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Monday 16 April 2012

The Shar Pei sweater

I'm linking up to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style Visible Monday today - barely. I am glad that I am NOT so visible today because my head feels like a balloon, the usual hot hair of course, but lots of cold too - the dreaded head cold. The best remedy for this malady has been unexpected...

Jean at Dross into Gold!
Thank you so much, Sweet Jean, for your lovely Ode!!
You've given me a real pick-me-up!
So a big, warm hug to you (with my face mask on)

I haven't been out or online for the past couple of days, so I'm happy I had these shots from late last week squirrelled away to share.

Details of the outfit:
  • thrifted wool walking shorts, two sizes too big, cost almost nothing 
  • thrifted polyester graphic sleeveless mini dress, worn as a top, Value Village
  • thrifted black wool sweater that I resized using my Shar Pei technique, described below
  • maxi cardigan, sample sale, Metallicus
  • fingerless gloves and beret - these two are inseparable
  • dirty dove-blue tights, with D&G thrifted heels from Value Village

This was another positive bubble outfit. I love to jam my fists into the pockets of these low-slung shorts, which makes them sit even lower - marvellous. And until I tried the mini dress as a top, I never cared much for either the dress or these wool-prickly shorts. Now I think I'll hang on to them both for a while longer.

Above I have my thumbs hooked into the pockets.

And here's a close-up of the sweater.

I pinched up the wool in vertical worm-lines at the front and back of the sweater and around the sleeve, and hand-stitched them so the gathers remain on the outside. I love that Shar Pei (wrinkle dog) effect. One sleeve has a tuck and the other doesn't; there is no symmetry. This was a quick way to add detail and bring a large piece down to size. 

Happy week everyone! (Achoo!!) Excuse me.


  1. Mad skillz on bringing the sweater down to fit, Melanie! So sorry you're not feeling well, but you look like a million bucks. Love those shoes! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. Very cool combination. I especially love the topper! And D&G shoes from VV? wow!

  3. Oh cool. I love what you did to the sweater. The way you mix things together is so cool.

  4. I love the shorts! I wouldn't mind some myself! Fantastic wrinkle dog cardi too!

  5. I love this look. What you did to the sweater is nothing short of inspired. Thank you for sharing what you did.

    1. Debbi, thank you so much for your visit and your comment! I am very happy you dropped by!

  6. your silhuette is just so elegant - I love the maxi cardigan with the shorts, and the camera - fantastic! The colour of your tights is almost the same as a sweater of mine, that I planned to wear with my new leopard trousers - as soon as they arrive.

  7. How very clever! Your shar pei idea for the cardigan is brilliant. I love the whole look, all cool and monochrome with a lovely bit of leopard print at the very bottom! I so appreciate how you put your outfits together, you are definitely making me think about clothes in new ways - so thank you! xxx

  8. Oh dear, now I'll have to consider the shar pei technique when I thrift! I love the wool shorts.

  9. First of all YOU'RE WELCOME! I've had the post planned forever. Glad I posted it at a time when you needed a little extra boost. Secondly, your outfit has so many elements that I adore! The menswear influence, the delicious layers, oversized pieces cinched in creatively, and I have to confess I'm coveting that maxi sweater with the ingenious use of stripes. I do think, though, once again, this outfit is a perfect example of the sum being greater than the parts. I love it.

    1. I'm feeling ever so much better from the positive energy you've sent my way!!!

      And your comment about the sum being greater than the parts - it's funny that if I were to leave out any of the elements, I would not like this outfit nearly as much. We have the Vulcan mind-meld...

  10. Such brilliant inspiration. I have a lovely moth-holey sweater that has been making me very sad but I think a few sharpei tucks will make it very wearable again! Now I'm much happier. Thank you. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. The Sharp Pei technique is so clever and It opens up so many possibilities! Your creativity continues to amaze and delight. And I loved Jean's beautifully written 'Ode to Melanie.'

  12. I think I must make a pilgrimage to Value Village...wherever it is :P

    Note to self: Thrift sweater to Sharp Pei ala Melanie.

    You look fantastic, as always.

  13. I adore the trouser shorts. I tried a pair on in the Goodwill dressing room a couple of months ago...really liked them, but chickened out and didn't buy them. I've thought longingly about them ever since....
    I hope you're feeling much better soon.

  14. The shorts are so great. I can imagine them with many different shoes and boots. Now you've got me thinking about some new things to search for.
    Hope you're getting over that cold!

  15. Oh oh sending a big furry squirrel hug to help you feel better. Oh and tissues too!!!! Bless you!!!!
    Love the shorts and with finger holders(pockets) just perfect.
    Love v

  16. Amazing how you are part of the artwork, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. Hi Melanie. Your blog is so fun and creative. Can I please have your autograph now before you become too rich and famous? I've seen some of your other post and I like your illustrations and other backdrops.

  18. Oh bless you, you poor thing!! I'm amazed at your skills at making this very snuggly-looking cardigan fit your tiny frame - fingerless gloves and your amazing pants are yum!!!! Don't forget to empty the pockets of tissues before you wash them;))) xoxo

  19. Hi Mélanie!

    I love the walking shorts a got a pair lately a smart little Asian shop at Place de la Cathédrale, this is the underground city
    I paid 5$ for mine, i do not think i am brave enough to wear them with tights, but bravo for you!

    I never tought of wearing dresses as top, i should, sometimes you can find a nice pattern dress but too short or to tight to wear on its own

    I hate the prickly wool items i have to wear something underneath, very annowing, plus i am allergic to wool i break out

    Hope you are feeling better soon - I have allergies these days can be as worse as a cold sometimes!

    Take care lovely
    Looking forward to your new post!

    Ariane xxx

  20. This is the most inspiring outfit i've seen in a long while!!!!
    Gotta go get out my gaucho's and band them!!!
    thanks for all the tips ;)

  21. Best hope well, I like this composition the gray pants and then surprised by the animal print shoes, or other, kissing ana.

  22. love this outfit... the sweater looks so warm, and the pants was my favorite piece

  23. I hope you're feeling better! Love what you did with the sweater..what a great effect! I really dig the walking shorts with those tights. And my love for those shoes knows no boundaries. XO

  24. I have returned! I love your last post, the wigs and looks! the wonderful trousers and the shoes animal print, I want, them already! Happi week!!!


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