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Monday 23 September 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and Visible Monday

Great balls of 
sunshine, grapefruit, and rainbow salad
The Freakish Yellow Skirt has landed on

Anne M. Bray of 

for an "Indian jingle jangle" of salubrious
juicy-fruity frolicking.
See Anne's mesmerizing skirt contortions
With floral sprays and sunny shawl
G o !   G O   N O W !!!

Thank you, Anne for your brilliant styling!

And other news: VISIBLE MONDAY, Feeling Like Fungus

The rain, oh sweet autumn rain. Yesterday and today I was feeling rather fungal or like a root vegetable to be at one with the leaf rot under foot. This is what I wore.

It was an outfit of nothing. Nothing.
Oversized jeans, top, maxi cardigan, stretch boots, no makeup whatsoever. Fungus does not wear lipstick. I was stripped bare, plain, root runners sprouting from my soles trying to take hold in the soggy earth in an attempt at reabsorption.

Sometimes I just want to disappear into the air, be invisible, even though I do believe that a day not dressing up is a day wasted, Vix's mantra. But this WAS my dressing up, okay, perhaps sideways. I was just melancholy. But then yesterday, as I left my building, this happened...

I encountered three Beautiful People, two men and one woman (expensive or genetically-gifted teeth, early 30s, clean, dressed well), hovering outside the door. As I swept past one of the men called out: "Do you mind if I tell you something?" I stopped and turned. He said, "You're so beautiful." They all nodded awe-fully in agreement. "I love your hair. It's the hair." "No, it's everything." "No, it's just something." "Someone should sculpt you." I thought, oh, fungus becomes me. Clearly they were in a good mood. Quite a good mood. Oh, and to be fair did I mention that they also said, "We're so drunk!" "Yes, we are!" "Oh, yes!"[laughter] And they were, despite it being only 11 a.m.  Just the same, I walked to the coffee shop with a smile on my face.

The lesson here? You'll probably get compliments if you head to the nearest hardcore bar no matter what you're wearing.

Seriously, this was a case of being reminded that invisible and visible are tricky things. Timing, weather, emotional place, a butterfly fluttering its wings in Thailand... Classic chaos theory.  Were there angels dancing beacon-like on my head or were the drunkards some kind of twisted angels themselves? Does it matter?

I still felt fungal at the coffee shop, and that's what I liked, cocooned in my journal-writing and comforted by the patter of rain outside.  

This one's for Patti over at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, my version of invisibly visible. Thanks for the party but please make sure I don't get too rooted in the garden. 

PS. A wee haircut, no recolouring but the platinum in the front is blending with my natural hair. It's magic to be sure.


  1. yet another reason I adore you so, sentences like this: "I thought, oh, fungus becomes me." Where else can I read and reflect on that? Well, you are gorgeous in your fungosity, and I love your platinum hair. (My Dad was in a Barber Shop Quartet called the Fun-Gi's. I miss him). Thanks for sharing with Vis Monday. xox

  2. You are the most beautiful fungus among us.

  3. You ARE beautiful, silly drunk people or not. Sometimes drunkenness helps us reveal truths we might otherwise hide (much like fungus hides in the dim, dank corners of our minds).

    Love the hair and this soft vibe you have going on.

  4. Oh Melanie, only you could make fungus fashion so appealing! The weather was very melancholia-inducing here this weekend, and I haven't been inspired to document my outfits lately. Not sure what's up with that.

    Whether the Beautiful People had been sober or drunk, they couldn't have helped but be blown away by the magic aura of awesomeness that surrounds you. I'm sure you changed their lives for the better (or at least, their day)

  5. Yesterday was a grim reminder that we live in a rain forest...albeit minus the forest. My guess might have been that your beautiful people had been smoking rather than drinking...but, whichever, they got it right. You are beautiful!!!

    I love your hair. I'm going to a new stylist in town next week, and I'm getting excited.

  6. awe, drunk at 11am! Those were the days. You look fabulous

  7. It was terribly sweet of them to try to pin down exactly what it is that they thought was so beautiful, but they had to be drunk not to see that it is your aura. Even in your photographs it's there, like a spark of magic. You're a magic mushroom!

    I would love to see you wearing those glasses. On your face.

  8. ou are beautiful :) Drunk by 11 am sounds kind of good!

  9. Hell, yes, you are fecking beautiful and those people may have been pissed but they were telling the truth.
    Drink does that, doesn't it? It doesn't make you lie, it simply loosens your tongue so you have no inhibitions.
    You are dead right, there's no invisible. However drab we feel we're always seen. xxx

  10. yes you are beautiful, charismatic, warm and beguiling - even in a fungal/root vegetable mood it cannot be hidden x x

  11. oh my lovely even as fungus you sure are beautiful....and i'm not even drunk! xxxx

  12. you're the prettiest fungus I've ever seen!, including many delightful mushrooms I've eaten!
    and so glad you've received some nice compliments: people would be happiest if they could be uninhibited without resorting to drink!, and compliments would be more frequent!

  13. You beautiful mushroom! Yes, some days are pale and interesting, every outfit can't be a showstopper... and yet, we are not invisible, even if we have retreated into mushroom hues and feel quiet. And the drunk people saw how beautiful you are, even if your mood and the "nothing" outfit meant you weren't feeling it.
    Always beautiful, always you, always a delight to read your writing and see your photos, Melanie. xxxx

  14. You're a fungal to be with! Even on a blah day.

  15. Is there anything better than an unsolicited compliment from people that are either younger or better looking that what you perceive yourself to be? I think not. And it still counts even if they are high or drunk.

    You have the body and face of a model. There I said it. And I'm only half drunk.


  16. You make quite the splendid fungus!! Melanie you are mesmerizing no matter what you are wearing--it just glows from within!

  17. Hi, Mel ... In vino veritas! You know that. And quiet has it's beauty. Nothing here to take away from your sleek, white-kitty beauty. You do have a slinky feline quality. You also remind me of a solid silver teaspoon, the elegant Nordic-modern kind.
    Lovely ... and that urge to simplify, simplify is the essence of artfulness. But the, you know that!

  18. Love this. There are 3 times when people are the most humble and honest: 1. When they are sick 2. When they are drunk and 3. When they are impoverished. It was number two. :-) XOXOXO

  19. Amazing always, my dear.
    Nothing more touching that words from the hearts.
    We cannot be up all the time. My daughters, who are very wise, always remind me that it is ok to let go and feel down sometime to return with yet more power, just like you.
    love, my dear melanie

  20. Sideways, melancholy dressing up... it sounds elliptical, but also suits the autumnal soft fogginess of the mornings. With all this talk of fungus - we've been eating parasol mushrooms recently: huge umbrellas with frilly underskirts, gathered from hill sides. I wish I could send you one to sling over one shoulder for when you venture out of the coffee shop into the patter of rain.

  21. O, darling, even when melancholy you see the hilarity in every situation!!!
    Fungal!!! I must say, I get that in a seething with mildew way. It may seem surprising to some, but I do not necessarily dress to be visible...I am usually hiding on the inside. Invisibilty is a treat, really.
    You are beautiful. Gloriarsely so!

  22. Beautiful even in your earthy,fungul melancholy.

  23. Love that I never know what I'll get when I come here Melanie, your brain always seems to be making new connections and you always find new ways to express yourself. I agree with Vix that drink just makes people more open, and those people would probably just have thought you looked great but not had the nerve to say it if they were sober. Reminds me of the drunk on the bus who said I looked like I'd be a great singer, obviously a man of great discernment, or the drunk girl who said she liked my hat then wanted to try it on in the street, people just don't do these things so much normally. Excuse the messed up comment, got a weird keyboard here. xx

  24. It's a magical thing to be beautiful to others when you're feeling fungal yourself. Maybe we don't give ourselves enough credit! If we feel a wee bit off, we might just think ourselves into having a bad or morose day...but maybe we should just embrace the melancholy and own it, as well as the joyous! I think I'll channel the butterfly in Thailand and see what it has to say!

  25. I have my bad days, but i don't feel like a fungus, you are beautiful and funny too - I wonder why you feel like that?
    Wait until meno you will feel wonderful, will not give a crap, and act like a diva - I guarantee you will not feel like a fungus anymore, hahaha

    Have a great day Mélanie!


  26. You've made my day. And I love mushrooms too. mmmmm.

  27. I enjoyed reading this post today and it was great to see you at my blog, thank you for stopping by!
    I can understand why those guys saw you as beautiful. Your new hair style makes you look so much like Jodie Foster and personally I think she is stunning with her fine features. Like you, she is like some kind of fae being.
    Being invisible is not always easy, I can understand that having red hair. Sometimes I feel like changing my hair to a darker colour, just to be less noticable.
    JO. x

  28. Oh rats, Jan Graham-McMillen said all the things I wanted to say, but said it so much better, that I am mute now.
    You little silver kitten.

  29. Hello Darling. I hear you. Today my 26-year old told me that her friends think I'm hot. HA HA HA. I haven't felt hot for a long while; a mushroom is more like it. But you know, we really don't necessarily know what we project. I know I constantly reject the positive, as if I know better. But I wold agree with your inebriated fan are the sh*t.

    I think you're hot. Does that count? I saw a woman today that blew my mind, and I was aware that she probably didn't realize her impact. She was walking in my neighborhood, gray hair pulled back into a low ponytail. She was HOT. Her green top and sleek pants complimented her stride. She was focused and alluring. Like you.

    Even when the doldrums are calling, we emit energy. We struggle and feel tired, uninspired. But
    put one foot in front of the other, and we'll rise up again, inspiring each other. Just listen to the young (inebriated?) ones...they might have insight.

  30. I know what you mean about not wanting to be so, is it seen. I have many days going to the studio in jeans and a sweater, no fancy pants dressing here. My 28 year old nephew call me "fly" last week. Is getting compared to an insect a good thing? Must be.

    Well I think they were right, you are truly beautiful no matter what you wear. Love the bangs, your hair is so stylish.

    blue hue wonderland

  31. I love how creative and unique you're with putting your thoughts into writing & how you style your outfits and take your pictures..

  32. Melanie you gorgeous piece of fungus, I just found you in my spam and have made my way over to say hello.

    Seriously great outfit.

  33. Fungus not only becomes you, you make it soulful and utterly enchanting, the same enchantment one feels letting oneself be drenched in the rain, there's a real romance to it dear Mel. Those commentators were spot on.

  34. Drunkards can only tell the truth! Remember that!

  35. I think you look beautiful in these photos, and I'm not drunk. In the eye of the beholder! But inspiring that you expressed how you felt with your ensemble, and that is what I admire about this post. So real.

  36. YOU are magic, to be sure. And beautiful, with or without a spotlight. I like the fungal you. You are a fun-gal? Fun, anyways- sometimes grey is the color du jour. Dolor du jour? Hmmm....

    Well, I like seeing you no matter what you wear- because the clothes are just the frosting on a very delicious cake.

  37. wonderful outfit no matter it's unusual for you

    Inside and Outside Blog

  38. That's making a lot out of nothing. It was a good thing that they were drunk because otherwise they probably wouldn't have told you what they were thinking!
    Huggles xx


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