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Monday 9 September 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

F R E A K S   O U T!!!   fer realZ 
Each teensy glitter bit gets its groove on when


struts into town....
See her freakishly fabulous FREAK-out in this 
magic spectral yellow skirt
Complete with S O U N D T R A C K!
We KNOW you wanna dance...
G O!   G O   N O W !!!
Thank you, Jean. You look awesome!! Great timing for this post, for both of us...

Today is Visible Monday over at Patti's - which means it's time for Excruciating Elegance.

This outfit was soooo excruciatingly elegant that I wore it TWICE last week, yesterday and the day before that. I don't know if anyone noticed. I am currently in a video phase so I had to capture this look in a kinetic-wise counter-clockwise-like fashion. If the video looks blurry (and you are not ill after the first few seconds), lock and reload - it should be high-def.

This look is called "Bonjour Gung Haggis Fat Choy" for the French, Chinese, and Scottish elements it incorporates. Gung Haggis Fat Choy is a Vancouver cross-cultural event which celebrates Chinese New Year and Scottish Robert Burns Day. Haggis is a dish made of sheep heart, liver, and lungs; I've never had it.

The T-shirt is upcycled from a rag of a crap shirt. I lopped off the sleeves and transplanted one of them onto the bodice in elephant trunk-like fashion for supreme practicality. Naturally, I used black glitter yarn as thread. The robe was last worn here inside out. Everything is thrifted, ah, I mean purchased at the finest boutiques in Paris, New York, and Milan.

Let's raise a glass to silly celebrations and come up with our very own. I'm curious - what nonsensical celebration would you invent? Hugs, all!


  1. Now you've given me food for thought, I am envisioning some nonsensical celebrations ...

  2. even though it's a silent film, I feel you were trying to say . . . "coffee?" : > Fabulous film and big pants too. Today I am wildly celebrating "Ultrasound Showed Healthy Boob" day - ice cream for dinner followed by red wine. wheee! Thanks for linking up to VisMonday. xo

  3. I have eaten haggis, in Edinburgh - why would you eat it anywhere else? It's horrid.

    My celebration would be to rejoice over the luck of spending the last five minutes at work checking blogs, and finding the Traveling Yellow Skirt Freak Show! I have to wait until I'm home to enjoy Jean's soundtrack, though - the anticipation is so, so sweet.

  4. I've never had haggis either. Or chitlins. Which is not to say I can't celebrate the cultural significance, I just can't do it.

    I love your mash-up, and your languorous pose is perfection. You bring much joy to our hearts, you know.

    Thank you for all the dazzling colors and cool lettering at the top of the post. I would NEVER have guessed that a giant yellow skirt would be so versatile and inspiring. In fact, if it had been offered to me at a clothing swap, I would have politely turned it down. Ha ha. Live and learn!!!!! I had so much fun. Thank you sweetie. XXXXXOOOOO

  5. First things first - yes, you are alive! Second, I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! Yes, I was yelling there. Please leave those pants to me in your will, ok?

    and not to change the subject, but did you get my last email?

  6. The tartan pants are time always should be loud.
    Love v

  7. Well, I do celebrate Festivus, and that's definitely a made-up holiday! I love your video! You look enchanting, dahling!

  8. Your outfit is far more appealing than haggis! And lucky red to boot.

  9. Jean's Yellow Skirt Freak Out is divine. What a wonderful traveling show you have created, Melanie.

    Your video phase is brilliant and I hope that it continues for years. The outfit IS very elegant, as are your poses.

    As far as celebrations, I would love to participate in World Hat Day (if such a day existed).

  10. I've watched the video three times. {so far} Does that make me a groupie, or a stalker, or what? I was just so dang curious about that flappy thing on the front of the shirt. Had I read your post first, I would have known it was a portion of sleeve, D'oh...obvious really if you think about it...not. :) It's these fun surprises about your upcycles and clothing that are so much fun for me.

    Loving all the red. Very flattering for beautiful You!

  11. the yellow skirt just keeps gaining momentum, dang I do like stalking the adventures of the travelling skirt.
    I watched the video 3 times too, I may have swooned with you!
    Being an excitable type who can get giddy about lots, I would like to nonsensically celebrate the bbq glitter and deckchair day x x

  12. Doesn't Jean look amazing? She has brought her customary style and elegance to the TYS, and I love it!

    Now you, dear Ms Mel, look equally divine. Those tartan culottes are fabulous, and oh yes, red does suit you so well. As does flitting and flopping and languishing and disrobing, accompanied by classical strings, to celebrate Gung Haggis Fat Choy in excrutiatingly elegant style.

    I have had haggis (and not in Scotland, I do believe one is permitted to eat it elsewhere.) It was OK, if you like offal; if you don't, it's awful. Ha.

    I am celebrating No Housework Day. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is EVERY day. One needs a freshly-scrubbed pelvic floor and a divine maxi to celebrate properly - so I'm good. xxxxxxx

  13. You are so funI have been stalking you via myFashion Blog obsession. Love that Video. The music is perfect! Also, you look marvelous.

  14. Nobody does big pants as cool as you! The video is so fun, you are looking great.

    blue hue wonderland

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Perfect name. Sometimes elegance can be excruciating. You must be double jointed to get into that one pose.

    That robe is wild. I bet that would be one of your 10 "travel essentials"...I'd love to see that post!

    I want to celebrate Freakishly Fanatical Frivolously Flamboyant Fierce Frenzied Over Forty Fashion Week. More commonly known as FFFFFFOFF!


  17. I want your trousers!! I had tartan pants from Le Chateau when I was in high school. I'm so glad they are coming back.

  18. Hello Melanie, I have spent the last 45 minutes looking deep into your blog and finding places where I have never gone before. Like: "my YVR street style blog", that is so much fun. I truly enjoyed all of the artistic people and their strong sense of style and creativity. I love your video, the only thing wrong with it is that it is two short, had to watch it three times :)
    You young lady are amazing to me. If the rest of the world would follow in your footsteps and spend their time being adventurous, creative, colorful, warm, exciting, real, and loving life and people as you do. Wars would end. It is easy to see that you have a big heart and a love for life and everyone around you. Bravo!!!
    I'm one of your biggest fans.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)
    P.S. Thanks for putting my little drawing in your right-hand column, I just noticed that, too, it put a big smile on my face :)

  19. I'm 90% Scottish and I shudder at the thought of haggis!!

    But I tremble with JOY at your cross-ethnic mashup look--LOVE it!!

  20. Oh I'm looking forward to seeing lovely Jean's take on the yellow skirt! As for you with you highland fling, those tartan pants are the business, gorgeous on you and woohoo to another brilliant video!
    I'm a quarter Scottish so quite well acquainted with the joys of haggis, tasty it is too you know. I quite often give myself a celebratory 'makeative day', which is a day to just play and be creative.

  21. Love this and can see exactly why you wore it twice! You look AMAZING in red! How do I go about signing up for that yellow skirt action? xoxoxoxo

  22. Sultry is exactly the right word for Jean!!!
    You are on a ROLL with stupendous videos!!! Love it, you swoon delightfully! But once the coffee hits......?!

  23. Ahhh, the pain of being so elegant, if only I knew, I'm the one with the skirt held up by staples and a bastard massive wasp bite on my leg! You do it like the star that you are, red rocks on you!
    Being a life long vegetarian I've never had haggis (although there is a veggie version available) but endured the stink at innumerable New Years' Eve parties and served it on Burns' Suppers back in my corporate hell.

    Love the plaid pants!!

    Very nice looK!

  25. Oh, Gods, Mel ... you have NO idea how much I needed to see this today!
    I did have to go find coffee. I'm feeling so much better now.

    You are just the loveliest. Pretty sleek looking in reds, and more charming than a pile of angry kittens.

    I've had haggis ... forced on me at a banquet by a gigantic matron in her tartan scarf and black satin. She was enormous and looked a lot like Dame Edna, but without the smile. I had to eat it. Wasn't good, so unless you really like liver and suet, don't bother.

  26. Good gourd. So I come out of hibernation to find Excruciating Elegance of this calibre... what else have I missed??? I shall spent the rest of my day catching up. I will probably need a little rest, at some stage, as your magnificence is quite exquisitely overwhelming - in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY.

    I've missed you.

    That is the best video In The World.

    Sarah xxx

  27. I would celebrate by finding great backdrops that honor wilder and crazier ensambles! (I adore that you do that!) I especially like the "rag of a crap shirt" sleeve sewn onto the front of the shirt!!!
    The jacket is killer and looks wonderful with your red plaid pants and beret...damn! You've inspired me again!

  28. ahhh, and doing a Marat pose too amongst the elegance. Your videos of fashion vogoffing are transfixing in everyway. Please don't stop.

    And Jean is the queen of Le chic unique in multiple renditions of the ever TYS.

    Freak Out, ladies, yeah.

  29. I made up a club called "Nothing". To join, you did nothing, the meetings where nothing. To join all you had to do was nothing. Let's celebrate nothing, oh, we already are.

  30. Lets stay home for the day celebration and for the rest of the year - Every time i take the subway i want a holiday, any to get me out of there;)
    I hate the rush hour with such a passion!
    Yes i watched the Video! Coffee yes of course, we all need coffee as often as we can non?

    You are a star i tell you such fabulousness and you were too wearing a red beret, our minds must had join that day!

    Ariane xo

  31. International Marshmallows For Peace Day. I'd eat marshmallows and not start any wars/fights. I love GUNG HAGGIS FAT CHOI, this look is super duper chic, is Miz Bagg annoyed she hadn't nicked it for VOGOFF? She should be. I love the video. More please
    Ate haggis once, was mainly oats and rather tasty despite my reservations

  32. Your elegance is excruciating! Of COURSE you wore that outfit twice!

  33. Jean's styling of 'Le Freak' yellow magnificence is daringly delicious.
    And your elegance here is enigmatic (especially the foreshortened 'elephant trunk' embellishment).

  34. I can see why you had to, I'd also wear it twice in a row, I love the vibrancy of the Red! It exudes energy!

  35. Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your film work. I think I might need to showcase the yellow skirt---- how jam packed is the line up? Is it anywhere near near Florida or the US in general or has it already left??

  36. I've never had haggis either but apparently you can buy in a can, safe for overseas shipping... I might get you some for your birthday. Vegetarian? Or original recipe?

  37. The video was brilliant by the way. I want more.

  38. great video Melanie and I adore this outfit! I'm considering doing some video too but always find them to be quite time consuming in terms of shooting and editing. What software do you use?

  39. You had me laughing out loud with your cry for coffee. I had to reverse it a couple of times before I could see what you were shouting. At first I thought it was something far more terrible hahaha. Won't tell you what as it is not nice. LOL
    Your outfit is spot on fashion by the way. Not that you are interested but still.

  40. Ah yes, you've got an International Brew going on here. Love the mix of kimono with plaid. LOVE!
    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up!


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