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Saturday 2 March 2013

Feeling grey

The great thing about having no time to yourself is that you really, REally,
APPRECIATE when you get some.

This is what I wore Wed?... when I saw my buddy Sandra for the first time in forever.
The days are a blur. I also escaped to downtown on Feb 23 in an AMAAAZING outfit,
mostly courtesy of Thorne Garnet, whose giveaway I won.
WOW! She is a psychic sister, can't wait to show you!! I will wear it again when I dig myself out of this cave - which is continuing on into the new week, unexpectedly.

Isn't this sophisticated? All demure-like up there, oh, shrinking violet... So feminine and polite and retiring. Shall we have some tea? Some dainties on doilies?

The facial expression is permanent. It won't come off. GAAAAA!!!! This is what my brain looked like, even though I was still FEELING grey, like cool porridge. Boring. BOOORING. I liked dulling the colour under the tunic.

Due to a myriad of circumstances I'm overflowing with information. 

Outfit details:
  • merino wool and angora pullover (one piece, not a vest), thrifted, Ypsilon label?
  • sleeveless tunic, thrifted
  • cool socks, retail
  • big shoes, retail
  • rainbow stretch dress, stretch skirt, thrifted
  • mustard tights, sample sale
  • voodoo pendant, Tokyo, vintage like me
And below is my new favourite song. I hope you cherish it as much as I do. I shall erect a church, perhaps a cathedral, to this anthem. While I'm at it, maybe I'll just make a whole new religion to go with it. LANGUAGE, ladies, LANGUAGE. Again, Sandra introduced me to this hymn. It. is. fucking. awesome.  I want that onesie.


I'm lurking but I should be on a more regular routine starting next week...? I certainly haven't forgotten any of you!!  Such inspirations. Mwah.

Favourite new quote: "I was inspired by the oscillations of a slime mold."


  1. Nice to see you back, Melanie, in all your fab colour. Sounds like you've been super busy of late; hope you get some down time soon. I love that song too - they guy in the onsie (a Seattle rapper) is the best. A friend tagged the song for me on Facebook months ago but it is now a huge hit with the teens here in France (even thou there's not much of a thrift culture) - so cool how YouTube can make these things go global. Have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

  2. "Psychic sister", love it. It makes me happy that you enjoy the package of joy. Can't wait to see the photos.

  3. What a wonderful packet of joy, and how fabulous to have you back for tea and cakes, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    have you added me to the travelling skirt yet???
    Have a fun weekend, dear friend.

  4. Great to see you again, brightening my screen with your glorious colors and design. Hope you get some time soon to emerge from the cave!

  5. I am so glad to see you, all veiled and voodoo with rainbow-and-intarsia interior, love! Clomp on!

    Though having insufficient time to myself causes pain and suffering for me and those in my immediate vicinity (I am an "ugly crier" of introversion), I deeply admire the hilarity it sparks in you. I await the display of your giveaway goodies with tremendous excitement!

  6. That video is effin' awesome, Melanie. I think that's gonna have to get some more airtime. I think we should make own OWN video, watcha thing?

    Gurrrlo, I don't even think you know what gray is, or maybe it just turns into pure joy when you wear it.

  7. Wait...does your vest say Love Snow??? I'm going to get one that says Love Bagg! You are looking anything but grey. My fav line..kickin' it grandpa style!

  8. OMG how can you feel grey when that song is playing? What a romp!

    Wouldn't it be a kick to put together a video with snippets of all of the TYSFS wearers singing that song? Yahoooooo!

  9. Well this post sure picks me up on a gray Vancouver day. Thank you, thank you.

    Now I wanna star in a video...grooving down the aisles of Value Village.

    Sue xo

  10. I love your outfit. I really like your style. love lucyx

  11. The tunic is fantastic!! I love that song. Every time it comes on in the car I blast it and it annoys the crap out of the kids lolzzz Macklemore is awesome in that he released his music w/o a large scale label and he is openly liberal and outspoken about equal rights for all.
    Fun stuff,
    Becky :)

  12. Yay, Mel's back! You really made my day, starting out all serious and mysterious, then looking like a crazy vampire from Ort Dakota, then on to a fucking awesome video! I'll play that again, and again, and again. I'm shaking off the last tentacles of the flu, but now I am healed!

  13. Oh, so good to see you in all your glory, Melanie!

    L and I are going to be in Vancouver on the 22-23rd - will you be around? I would love to brunch on Friday or Saturday.

  14. How cool is that sheer effect! I hope your outfit brought your grey day up. These are the dog-days-of-winter or grey-days-of-winter I suppose. Wishing you a few moments to yourself each day!

  15. I was so happy to see your photo pop up in my blog roll! That sheer tunic over the graphic/stripey awesomeness is brilliant, as are the BIG SHOES!

    One of our faculty members, knowing my fondness for thrifting, sent me the link to that video a couple of months ago. I was humming the line "It's so f**cking awesome" for days afterwards.

  16. Oh I've missed your permanent facial expression ... I just KNEW there was something fabulous missing from my life! I've been desperate for a little me time, don't know how it will happen ... blogging will have to continue to be my escape:). You are just so fucking awesome ... language!!!! Yessssssssss to the thrift shop song and I'll give you an arse-squeeze while we're at it. xoxoxoxoooxox

  17. Hi Melanie, You have so much fun with clothes. What a difference between photo #1 and photo #2. I am delighted that you like my sketch of you and would be honored to have you post it on your blog. I love your creatively fascinating attitude for using your body as your canvas. You rock!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  18. Ah what a pick-me-up-and-spin-me-round-deliciouslyanddeliriously that second photo is for a grey day. I feel all zingy now; greyness has been wafted away.

  19. Mel, I am SO delighted to see a post from you! I hope the cave is behind you (almost) and if the crazy cave face is permanent, well, I think you can work it!
    Thank you for returning to blogging with your customary eclectic colourful style and brilliance!
    I've missed you!
    Love the song - check Em's blog (Ivy Black Chat) for another great version;

  20. You're back and as awesome as always! I love that transparent tunic and am dying with envy over those socks, cool ain't the word!
    Krista introduced me to Thrift Shop last year and now it's number one in the UK. Better not make charity shopping too trendy or they'll be nothing left for me! xxxx

  21. Lovely to see you and you always put a smile on my face. And you look a fab as ever.
    I love Thrift Shop..there's a few versions doing the rounds.

  22. Hurrah! You're back! Looking as amazing as ever. Love the floaty top concelaing all manner of madness. Wonderful giant shoes, many mad layers of delicious yellow, clashing letters and stripes. I love that song, macklemore is rather sexy xxxx

  23. What an amazing come back outfit, great to have you back, and looking zingy and colourful rather than grey! p.s. that facial expression in the 2nd photo gave me such a giggle!

  24. I need to adopt that expression RIGHT NOW. It's the only thing that will get me through the day. It's SO good to have a Mizz Bag fix. I have missed you and your rollicking fabulousness!

  25. You, my darling, are a sight for sore eyes!!! I've missed you. In addition to your marvelous bag'nberet ensemble, I'm entranced with your hair and makeup.

    More, please. I wait with 'bated breath. XXOO

  26. Ahh, now I've got my groove back on with a Melanie fix. Thank you very much. I love your before and after pictures - caught me by surprise, you did. And a little jolt of Thrift Shop singing to sign off and I'm set for a good while. xoxox.

  27. Oh! Wow! And another one: ! ... ! Love your look AND your hair. First Charlize Theron at the Oscars and then I saw a movie with Judie Dench and now you ... I have to remind myself that I look masculine in short hair (done the mistace at least twice ...) because I really want to cut it off when I see you. And the coat or whatever we shall name it - so great!

  28. So happy to see your blog light up! Here you are with your usual surprise. Two different looks, but both so amazingly Melanie. My monday morning just received a surge of inspiration.

    This anthem is now on my newly emerging playlist!

  29. I had missed your posts, and then - Shazam! What an outfit! Truly a work of art.

  30. You have been missed but we take what we can get around here. I love these two totally opposite pictures. Don't stay in your cave too long you will go batty! The sweater is tops!!!! I also love the rainbow dress, duh. I love this song it is our anthem no?!
    Keep smiling girl!!!

  31. Thanks for cheering my dreary monday!

  32. Hi there Melanie!
    You are back! you didn't tell me!
    Love what you did you are back with a vengance!
    Love all the crazy patterns and colors
    You are the best!


  33. Great to see your happy face again!! LOVING the oh so demure/LOOK AT ME!!! outfit!! those shoes are awesome!!
    Oh how I love this song!

  34. I'm obsessed with the Macklemore song (the whole album, really!) and your outfit is AMAZING. You must have stopped traffic!

  35. I love the long coverup and then SHAZAM! You're an explosion of colour! Amazing.

  36. Fantastic outfit, anything but dull! I love the yellow bits and the pattern, and the socks!!!

    I know all about not having enough time! I can barely remember my own name these days.

  37. WOW SO AWESOME! I LOVE YOU ! Can't believe I didn't follow you ! I love how the sheer tunic looks closed with the outfit underneath ! And your shoes are fabulous ! And the song thrift shop by Macklemore is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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