh that muumuu is the best! I've been on an "island" kick lately and I'm drawn to anything tropical looking. Glad you're feeling better.

  17. A lively post considering you've been unwell! Of course, anything within the force field of that muumuu is likely to look lively. . . .

  18. I loooove this dress! The print is amazing. I love how you paired it with that blouse.

  19. Kick ass muumuu Mélanie! I liked saying muumuu so therapeutic:)
    No kiding the colors on that muumuu are gorgeous, my favorite colors in fact!

    Aren't you talented taking pics of an orchestra, gee! i would love to do this! The Sepia effect is just right for this subject -

    Take care Lovely

    Ariane xxx

  20. An exciting take on a maxi!! I have a number of thrifted vintage Hawaian dresses in my collection. The fabrics are really beautiful. All my favorite elements are here, including boots and fingerless gloves. You look prrrretty!!

    What a joy to have to be at a rehearsal of this type, for "work"!!! The photos are wonderful.

  21. Fabulous mix, Love your painted backgrounds. They so match your outfits.

  22. I can appreciate your lovely and colorful ensemble...and back drop...but what really struck me...your phenomenal beauty...your eyes with such piercing crystal intensity..... You Melanie are profoundly beautiful!

    1. Tamera, you are the best medicine!! But I look much better in slow motion, or better yet, doing something witless in B&W at double speed!

  23. Absolutely brilliant, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are a flower yourself.

  24. I love that frock! I want to see the back of it (looks like there's a train in the back?)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  25. Whoa! Are you sure you didn't put someone's eye out with that dress? It "overfloweth" with its exuberance!

    What a fabulous photography job! "Work!" Great, ain't it?

    Much love from England,

  26. Melanie loved your look great in my post would remain in Hawaii, I think we're on the same page, the photo of the wonderful musicians who should be listening pleasure, kissing ana

  27. Beautiful outfit. Beautiful pictures. And aren't you so glad thrifting helps save the Earth?

  28. OH! THIS FROCK! Be still my heart! You look beautiful. Those shots are just fantastic..I feel like I can hear them playing. :D XO

  29. This dress is absolutely incredible! What a gorgeous print. That photoshoot would have been great fun to work on.


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