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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...


The billowing wonder of a mainsail unfurls in full splendour -
hits Toronto, Canada,
enveloping the city in its golden glow
eliciting gasps of awe and amazement, of


"Fly High Almighty Skirt" we cry!

Courtesy of Pirate of the Eternal Seas
Megan of 
worn at Toronto Pride Parade 2013
Go!    G O   N O W!!

Lovely Megan has also posted photos of the embellishment she added to the FYS (freakish yellow skirt) and a closeup of all the other embellishments to date, here. Crazy quilt sail, FLY, we command thee. How much higher she goes with your additions. Thanks, Megan, and thanks to everyone for your ongoing support of the FYS. If you would like to style the FYS, be sure to email Shelley at Forest City Fashionista to be put on the flight schedule.

And now in other news...
My Checkered Past

This is for Shiny T Tuesday, Jane George's link-up at Flight Platform Living. Here's the checked outfit I wore on an inspiration walk last week, hence the sub-title, My Checkered Past, as my interpretation of the Shiny T Tuesday theme on dressing square. I think these are all the checks I own.

I'm sure you've all seen poses like this in high fashion magazines, at art openings, in swanky hotel lobbies, or  in ladies' rooms. But this is an example of how I stand every day, for example, whilst I wait for the barista to prepare my coffee or stand in the check-out line at the supermarket. Usually I carry two compact mirrors with me so I don't have to look down at all. The schtar quality I ooze out so naturally wherever I go ensures that I always have plenty of free space around me, even in the most crowded of situations.

I like the high waist and wide legs of these pants. They are made of light cotton and are slightly large, which makes them comfy summer wear. And the turned up collar is deliciously annoying.

  • blue-and-white-checked palazzo pants, thrifted
  • blue plaid shirt with front ruffle, thrifted, Diesel
  • platform sandals, thrifted

See you at Jane George's. How do you dress square? I look forward to seeing what you've got!

And I look forward to seeing how YOU style the FYS.
PS - Thanks for all your laundering tips for my rockstar pants and my Sharpied T-shirt!

[Ed: I linked this to Anne M. Bray's Spy Girl 52-Pick-me-up: Plaid, Dec 15, 2013]


  1. I have never seen anybody so magical in pants, ahhhhhhhhhh
    perfect clash of prints, and perfect you EVERYTIME.
    Love, love, love dear Melanie.

  2. this is hysterical 'Usually I carry two compact mirrors with me so I don't have to look down at all. ' makes putting those glorious shoes on slightly harder i would know with the not looking down and the holding 2 compact mirror thing! snort!!! could anybody in this universe look more amazing in squares than you! love love love xxxxxxxx

  3. I wish I sold you coffee. That would make my day. Can you call the emergency number in Australia, 000, and model for me over the phone. It would completely clog up the whole 'saving time, saving lives' thing but I think it would translate wonderfully over the phone. You'd be such a noir and sophisticated damsel in distress. Especially with those classic movie star pants.

  4. Those trousers would wear me ... but not you, no, you are always in charge and rock every outfit!
    M x
    PS: love the 'Sharpie' trousers in your previous post!

  5. You really look great - high waist pants are hard to wear but not for you! Love .

  6. you are indeed a schtar! Love these pieces together, everyone check-ing you out for your daring fashion. I have to go see the Skirt now.

  7. Oh dear, totally laughing that pose is worthy of Norma look fantastic, I could never in a million years pull off those checks, thanks for sharing!

  8. Your pants are great and I love the mix!

    blue hue wonderland

  9. LOVE those pants. Love your model posing even more!

  10. God, you crack me up! I will go off to work with a smile today thinking about how you pose in a ladies room. No, just a minute, that didn't sound right!

    Let's move on.

    I love that plaid shirt with a ruffle - lady loggerish. And your (almost signature) big pants! You know, plaid is just squares on mescaline.

  11. I love a deliciously annoying collar and to hang around checkouts like a schtar, too.
    Those gingham pants are bloody amazing, dead jealous! xxx

  12. You look amazing in prints. And I love this silhouette on you.

  13. Oh, hell, yes! Those are fabulous pants!

    I'm on the YFS list! I can't wait!

  14. I love the gingham pants and the plaid--you look fantastic!!

    How do I find out if I'm on the traveling Yellow skirt list? I emailed Shelley but I'm not sure....

  15. You definitely have schtar quality. I schimply love your pantsch!

  16. Hi Melanie, How cute . . . your checkered past. That sounds like a great name for a soap opera, LOL.
    I came visiting to see the post just before this one. My Steve told me about your jeans, he knew that I would be amazed, AND YES I AM ! ! !
    You have out-done yourself with these. They must have been a long and pains-taking project, but also so much fun. I love how that wild and crazy imagination of yours works. You have genius flowing through your veins.
    You amaze me,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  17. This is how i stand too btw, can't do it any other way i say!

    I love that mix, simple but to the point, does it make sense?

    You are tall and lean so this type of pants are awesome on you -

    Hugs Melanie


  18. LOVE. That's all I have to say.

  19. Now I've found out what I'm doing wrong - I need to carry TWO compact mirrors at all times (I've only been using one). Thank you so much for passing on this invaluable tip!!
    Two glorious pairs of pants/trousers (just gazed in awe at your painted beauties below). You're spoiling us.
    And Megan's day out in the FYS - a radiant outing indeed.

  20. We really like the checkered mix, brilliantly gorgeous... You really do stand like that!!! We can't get enough of you Melanie...

    Hope you're having a great summer!!!


  21. When you are a superschtar, of course you have to stand like that, and never, NEVER look upon the mere earthlings grubbing around at ground level. It would hurt your eyes, darling - they are just too too drab.
    You, on the other hand, with your chequered past and pants, are a thing of beauty, and a joy forever! Great trousers, as usual you look 7 feet tall, and the lady lumberjack shirt is an inspired choice, despite its annoying collar.
    Gorgeous. Now DON'T LOOK DOWN! xxxx

  22. I agree wholeheartedly with Curtise ... don't make eye contact ... and make that your mantra! You will disappoint the wanna-be's if you look them in the eye with your laser gaze, possibly causing them to explode with ecstasy!!! It's going to take me a while to cease hallucinating about your AMAZING painted pants ... now you've given me something to take the edge off my pant cravings, making my life a glorious experience once more. What would I do without you in my life????? xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  23. Hellooo and loving your blog!!! fantastic style. All the best from House Of Harrie Hattie :) xx

  24. Those high waisted pants are magnificent on you, Mel! You are a schtar indeed.

  25. Totally diggy the checkered past look. Really dig it. It's like I have a shovel over here, and the spade is slicing through the soil. :-)

  26. I love plaid.
    I had a lot of plaid shirts, coats since I was little.

    You look good in them!
    Actually the plaid will be IN this fall.

  27. NOW I need to figure out how to make dribbly plaid to add this one to my new painted series!
    Shall I get all weird and stalkerish and paint ONLY YOU????

  28. Excellent pose to create free space in crowded situations. I will keep this in mind as I remember you in your gorgeous checked outfit.

  29. Your capturation of caffeine deprivation is haunting - if it didn't ever come, the stimulating vibrational criss-crossing of your blue plaid would eventually be drawn in by osmosis, I'm sure!

  30. I actually Laughed Out Loud! For realises!

    You are an absolute shtar and I am going to follow your lead and carry two compacts around with me so I never have to look down!!

    LOVE the pants, LOVE the whole outfit, LOVE all the things, all the time.

    Beetlejuice xxx


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