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Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Dark Horse

Yesterday I needed to wear something heavy, not warm, just heavy, don't ask me why. And it needed to be black, the more black the better. This is what I found. I threw on the shawl at the last minute.

Clearly I am a moth, I mean a phoenix, I mean a totem pole, I mean Sherlotta Holmes tramping through the woods, looking for toxic plants and clues, speaking of which, I could have saved myself the trouble just bottling a drop of Miz Bagg's drool, but where's the fun in that?

There are abazillion layers here - yes, this was very heavy. I moved silently, wraith-like, down the sidewalk. Turning around, I could see the fabric billowing still in slow motion behind me, life at five frames per second. Maybe that's why I wanted to wear heavy clothes - to crank it down a notch. I avoided traffic lights because, like a super-tanker, I would have needed a block to gear down to a full stop. (Would you like more metaphors and similes?)

I've heard it firsthand that the Sherlotta, cowboy/First Nations, moth, opium den vibe is going to THEE hot trend for spring - you heard it here first.  Special thanks to Valastasia Bugheroff at Muse Fondue for letting me use her den for inspiration - more about that in a future post.


black gauzy maxi dress, thrifted
under the dress
black knee socks and heavy black jeggings
black cami and black long-sleeved top
over the dress
upcycled black wispy tunic with ribbon ties, as vintage as I am, retail
black patterned sleeveless maxi vest, thrifted
vintage black haori (short kimono-type thing), thrifted
silk Orientalesque shawl, $5 thrifted, yay!
Miu Miu boots, thrifted
above the dress
vintage black felt fur fedora, thrifted

I bought the haori in '85 and it was already vintage then. And I looove this black fedora. Usually I would have slapped a beret on my head for this but it felt too, hm, just too predictable, you know what I mean?

I'm linking this up to Judith's Hat Attack #7 at Style Crone.
I'm linking this up to Sacramento's Share-in-Style: Gothic  at Mis Papelicos. The prompt makes me think of secret science labs in castle basements and foggy midnight alleyways in London.  
I'm linking to Anne's 52-Pick-Me-Up: Short Over Long at Spy Girl.

Below is what I wore today, February 1. It is one of the happiest outfits I have worn in a while - I could feel the smiles blooming all around me as I tiptoed past. Happy Year of the Horse. Neigh.

  • Kimono-style robe, not silk, $8 thrifted, yay!
  • long flowy skirt, thrifted
  • glitter booties, crapily-made, mega-discount retail
  • black sequin top, thifted
  • black turtleneck, thrifted
  • ...and other assorted layers-on-layers-on layers for warmth.

Finally, regarding my previous Lena Dunham post, I am traumatized that nobody offered me $60,000 to see my original unretouched photos! As part of my recovery process, I am posting them here for free. 

Have a great weekend all. And thanks to Sally at Already Pretty for the shout-out on my Dunham post. My stats are stunned by the exercise.


  1. I see Mother Goose as opium fiend. That is Very Heavy. Year of the Horse. YAY!!!!

  2. I see Mother Goose as opium fiend. That is Very Heavy. Year of the Horse. YAY!!!!

  3. I don't have many brain cells available, so my comment is, "Hey! You look nice!!" Really. Your layering is always superb, mystifying in fact. You really should be a stylist for all those uber-cool fashion spreads.

    My blog randomly decided that your comments were spam and I just discovered that horrible mistake. Thank you so much for continuing to comment even if it looked like I didn't approve them. XXOO

  4. I see that my evil twin sister has commandeered the comment section and totally copied me. I hate when she does that!

  5. I am sooooo relieved to see the back end of January! I felt much lighter the last two days and my outfits showed it.

    You, on the other hand, are laden with fabric and looking very wise and mysterious (love the shawl). Your Happy Year of Horse outfit is a feast of colours and patterns, and your smile is a ray of sunshine (remember sunshine??).

  6. Yep, say good-bye to dark January days, and hello to February with it's promise of spring to come. Neigh, it's the year of the horse.

  7. That outfit is just a great big onion! (It's a compliment, in case you were wondering.) Layers upon layers, heavy, rich, luxurious and mysterious. Hmmm, sounds intriguing. It's fog-enshrouded doom-laden, metaphor-strewn Victorian novel of an outfit. Also a compliment.
    Love the kimono and the colourful skirt beneath, and your big smile shows that you are feeling happy.
    Here's to a successful Year of the Horse for everyone! xxxx

  8. Oh, my dearest Harridanya! We have finally found each other in the opium den of life, after all these years! I tried to get to the yacht to escape with you and Takenzeepiss, but alas, my clothes were too heavy to be able to swim. Seeing the weight that you are able to bear on your fragile frame, I know I should have tried harder. Alas, I am too weak.

    You still have the same shimmery, shiny glow about you and your clothes that I always remember. Your ribbons and not-silk and other finery are as beautiful as ever, mysterious and mothic. The years and thrift shops have been kind to you.

  9. oooh, you are luminous in layers, in the fog, and in your floral kimono ($8?? genius!) Spring will come any minute now. xo

  10. Well, Happy year of the Horse to you too! If I had only known. I DO love horse imagery. Like horses too, but they rather frighten me. Never found them to be too obedient or subservient, in my experience.

    Much love from England,
    Rose of

  11. Yes I would please (like more metaphors and similes - I read the small print). I love a good stack of similes and a layered terrine of metaphor. Yum! Impressively long list of ingredients for your opium den vibe garb. You are one hot spring-trend, weighted-flutter moth. Brilliant.

  12. Aha, now that I see the unretouched photos I can appreciate your work of art better.
    Your black outfit makes me think of a modern witch. I bet you have witchcraft.

  13. I love your "heavy" look and your metaphors too. Makes me want to add another sweater and get literary. That non-silk kimono is gorgeous; I'm always a sucker for Asian prints.

  14. I love to layer, I get to wear lots of favourites haha! Your outfits are stunning and what a beautiful designed kimono xx

  15. I want to live in your clost, and above all in your heart, my unique Melanie.
    Love you.

  16. I love all these outfits. The trilby is da bomb (can I say that?), and I am in LURVE with the kimono. So. Fab.

    The best place here in town for crazy glasses (saw your comment about frames over at Forest City Fashionista) is Goo Goo Goggles. I got my purple ones there, and L got his round aqua frames there too. Expensive, but totally worth it, and they carry lots of vintage as well as new.

  17. Such a great deal on that Kimono! I'm always looking for one, and NEVER have I found one that inexpensive--lucky you.

    I love the long skirt--orange and yellow are one of my fave color combos. Do you remember that back in the 60's? My mom had wallpaper in the kitchen yellow and orange--I loved it. xoxo

  18. O, fark, I love all these things, and you made me giggle inanely!
    You are a STAR!

  19. Two spectacular outfits and several original unretouched photos. This post has so much to reflect upon. Love your fedora, and thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!

    Your thrifted scarf is a work of art! A touch of genius to throw it on at the last minute.

  20. Loving the Oriental vibe in both outfits. The shawl and the kimono rock. I had a kimono my sis brought me back from Japan and duh, I got rid of it. Story of my life. Your layers, and your untouched you, are glorious. Xo

  21. Some part of me wanted to continue to think you ~maybe actually really just for the photo~ had a white cat on your head! :D

  22. Better start working in my Sherlotta, cowboy/ First Nation, moth, opium den outfits. I don't want to be unstylish

  23. It's the hat it really does change the whole outfit. the texture on that scarf I want to touch it! Your photo skills are that of a master and the outfits you create are the best canvas! the kimono outfit is so bright and playful and probably my favorite!

  24. ohhh, you look like a 20's mysterious woman detective, love your shawl, love your ÜberLayered outfit and love your inspiring fabulousness. And that kimono is Amazing and it's obviously cheering up anything! you rock it!!
    besos & felicidad

  25. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous as always!! The kimono is stunning!

  26. You have all the moods covered here. The kimonos prints are a stunning. I like seeing all three pictures from last weeks post. And the dark mystery woman is dreamy in her stop motion speed. Whatever you wear, you look intriguing!

    blue hue wonderland

  27. I wanna sniff your scarf in the first few pics. Don't be weirded out ok? But I'm going to do it. I'm going to smell it.

  28. Hi Mélanie!

    I never know what to do with a kimomon, but you are definitively La Pro du Kimono!
    Awfull cold i have, going away slowly this is why i have been away from the blogging scene!



  29. You are a layering goddess! Sometimes I want to wear heavy pieces, too...I think it's know, when it's really frigid outside. Sure could have used some of that magic drool when getting dressed today...

  30. That last skirt is fabulous.

    You look very much like Russian Orthodox Jewish bohemian shaman with a fetish for velvet in those first photos.


  31. I could not tell without your explanation what you were wearing on top in the first photos, but I know I love it. That tunic and haori plus shimmery scarf were made to be worn glamorously by you. Your two outfits brightened my day. :D


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