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Monday, 17 February 2014

Why do laundry when you have scissors? EZ DIY

This is a project-ish project - paring down my clothing and focusing more on earrings and suchlike, meaning tights, hair thingies, face paint, maybe shoes. I am looking forward to the challenge but this is mainly an attempt to free up more space in my space-challenger home. In fact, I bought some Ziploc Space Bags (in tropical colours), which are vacuum-resealable bags capable of squishing a huge pile of clothing into one fruity brick. Spacey, baby, spacey.

I am also entering a floaty phase. Ahead I see wispiness, wavering, wandering, willowy floating a la Monet, and NO PANTS (as in trousers, my Gutter Friends). Yet, there is solidity, an uprightness, dare I say character-building fertilizer in minimalism? This outfit looks better in motion. For clarity: wispy equals minimal.

  • premiere of thrifted lined heavy-linen jacket from the '60s (so the tag said...) 
  • bluish tights 
  • thrifted vintage patent black shoes, 
  • thrifted hip-slung oversized, accordion-pleated chiffony skirt
  • hand-it-over satiny fuchsia blouse (why don't they spell it fyuusha?) 
  • jewels, double vintage (already old when thrifted in the '80s)
  • magic loupe, of course
As part of the floaty phase I am foolishly upcycling a cacophony of hand-it-over oversized silk blouses into skirts, tunics, and body casings, a process which requires Skills. On second thought, they would all look stellar as scarves with fraying edges and sleeves...

Speaking of which, this is my slacker alternative to laundry.

Simply cut away the offending parts. Ta da! And then excise a few extra bits for good measure. Be sure to include a fabric tongue (front left). Now the writing really matches the garment. My forethought is astounding, psychic even! Those green parts are not shirt stains (or I would have hacked them off); they are discolourations from the photoshopping I did to make my carpet look like a rare Persian rug - didn't work.

I am also reading a book on etiquette from pre-automobile days. It turns out I am a freakish Vulgarian. I would have been kicked out of the lowest classes of high society. "I visited Vulgaria once but they have ghastly plumbing," Miz Bagg says.  

Thank you very much to Sacramento at Mis Papelicos for the including me in Stylish Friends #5 on Feb. 11. I'm so tardy in my posting. See what I mean? - Vulgarian. And if you haven't seen Skye's incredible styling of the Freakish Yellow Skirt at My Kingdom for a Hat, git on over there!!

Have a great week, everyone.  


  1. your floating, accessorized, impressionist outfit is joy for my eyes, that printed coat and framboise shiny blouse, that pleated skirt!!, wouuau, really some Monet vibe is involved!! you look gorgeous!!
    And your diy is so funny, mwahaha, you've got best ideas ever!!
    besos & crafts

  2. Now, I would not equate wispiness with minimalism, not at all. Are you sure? Wispy, floaty, bejwelled, in all manner of fabulous colours and prints seems the polar opposite of straight-lines-no-frou-frou minimal. But what do I know? Not a deal.
    I do, however, feel pants should not be abandoned just yet; ne'er cast a clout till May is out, OK?

    Ha, that's the way to deal with those stubborn pit stains - cut 'em out! Vulgar, maybe, but cool! xxx

  3. I'll be on the lookout for a weekend deal to Vulgaria.
    Ah, so THAT'S how to approach my huge pile of laundry. I feel a whole new look approaching.
    That linen jacket/housecoat is divine. I have a floral housecoat back at home, now I want to float too...

  4. Wispy and floaty and gorgeous - but not minimalist. As Curtise says, I don't see it, but I love your choices, dear Vulgarian. And the laundry-evading technique is brilliant. And saves water. Stay fabulous, xoxo

  5. I'm probably a Vulgarian too. I still keep thinking I need to write some thank-you notes from the 2012.

    Somehow the jewelry with that coat have achieved a kind of better-than-the-60's Sixties Flashback. I'm grooving, and loving it.

  6. Next time someone questions where I'm from I'm going to say Vulgaria. Obvs! Can't you tell?

    That jacket is just insane.

    You look like a painting. I'm sure that was your goal all along.


  7. I'm not getting the minimalist but I am loving the wispy, no-pants vibe. Very liberating, isn't it?
    I rather fancy a bit of freakish vulgarianism, too. Where do I sign up? x

  8. I'm loving your floaty phase. The color, the patterns, and the clear signs of spring approaching.

    I'm very excited that there is now a term for tardy posting and commenting. I too am a Vulgarian!

  9. This is like seeing a whole new Melanie! I would compare you to a butterfly emerging from your cocoon, but that would imply only one change, and I know this is not the last. Perhaps you're more like a reptile shedding one skin for another - and I mean that in the nicest possible way! Floaty and wispy looks good on you (I remember the man robe video - divine!) and that linen jacket is the perfect way to usher in the new, if vulgar, melinnium.

  10. Ooh, I love the floatiness! It suits you. I also realize that this expression on your face is different: more "I want to flit and float!" than "I want to stride about in pants."

  11. Sometimes vulgar is another word for honest:). This outfit is anything but mellow it might be wispy but it's not whimpy. Float on up my dear!

  12. Ouh! love the floaty and wispy gorgeous floral! Very springish!
    I love it when you pile on the colors!
    I never tought of cutting out the armpit stains, what an ingenious idea!

    I'm officialy a Vulgarian!


  13. Your coat, coat, coat COAAAAAAAAAT....loving it!
    I'm afriad I did suppress a little snort at the no pants, but you were straight onto me! Dammit.
    Vulgaria! Must be where the Vulvareens are from. Fabularsehole!

  14. You are floaty like a beautiful flower petal with very nice eyebrows. I like your scissor idea. I'm going to snip away at the family laundry. They will be so pleased.

  15. I was hoping feverishly for a did tell us that the outfit looked better in motion...

    Nothing Vulgarian about this outfit Mel! It's lovely and swishy and floaty...practically demure.

  16. I think I sense that spring is in the air. About this time each winter I start to crave color and brightness. I see this in you floaty flowered fabulously fun outfit.

  17. Love your earrings (and your pretty face in the third photo).
    Your laundry solution had me in a fit hahaha.

  18. You sure know about mixing prints! Love your look!

  19. I think that all of us bloggers who are currently trying to create space in our living spaces should get together and have a hugely awesome yard/porch/garage sale to get rid of excess clothing and get a bit of cash.

    That linen coat is now my most favourite thing you own. The colours and pattern are just yummy! BTW, the hairbow went in the mail last week, so let me know when you get it.

  20. Your cut outs are magnificent. The answer to everything wrong with anything or anything wrong with everything... This minimalism thing, however, is just a seismic shift. All will be re-calibrated on a need to know basis, most likely.

    Skye nailed it, baby. Saucy.

  21. testing, testing: can I leave a comment now??

  22. Hee, sorry about that. I was having some technical difficulties. All I wanted to say was I love storage vacuum bags and your DIY. That's it. Bye!

  23. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww My dear Melanie, you always blow my mind.
    Drooling over what you are wearing and wishing I could raid your closet; although you are safe cos nothing would fit me, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dam.
    Love and sunshine

  24. Freeing up more space in a space-challenged is SO HARD! I'm on my own quest to do the same thing.

  25. The book reminds me of an early manners book my mother had from her childhood "Goops, and How Not to be One". There was also "More Goops" etc. The illustrations were scary-looking round-headed cartoon children. If you can find it, I definitely recommend checking it out since you are: a) apparently lacking in manners and you might need to go back to the basics, b) the illustrations might enhance your personal mental library of said same, and c) we can all use a good laugh.

    Your floaty minimalism (if you can call it that) is charming. I'm also fascinated by your hair. Please tell me your color secrets if there are any. The linen piece is making me hyperventilate I love it so much and you totally did it justice. XXXXOOOO

  26. I'd love to have a blazer with the pattern of ur long jacket! Always like seeing red + fuschia together.


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