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Sunday 15 September 2013

The Man Robe, also in action

When I wear this outfit featuring The Man Robe I live in several states of dimension at once, this one and another one in 1920s Hollywood. "A physicist" has proven that there are seven dimensions - I'm still looking for the last three but I'm sure this robe will help me find them without the assistance of a slide rule or a huge brain.

My garments:

  • The Man Robe, thrifted, worn many times
  • new thrifted granny shoes in sensible brown with Louis-the-something heels, aka The Most Unflattering Shoes in the Universe (T-MUSU), they make me feel dreamy and tough
  • bamboo tights, off white with a very slight pinkish tinge, retail sale, their perpetual ankle sag goes stunningly with the granny shoes - someone catch me as I swoon with delight at this vexatious combination
  • silky dress with pink Asian flower motif, belt hung around neck as scarf, retail sale, first worn here (that's not even me in that photo anymore)
  • magic loupe O made me
  • tool box handbag from O's studio

With the crunching leaves under foot, the tool box in hand, sensible shoes, saggy tights, and The Man Robe, I thought I would poof into thin air. And it truly was thin air. The weather forecast today said "Mist." I find that odd. "Today's weather is Mist." "Watch out for Mist." What happened to fog and foggy? I suppose most people would rather frolic in mist than fog; mist certainly sounds more romantic. Then again, maybe the forecast simply depends on whether the meteorologist prefers Stephen King's The Mist or John Carpenter's The Fog (original,1980), both nightmares. And it doesn't really matter: I'm living in a daydream anyway, kinda foggy, kinda misty.

Again, you can see this outfit in action. I hope you watch - the music is great, which means I didn't make it, and it's royalty-free. I'm hooked on video.

Sandra has posted a great video she made about Vancouver Art Gallery (Sept. 13). It really sums up how much our central art institution really cares about its work and artists; or maybe it's simply the result of clouded vision caused by the persistent fog (haze) generated by the pot advocates who hang around the gallery...

Ed. Update: I just researched the difference between fog and mist. Apparently, it's a matter of degrees of visibility. I still think it's about preference of horror movie.


  1. This past week, I have had four different hair colors and I've been wearing my male-kimono. Obviously inspired, but have not succeeded as well as you ...

  2. Love how you've reinvented a man's garment and made it your very own.

  3. I even watched your video twice. Which was not good for me as you have made it like an old movie. But there is something wrong with my balance so if I watch this I get slightly nauseous haha.
    I had to see the tights and the shoes as you wrote: "bamboo tights, off white with a very slight pinkish tinge, retail sale, their perpetual ankle sag goes stunningly with the granny shoes ". Now that made me laugh and got me curious. Actually I really like the shoes.
    The coat is a more acquired taste for (conservative) me. LOL

  4. Beautiful texture and tone in this outfit! I do like seeing the action and I love the music.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. oooh, the man robe is delicious, and the granny shoes are a nice balance so you do not float or fly away (in the mist!) Love the video. xoxo

  6. There are seven dimensions! I need to know more! Glad I can see your sexay granny shoes in this one.

  7. Love that outfit. Can't wait till the one or two days we can wear more than one light layer here in the south. Send us some of your foggy mist

  8. love the way the robe billows out when you walk

  9. You are just marvelous in this. It makes me want to wear my kimono robe out in public, but I am not brave enough just yet.

  10. Like Greetje, I watched the video twice. It's like I'm your groupie or something. I love the mood you've captured here Melanie. Too bad about the bamboo tights wrinkling at the ankles. I love the colour.

  11. I've really been enjoying your little videos!
    I do believe the 80s "The Fog" was made on the coast in my state, Oregon, where there is fog AND mist (and rain!)in abundance.

  12. The dress alone is so lovely and it suits you. Paired with that man robe however, kicks it up to another level. I love how your flair and bearing pull all of your outfits together to be a greater sum than their parts.

  13. Love the video. It's great to see people we always saw in photos move, it's so interesting!!!
    Oh man, that film the Fog gave me the creeps when I was a kid. It really scared me!!!

  14. What about the brilliant movie, "Play Misty For Me" at least that's what I think it was called.

    That robe is fantastic. I *almost* picked up a long vintage jacket this weekend because you are infiltrating my fashion brain.

    Then I calmly told myself, "Where on earth am I going to wear this thing? You are no Melanie, Suzanne."


  15. Preference of horror movie, I'm with you on that one!
    I love these soft shades, this is a scrumptious outfit!!! I just refound an old, old coaty frock thing I'd forgotten about, and you're totally inspiring me on how to wear it!

  16. Your little videos make me happy! This is a very muted outfit, colour-wise for you - a reflection of your state of mind perhaps? I love the flowy-ness of the robe.

    Will reply to your email this week!

  17. Ahh, I am a little misty-eyed over here... Ha, see what I did?! But it is a bit special getting to see you in real moving music-accompanied jaunty action, Man Robe a-flowing, bamboo tights a-wrinkling, and granny shoes a-tippy tapping.
    This soft muted palette isn't one I readily associate with you, but look how beautifully it suits you! You look gorgeous.
    Funny you should say about old blog photos not looking like you anymore. I feel exactly the same way. I look back and am surprised that was ever me. Isn't it peculiar?
    Mist=wispy and romantic. Fog=sinister and thick enough to obscure and choke. Official meteorological information. Honest. xxxxx

  18. Video is fun! I was thinking how interesting it would be to record a voice-over to a post - we don't know how any else's voices sound on blogs. Except Hollie because she put a radio excerpt on hers (and she has a lovely voice).

    In that first photo it's easy to see the other dimensions. Besides Hollywood I'm sure I also see a hint of Trieste or Ljubljana. Your man robe, or Man Robe, is glorious! So very you, and probably quite sensible for a walk in the mist. In fog you would be less visible, and that would not be a good thing.

  19. Play Misty for Me. Or is it Foggy Mountain Breakdown? Granny shoes and a grandpa robe. I think this is the LOOK. I must have it. When I lived in New England, our neighborhood was haunted and I used to see a person that looked very much like you walking along the road when I went to take my recycle bin out at night. Spooky.
    Keep those videos coming s'il vous plait.

  20. Yummy soft colors and granny shoes with tights. Love this. I have a bunch of robes that I need to pull out and layer. I think I'll start as soon as I get back if only I could find those damn ruby slippers.

  21. Love the Man Robe sauntering in fallen leaves of the same color. And I'm hooked on your videos! Watching for what comes next!

  22. I LOVE your videos! I am fond of a dramatic billowing coat, I think they are all action heroine - 7 dimensions is exciting, and misty settings too, fog is far too suffocating!! x x

  23. Loving the outfit. Autumn colours my favourite time of year!! The man robe ohhhh yes ;) x

  24. Well, that Man Robe certainly looks a treat. The flow of the coat from the back: in a word, wow! How floaty and elegant, and perfect for mist. I don't remember hearing the weather described as mist when I lived in Vancouver. More like, more bl**** rain!

    Once again, your fabulousness shines through.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  25. Fabuous robe, and wonderful layering. I adore how you become art as you wear your clothes.
    Love, love, love, dear Melanie.

  26. Glorious Glorious glorious!! i loved the video!!!
    The whole outfit is slightly ethereal and dreamy.
    Like "The Mists of Avalon"

  27. You look more i think and don't ask me why it's the first impression when i saw the pic to John Malkovitch, what was it, liason dangeureuse or Valmont - I know it's not a compliment, it's the robe that made me think of him -
    I think it's great concept, i never tought of wearing a man's robe and i think i will never wear i man's robe, hahaha! But you make it work as usual!

    So how is life with you? i sent you e-mails a while ago - If you have time send me an e-mail

    Ariane xo

  28. your little videos are rockin' my soul!! LOVE THEM!

  29. It's a smoking jacket with a lovely flow. Any chance that this mist, this fog, is actually a haze of smoke?

  30. Melanie, I ADORE video! I make them for fun, adding the music and all the fun effects, it brings me pure pleasure! So I really enjoy your videos knowing you are into it!!! And especially the sagging hose. I love them, the perfect addition to the grannies. xo

  31. hi melanie. i love this outfit . i love all your clothes. i love the videos. i have being trying to mess around with videos but i haven't got it right. could you give some tips or maybe a tutorial? do you live near san francisco i will be there in october? love lucyx

  32. Ahhhh yes a man robe on a misty day....perfect.
    Maybe a dressing gown for a foggy day??????
    The shoes are simply stylish.
    Video's are great....poetry in motion.
    Love v

  33. You've worked your magic on this man's robe, to bring out its gorgeous autumnal colours and make it look the epitome of bohemian elegance. What an inspiration you are dear Melanie!

  34. Well thank you for a kick up the arse. After your fantastic misty video I watched your VOGOFF videos and they totally inspired me to actually do some creative work. I really love the idea of videos, thanks to the genius of you and Sandra. The robe makes me think of Sherlock Holmes and fireside mysteries, green baize, wood smoke and cinnamon. Granny shoes are always fantastic. More sensible shoes the better I think

  35. Fantastic robe and overall look for the fog ... I mean, mist. I must say I've never heard a weather report that precise. At least, not in the dimension I occupy right now. - J xx

  36. I was traumatized by saggy tights in my childhood ...those pre-Spandex-in-everything days! So uncomfortable.

  37. Man robe? Love it!! You look super stylish.

  38. I don't know why I never look at v-logs (is that the right terminology) because that was simply awesome! I watched it twice too. You're a real moving person! I love the flow of your man-gown. And the music is stupendously juxtaposed. I'm looking at all your videos from now on, but not sure if I'm brave enough to look at other people's because I don't think they'll stand up to comparison.


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